Horoscope: These 5 zodiac signs are real troublemakers in relationships

Horoscope These 5 zodiac signs are real troublemakers in relationships - horoscope today

zodiac signs are real troublemakers in relationships: With some zodiac signs it just never gets boring – and that’s a good thing. But sometimes these qualities can be quite exhausting and annoying. Especially when it comes to your own relationship. Whether senseless jealousy or spontaneous plan changes: According to the horoscope, there are exactly five zodiac signs that cause a lot of trouble in a relationship. Which are they? Our horoscope knows that.

Horoscope: These 5 zodiac signs are real troublemakers in relationships


Although Taurus prefers to live in its regular course, it is an insanely chaotic zodiac sign. He misplaces things, sometimes spontaneously forgets an appointment or the anniversary with his sweetheart. This can be quite annoying. Nevertheless, the Taurus never gets boring, because with his lively manner he always puts you in a good mood.


If you want to have a calm and relaxed relationship, you should better look for another partner. Because the Gemini loves to be constantly on the move. So it can happen that he is scheduled every weekend and something happens spontaneously. A bit of chaos is inevitable with the air sign.


Even with Leo, it never gets boring – unfortunately not always to the advantage of the partner. With his impulsive nature, the Leo likes to throw all plans over from one day to the next and decide differently. He quickly forgets that his sweetheart does not agree with this. He wants everything to always go according to his nose.


The Scorpio is an incredibly loyal zodiac sign, but it can also pull out its sting quickly. Once he has let someone into his heart, they want to be number one for that person. The scorpion gets jealous very quickly and likes to turn a mosquito into an elephant. Sure, that often ends in drama.


Anyone who is with an Aquarius knows that the air sign is always good for a surprise. He loves extreme things and sports and would like to try everything. He doesn’t care that this is sometimes too much for his darling. He always creates a stir with his crazy ideas and keeps the relationship really busy.

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