Which zodiac sign suits me?

In astrology, every person who has a certain zodiac sign also has character traits of the same. What does this mean for the partnership and Which zodiac sign suits me?

Which zodiac sign suits me? We have to give the all-clear right at the beginning: Of course, astrology can answer the question “Which zodiac signs go together?” also do not simply answer with “X matches Y” and “Z should never come together with X”. Many many aspects play a role in this question and of course your upbringing, your environment, your experiences and much more play a role in what kind of person you have developed into and which people you need by your side.

Nevertheless, the zodiac sign can play a major role for many when looking for a partner. Because quite a few people observe that the same zodiac signs actually have the same character traits in a certain way. That’s why we tell you here which zodiac signs really match each other according to their character!

Of course, that doesn’t have to mean that other pairings are definitely not a match. On the contrary, our colleagues from the Astro week have here at any combination of special tips. It can also help if your partner does not have the right zodiac sign, but the ascendant. The pairs of zodiac signs listed here are simply the most outstanding and answer the question: “Which zodiac signs go well together?” Assume this from your own zodiac sign. 

Which zodiac signs are suitable for Aries?

Which zodiac signs are suitable for Aries horoscopetoday

As a zodiac sign that is assigned to the element fire, Aries is very energetic and spirited. That is why other lively characters are more likely to fit on his side, which are not so easily suppressed or annoyed by his lively manner.

So other fire signs, i.e. other Aries, Lions or Sagittarius, are best suited to Aries-born . A relationship with air signs, such as Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, can also go well, because air signs tend to see things a little more loosely.

Which zodiac signs are suitable for Taurus?

Which zodiac signs are suitable for Taurus horoscopetoday

Taurus is a creature of habit, sometimes even prone to stubbornness. In order to get him out of this rut, partners are good for him who gently (!) Get him out of there. Leo, Aquarius or Scorpio are ideal .

A relationship between a Taurus and a Pisces can also be very harmonic . While the Pisces tends to dream, to flow away, the earthly Taurus (the zodiac sign Taurus is assigned to the element earth) brings him back down to earth. So both benefit from each other.

Which zodiac signs are best for Gemini?

Which zodiac signs are best for Gemini horoscopetoday

The air sign Gemini is known for its communicative nature – but sometimes Gemini are also a little “flighty”. Gemini harmonizes best with other air signs, i.e. with other twins, Libra or Aquarius. Best of all with scales.

Which zodiac signs are suitable for Cancer?

Which zodiac signs are suitable for Cancer horoscopetoday

Cancers are very soulful and absolute family people . It is very important to them that their loved ones are always well. That is why they need a partner by their side who feels similar. There would of course be the other zodiac signs that are assigned to the element water. So fish and scorpions.

The fire signs (Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius) could be in trouble. Unless a Cancer woman and a Leo man meet: The Leo man should then make sure that he gives his Cancer woman enough space.

Which zodiac signs are the best for Leo?

Which zodiac signs are the best for Leo horoscopetoday

Leo is the king of animals and people born in the zodiac sign Leo are often real alpha animals.

Lions enjoy being the center of attention and are true self-promoters. That is why a combination between Leo and Leo is often difficult – they stand in each other’s way. Leo and Sagittarius, on the other hand, complement each other wonderfully. And Lions and Libra have a common interest in beautiful things like art and culture.

Which zodiac signs are suitable for Virgo?

Which zodiac signs are suitable for Virgo horoscopetoday

The Virgo is known for her reliability, orderliness and reason. That is why very impulsive signs are not the best partners for them. The zodiac sign Virgo is associated with the element earth. That is why other “earthly” zodiac signs are also ideal for you, i.e. other Virgos, Capricorns or Taurus.

Which zodiac signs are suitable for Libra?

Which zodiac signs are suitable for Libra horoscopetoday

Scales are very in need of harmony. Justice is very important to them. In a relationship with a Libra, give and take should be balanced . In addition, Libra has a very special preference for beauty.

Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo and other Libra go particularly well with Libra, whose zodiac sign is assigned to the element air.

Which zodiac signs are best for Scorpio?

Which zodiac signs are best for Scorpio horoscopetoday

Scorpios are peculiar. They brood a lot, often have doubts, and are careful . Scorpios want to look behind the facade before they confide in a person. That is why you often have to be patient with them.

They feel most comfortable with their own kind, i.e. other water signs: Pisces, Cancer or other scorpions. These signs usually bring the necessary patience.

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Which zodiac signs are suitable for Sagittarius?

Which zodiac signs are suitable for Sagittarius horoscopetoday

Sagittarius are extroverted and love to experience things. That’s why they love to travel and do something best. The ideal partner for a shooter has to be able to keep up. The other fire signs like Aries and Leo are best at this .

A Libra would be an ideal addition for a Sagittarius because it will steer them on the right track when they get too cocky without boring them.

Which zodiac signs are best for Capricorn?

Which zodiac signs are best for Capricorn horoscopetoday

The Capricorn, which also belongs to the earth signs, is considered to be particularly down-to-earth and realistic . He is dutiful and loyal. But this sense of duty sometimes outweighs its sensual side. It then appears stiff and closed, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t also have a soft side.

Capricorns get along best with their earth sign partners, as they are on the same wavelength. So with virgins, bulls and other ibexes. Fish and Capricorn can also complement each other perfectly, as the fish enchants the Capricorn and shows him a new world, while the Capricorn sometimes brings the fish back to the ground.

Which zodiac signs are best for Aquarius?

Which zodiac signs are best for Aquarius horoscopetoday

Aquarians are real individualists and very freedom-loving . Of course, the partner has to adjust to this …

Aquarius plus Aquarius show a lot of understanding for each other and therefore go well together. But the other air signs, Gemini and Libra, also go well with Aquarius.

Aquarius is also spiritually drawn to Pisces, and Sagittarius is exciting because of his way of life and views. They combine well.

Which zodiac signs go best with Pisces?

Which zodiac signs go best with Pisces horoscopetoday

The fish always hovers a little above things. He is very dreamy, spiritual. A little down-to-earth attitude is good for him, which is why the earth signs Taurus, Capricorn and a little bit Virgo complement him wonderfully.

But the other watermarks to which the fish itself belongs also match it. Another fish, Cancer or Scorpio . However, there is a risk that the fish will become too soft with another watermark, lift off even more, which is why it would be good if the partner (or the fish itself) has the ascendant in an earth sign.

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