Weekly horoscope Taurus 01 Feb 21 to 07 Feb 21

What does the Weekly horoscope Taurus 01 Feb 21 to 07 Feb 21 bring you? Find out Weekly horoscope Aries in love, work for the Aries: an in-depth study.

Dear Taurus, Thursday will be your best day!

These constellations are important to you now.

Favorable: Pluto (trine), Neptune (sextile)

Rather critical: Uranus (conjunction), from Mon .: Venus (square), Saturn (square), Jupiter (square), Mercury (square), Mars (conj.), Sun (square)

Not an easy week awaits you. A Sun-Mars square will stress you on Monday. Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are also square to your sign and challenge you. Then three long pauses in the moon will put stones in your way. This is a hair puller. Thursday will finally give you a few happy moments. It will be your best day of the week.

My good advice

The Sun, Venus, and Mercury are square to you. This quickly irritates you and you then withdraw to yourself. Try to initiate someone. You don’t have to deal with everything yourself. More likely to find a way together!

For you to think about
Desirelessness makes you quiet and the world becomes right by itself.


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