Zodiac signs that cheat the most

Zodiac signs that cheat the most - zodiac compatibility - horoscope today

Zodiac signs that cheat the most: Countless women read through their personal horoscopes every month. Although there is no scientific basis for it, it’s still fun. It’s always exciting, especially when it comes to love. What is my ascendant? What are the characteristics of the potential new partner? But even in love everything is not always rosy. Unfortunately, lies and secrets are far too often a part of relationships. But does the zodiac have anything to do with it – can it actually show whether the partner would cheat?

Faithfulness in a relationship: This is what the zodiac signs say

Who doesn’t like to read through their own horoscope from time to time? We all know that the star’s predictions are not always accurate. It’s still fun.

But is any of this actually true, which is often ascribed to our zodiac signs? Figuring this out is extremely difficult because there is no applied science behind it. But even that doesn’t take away the fun of looking for parallels and contrasts when it comes to whether the zodiac sign has something to do with the choice of profession, the favorite food or the tendency to cheat.

Recently, data from the dating app Victoria Milan was evaluated. This is an app specifically designed for extramarital affairs. The users were categorized according to zodiac signs and the frequency of cheating.

Who is the number one infidelity?

“They are hot-blooded, very sensual and sexual characters – and not to blame for what the cosmos does with their zodiac sign,” explains app founder Sigurd Vedal in a press release.

We’re talking about mermen. They hold the lead when it comes to cheating and being unfaithful the most, according to Victoria Milan. Around ten percent of the app users were born between January 21 and February 19.

Pisces and Aries come in second and third place.

The sign that, according to the app, was hardly represented at only six percent and consequently the least likely to cheat on the partner, is the Sagittarius.

We don’t want to put nonsense into anyone’s head if it could damage the relationship, but: Maybe Sagittarius can just do it more discreetly than logging into an app to cheat. Who knows.

Is the sign of the zodiac the reason that the partner wants to cheat?

10th place: Sagittarius

Sagittarius (November 23rd to December 21st) are considered honest, optimistic and adventurous. In the “Victoria Milan” affair app, they landed in tenth and last place with six percent. Even though they are anything but routine.

Cheating is not an option for the fire sign from a moral point of view either. When they commit, Sagittarius like to be loyal. Since the sign is very freedom-loving, it is more willing than others to end the relationship.

9th place: Scorpio

Scorpios (October 24th to November 22nd) live intensely, forget nothing and are dominant. That is why they have to be challenged from time to time. Since he gets bored easily, the partner should always provide challenges. Otherwise he’ll look elsewhere. Like, for example, cheating apps.

The fact that they hardly tend to cheat is also due to their claim to ownership. They want their partner 100 percent and 24/7. Instead of looking for other partners, this watermark tends to react jealously.

8th place: Libra

Libra (9/24 to 10/23) are charming and sociable but often keep their true feelings to themselves. They are not exactly considered to be passionate, which does not make them unnotic, but obviously also does not make them receptive to affairs.

Her great need for harmony also counteracts a flirtation with others, from which more results. And one thing is beyond question: an affair brings a lot of thermals into the relationship.

7th place: Cancer, Leo and Virgo

Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd). Lions (23.7 to 23.8.) And Virgos (24.8. To 23.9.) Share seventh place, which is not surprising in view of their characteristics. Cancers are sensitive and always give everything in relationships. Leos also give everything in a relationship, they are self-confident and are generally considered loyal.

Virgos are independent, meticulous, and disciplined. You are always careful to maintain a balance between give and take and are not afraid to express and tackle problems.

All three signs of the zodiac bring great traits to lead a happy relationship – and to stay true!

6th place: Capricorn

Capricorns (22.12. To 20.1.) Always have high demands on themselves, but do not seek help, even if they urgently need it. The persistent passion within a relationship is not difficult for him, however, and that is why ibexes “only” take sixth place in the “cheating ranking”.

However, the truism “Opportunity makes thieves” applies to the sign. Capricorns sometimes have some problems with revealing their emotional life. If a skilled seductress comes along, the earth sign can slip up. The relationship is still not in danger, because the sign can very well separate love and sex.

5th place: Gemini

Twins (May 21 to June 21) are considered generous and tolerant. When it comes to love, however, they need a certain distance, not least because they are afraid to share their feelings and to commit. Instead of talking, people seem to prefer to have fun in other beds.

Above all, variety is required between the sheets. Boredom in bed is a relationship killer for the air sign. Maintaining passion and curiosity over the long term is not easy, especially in a long-term relationship. This also increases the risk of an affair.

4th place: Taurus

Taurus (April 21 to May 20) are considered loyal, seductive and value-conscious. It is said that before a bull gets divorced, a lot has to happen. For example, if the partner falls ill, Taurus will tend them consistently and reliably. Most of all, they hold on to people, no matter how painful it may be, for a lifetime.

But with all self-control, the sensual needs of this earth sign want to be met under the rule of the love planet Venus. Fourth place proves that Taurus cannot always resist a liaison despite all the principles …

3rd place: Aries

Aries (March 21st to April 20th) are combative, idealistic, dynamic, happy and spontaneous. When it comes to sex, they are one hundred percent convinced that they are the best – whether men or women. And that’s maybe even true, because her fiery temperament is sure to make for unforgettable hours. However, these are not always reserved for the partner.

Her passion is always conquering. They like to collect trophies and proudly count the notches in the edge of the bed. There is third place on the Affair Portal for the fire sign.

2nd place: Pisces

Pisces (20.2. To 20.3.) Are mysterious, compassionate, intuitive, sensitive and understanding and often wander between two emotional worlds: on the one hand they like to be alone, on the other hand they also look for security. However, when the first love spell in a relationship is gone, the Pisces become dull and cool.

Pisces then seek the lost romance in an affair. To make matters worse, fish find it difficult to say no and adapt perfectly to their counterparts. Pisces-borns slip into different roles as easily as a chameleon changes its color – for example, those of the passionate lover. In “Victoria Milan” they take second place!

1st place: Aquarius

If no one cheated while registering on their birthday, then Aquarians are most likely to cheat. Around ten percent of the app users were born between January 21 and February 19. “They are hot-blooded, very sensual and sexual characters – and not to blame for what the cosmos does with their zodiac sign,” argues app founder Sigurd Vedal in a press release.

Above all, with the zodiac sign Aquarius it comes to the fore that they need their freedom. Anyone who wants to put this air sign on the chain has already lost. And Aquarius is also extremely allergic to demands and authority. Only those who can keep up with him intellectually are respected. No question about it: In an intensive conversation about God and the world around the campfire you get closer … No wonder that Wassermann prefers to be single for all these reasons.

These zodiac signs are most likely to cheat

Top 3 men zodiac signs that cheat the most

Top 3 men zodiac signs that cheat the most - horoscope today
  1. Aquarius
  2. Fish
  3. Cancer

Watch out: the Aquarian man is far too interested and open-minded to be loyal to a woman in the long term. The Pisces man exudes great attraction. His nature is warm and particularly receptive – that’s what women love. The Cancer man is emotional and romantic. He knows exactly how he affects women and is usually (much) too well received.

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Top 3 women zodiac signs that cheat the most

Top 3 women zodiac signs that cheat the most - horoscope today
  1. Gemini
  2. Aries
  3. Virgo

Attention: Versatile, changeable and extremely sociable – that is the Gemini woman. No wonder she gets to know new people (men) so quickly. The Aries woman is enterprising, knows exactly what she wants – and just takes it. The Virgo woman thinks a lot of equality, is mostly emancipated and someone to steal horses. It is hardly surprising that it attracts the interest of so many men.

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