Weekly horoscope Aries 01 Feb 21 to 07 Feb 21

What does the Weekly horoscope Aries 01 Feb 21 to 07 Feb 21 bring you? Find out Weekly horoscope Aries in love, work for the Aries: an in-depth study.

Dear Aries, every moment with you is a gift!

These constellations are important to you now.

Inexpensive: Sun (sextile), from Monday: Venus (sextile), Mercury (sextile), Jupiter (sextile), Saturn (sextile)

Rather critical: Pluto (square)

The sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter shine on you. No wonder that you no longer know what to do with all your zest for life. Embrace the world, but don’t forget to think about those who are having a lot harder time than you. Your love of life is contagious. Other people make you feel like every moment with you is a gift.

My good advice

With the sun and Venus you can move mountains right now. But since Pluto can also be felt every now and then in the square, you should not approach things too doggedly. It doesn’t work that way. You have to become more confident and also not take criticism so personally!

For you to think about
When one speaks of the sun, it also shines.

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