What your month of birth reveals about your health

Our birth month not only influences our zodiac sign and the location of our birthday party (inside or outside), but also our health: Scientists from the University of Alicante have now found that the likelihood of what chronic illness we will suffer from later depends heavily on our month of birth depends. For the study, around 30,000 people were screened for their association with 27 different chronic diseases.

The results

  • January – Migraines, menopausal symptoms, and heart attacks
  • February – Osteoarthritis, thyroid problems, and blood clots
  • March – digestive problems, rheumatism and arthritis
  • April – tumors and bronchitis
  • May – Chronic allergies
  • June – incontinence
  • July – Chronic back pain and asthma
  • August – arthritis and blood clots
  • September – thyroid problems and malignant tumors
  • October – High levels of cholesterol and anemia
  • November – varicose veins
  • December – bronchitis and asthma

The head of the study, Professor Jose Antonio Quesada, explains his results by saying that the months of birth are indicators of whether you have certain environmental influences in early childhood or even before birth, such as “ultraviolet light, vitamin D, temperatures or seasonal influences, like viruses or allergies “. Because all of these aspects “can have an impact on the uterus and child development.”

By the way, people who were born in September are the least likely to suffer from chronic diseases. Is it a coincidence that most babies in the US are born in September or did American parents somehow know more than we did?

By the way, according to another study, September babies are also smarter!

Why is that? Children born in September are often the oldest in their class at school , after all, most parents of such “optional children” prefer to wait a year longer until their child starts school at almost 7 than they do when they go to school. This small age difference does not seem to make a big difference to the outside world, but the child’s development takes incredibly large steps within a very short time. September children are often quite simply ahead of their classmates.

As is so often the case, of course, these are all just statistics. If the results of the first study really affected all of us, we would soon have varicose veins, anemia, thyroid problems, asthma and incontinence …

Why does the month of birth influence chronic diseases?

With his study, Professor Jose Antonio Quesada shows that environmental influences affect children even before they are born and thus affect child development. This includes influences such as temperatures, seasonal influences, vitamin D, viruses, ultraviolet light, allergens, etc.

Babies born in September are the happiest. Those born in September are considered to be the healthiest babies and the least susceptible to chronic diseases. The study also found that September babies, on average, are also said to be smarter.

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