Zodiac Signs as Sexualities – This is your zodiac sign in bed!

Zodiac Signs as Sexualities - This is your zodiac sign in bed! - horoscope today

Zodiac Signs as Sexualities: The one question that we have always asked ourselves, but actually never dared to ask: How am I actually in bed? We have the stars’ answer for you – This is what your sex partners really think about your performance:

This zodiac sign is best in bed

Zodiac Signs as Sexualities

Aquarius : The unapproachable

Because of your independent nature, it has never occurred to you to fake an orgasm just to caress a man’s ego.

You just don’t understand why you should lie. Instead, you try to show your partner what you like and what you don’t. Every woman he has after you is definitely deeply in your debt!

You don’t like boring people, so if his only ace up his sleeve is missionary , you’ll be gone faster than he can take off his pants . You say what you want, where you want it and how you want it, which your partners really appreciate. There is definitely a reason that your exes keep crawling around …

What your partners keep talking about: How quickly you getdressed againafter sex .

What you don’t like most about sex: cuddling after sex. It’s nice, but there is nothing better than having the whole bed to yourself after an orgasm that makes you lose hearing and seeing.

Pisces: The intuitive one

How do you know all of these things ?! You are super sensitive and very generous. Sometimes too generous? It is generally good that you take your partner’s needs to heart, but make sure that you get your money’s worth too.

You are a very intuitive person and you simply have a feeling for what you have to do to satisfy the other person. And your sex partners love it: It’s like you know his body better than he does himself.

What your partners talk about all the time : How lucky they are to have you.

What you don’t like most about sex: When he has come but you haven’t yet and he falls asleep straight away. In an ideal world, everyone would be as considerate as you are.

Aries: The passionate one

You are a passionate and goal-oriented lover who only wants one thing: an orgasm. And you do everything to achieve this goal.

Your partners love that you keep encouraging them to try new things – from dirty talk to new wacky sex toys. Because of your openness and enthusiasm, your sex partners feel understood and are happy to have you.

What your partners talk about all the time: How acrobatic you are during sex .

What you dislike about sex: When your partner is taking too long to cum. Sometimes you’re just impatient!

Taurus: The one for the long-term relationship

You are patient and devoted, and this can also be seen in the bedroom: Time and again, your partners are amazed at how much you respond to their needs. They can be happy to have someone like you in bed – especially because you are not someone who asks, “ Are you ready soon? “And thereby risk destroying the mood.

Exotic positions are not your thing. You don’t even like sudden changes of position. Fortunately, this is not something that bothers your sex partners.

What your partners keep talking about: How well you kiss.

What you don’t like most about sex: When you are about to come and he suddenly thinks you have to try a position that is only possible if one of you dislocates your arm. You have to invest time in things to make them good!

Gemini: The Kama Sutra Goddess

Your indecision plays a big role. Whether it’s partner or sex position, there are always too many options – you always want exactly what you don’t have right now. Try not to think too much. If you feel good, then you feel good, and if not, then you don’t. If you can get rid of your indecision in bed, you’re a grenade in bed!

Your partners love that you communicate when they want to try something new. You don’t hold back with your fantasies and that’s hot. Communication + self-confidence = 🔥

What your partners talk about all the time: How awesome they think all the RPG scenarios that made you both really horny.

What you don’t like most about sex: Every time you feel uncomfortable having to explain why you want to change position after 0.03 seconds and then have to explain even more unpleasantly that the position was good before …

Cancer: the emotional one

You find it very difficult to have sex without feelings and attachment. The best sex for you is when someone looks you straight in the eye. Sure, you also have moments when you’re insecure, like when you’re trying to pin your sex partner on telling you if you’re the best he has ever had (if you haven’t asked yet, then you wanted to definitely do already!).

You are easy to fall in love with. You’re charming and quick-witted, sometimes you don’t even know what to do with all those admirers. And yet you are often unsure. Try to fight this feeling when it comes up again and just let things come your way.

What your partners keep talking about: How you asked about his ex before he even opened his pants.

What you don’t like most about sex: Having to get up straight afterward to pee. That costs you valuable time that you could hug each other with a stupid grin after sex. But you don’t necessarily want to risk cystitis either…

Leo: The Theatrical

Where should I start? You love sex, have a healthy libido, and crave the emotional intimacy that comes with it. And your partners love to have sex with you, of course!

Your partners love that you concentrate fully on them in bed. And you love making others feel good , especially when they realize that someone like you is not easy to find. Your unrestrained self-confidence is a blessing in the bedroom for both of you.

What your partners talk about all the time : They feel inferior to you in every way.

What you don’t like most about sex: You haven’t found a mirror to watch yourself in all the time. And mirrors on the ceiling are expensive!

Virgo: The sensitive one

If the (at least for you) amazing sex hasn’t completely knocked your partner off his feet, you take it very personally. You are also super masochistic: after sex, you often ask how you were. So it is only a matter of time before you sit up and ask your partner: ” So? How did you like it? ” Actually, you just want to learn from your mistakes!

You’re very shy, so it takes a while to fully open up in bed. But when the time comes, your partners just can’t get enough of you.

What Your Partners Are Always Talking About : They Admire Your Sexual Knowledge – For whatever reason, you know every erogenous zone , the name of every fetish, and every weird sex tip found somewhere in the depths of the internet.

What you don’t like most about sex: cleaning up.

Libra: The great sexter

Finally, stop faking your orgasms! I know you shy away from addressing things directly, but please stop! You are not doing yourself or your partner a favor with your fake moan.

You are a relationship type, your partnership is particularly important to you. You know that you get what you give, so you always give a lot and with all your heart and soul. That’s why you love sexting. It’s a constant give and take, writing back and forth. Your partners are always amazed by your hot words.

What your partners keep talking about : The hot messages they keep getting from you.

What you don’t like most about sex: Having to ask straight away what you want. Can’t he just know ?!

Scorpio: The Intense

You can actually see from a distance how crazy you are in bed. But only your partners can experience it for themselves. You exude sex appeal without wanting to.

You are great at foreplay , a goddess. Sometimes men even think that you don’t want to cuddle after sex because you are so good in bed, but you absolutely love it!

What your partners keep talking about : That one thing you do with your tongue – pure goosebumps!

What you don’t like most about sex: That guys think you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them after sex just because you’re very direct. Sure, you’re a grenade in bed that you have to be able to deal with first, but you also have feelings!

Sagittarius: The one who makes everyone laugh

Sex with you is always fun. Your partners love your sense of humor and how things are never uncomfortable with you. You are one of the few people who can crack jokes during sex without it appearing totally awkward and inappropriate.

Your energy and optimism make you look super sexy. You have the talent to make people feel like they are the most important person in the room.

What your partners keep talking about : That after the first round you are ready for the second round of sex.

What you don’t like most about sex: Because you are so good in bed, everyone you have had something with comes back for more. You just have no patience for people who cling!

Capricorn: the extravagant

You like expensive sex toys, sexy bedclothes and hot lingerie. You’re a lovable snob and that shows in bed too. And why shouldn’t it? It’s the little things in life that make us happy!

But your partners are often very intimidated by you. Even if you don’t want to, you can often seem intimidating to men . What they interpret as condescending is not meant at all! But when you’ve found the right partner who has the same sense of humor as you, the sparks will fly!

What your partners talk about all the time : your underwear collection. Seriously – have you ever worn lingerie that doesn’t go together?

What you don’t like most about sex: Having to sleep in someone else’s bed. You bought this expensive, super fancy memory foam mattress with Bluetooth just to sleep in it 3 times a week!

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