Virgo Horoscope


Virgo Horoscope

Virgo from August 24 to September 23

Virgo is the Sign of analysis. Below it is the most skilled but also the most difficult personalities of the entire zodiac.

The ruling planet, Mercury, maybe the cause of this, as it provides speed to a nature that may very well be more cautious and more purposeful. Added to the sharp mind of the Virgo, this nature generates good reasoners and convincing speakers, although they spend too much time on insignificant details and talking about the same things.

Virgo people have inquisitive minds that don’t rest until they’ve learned everything they wanted to know about something. They are adept at learning information from others, and then integrating it with other sources or rationalizing facts into a complete and accurate picture.

They often collect essential elements without anyone noticing. Along with keen analysis, they also have a remarkable memory.

Virgo Sign Profile

Virgo is an Earth Sign, with a need for solid earth and form. Ruled by the changing form of Mercury, Virgo works hard for stability.

This sign analyzes and organizes life; the goal is to build a solid foundation. A good cultural background is important for the Virgo.

The shifting characteristic emerges in the form of help, teamwork and cooperation. Humility and the ability to work behind the scenes, without complaining, often causes Virgo to miss out on far more opportunities than they should. A dose of self-confidence helps Virgo promote what they have to offer.

Virgo gets into trouble if they express too much earthly energy. If frustrated, Virgo can get trapped in her notorious perfectionism. Due to the desire for security, Virgo constantly worries about work: “What if they no longer need me?” “What if I’m wrong?” Balance comes from the confidence that everything will be fine and that imperfection is purely human!

The sign of August: Virgo

A person attentive to detail.

Who are you

Reliable and realistic. Sometimes insecure, but with a heart of gold . Often critical, but capable of feeling sincere emotions.

A romantic who sometimes seems cynical.  A person of few words, or a great talker . Ultimately, an enigma that, once deciphered, reserves really interesting discoveries …

How to seduce Virgo

With passion and discretion. With refinement and the spirit of a trucker on the hunt . Aiming for the heart, but also for material stability.

Hitting your mind, teasing the intelligence but also the senses . Playing on contrasts.

How to leave Virgo

Failing, continuously, to the agreements and duties established. With repeated indifference . With constant betrayals.

Forgive a mistake, turn a blind eye to the second, but demand interest from the third as well . You are patient, willing to sacrifice but not stupid!

How do you betray

With cunning and ability to hide reality. When you find a person who teases your senses with wisdom .

For eros and sex. Sometimes even for love: but in this case, it’s not a betrayal, it’s a new chapter in your life.

What makes Virgo angry

The lack of organization and practical sense. The imprecision, the sloppiness in the spelling, in the dress, in the personal or domestic cleanliness.

Bullying and aggression, which you manage badly and always with a delayed burst.

What do Virgo like

Be useful . Please those you love. Devote your time and attention exclusively. Job well done . Pleasure after so much duty.

Being able to look at the world from a privileged position, perhaps from above. Using your hands and head , picking herbs, potting preserves, crafting, knitting, sewing, cleaning, lifting weights or lifting pages of books …

What bores Virgo

Ideas made. Accept something just because everyone does it like that. The lack of critical sense . The inability to dedicate oneself to duty.

But also too many duties. A wrinkled dress. Stand without doing anything . Above all to be with our hands in hand: how boring!

Virgo X Factor

It is your critical sense : the ability to discriminate, to grasp the detail, the differences. A talent that sometimes gets lost in activities that resemble, such as meticulousness, saccenteria, criticism or, if you turn it against yourself, insecurity and a sense of inferiority

. But if used well it can make a difference and make you play a precious, indispensable and unique role.

If Virgo were a fruit


If Virgo were an animal you would be


If Virgo were a color

Warm brown

If Virgo were a recipe

St. Honoré cake

Characteristic Virgo sign

Virgo is the sixth Sign of the Zodiac , to be exact, and this is the way Virgos like it: to be specific.

Those born under this Sign are always the target of jokes because they are very picky and critical, but their attention to detail is for one reason: to help others.

Virgo people , more than any other Sign, are born to serve, and that gives them great joy. They are also tailored for the job, as they are ingenious, methodical and efficient. The sense of duty inherent in these people is considerable, and ensures that they will always work for the highest good.

The Sign of Virgo is represented in modern Astrology by Virgo, but this association is not to be taken literally. Rather, those born of Virgo tend to absorb some qualities of Virgo, such as modesty and humanity. Some consider them repressed, although Virgos say it is a noble quality, as opposed to a negative one.

Most of all, those born of Virgo enjoy indulging in their practical and logical side and studying their projects in detail, to the nth degree. To say that these people are good at investigating almost minimizes the case, as Virgo-borns reveal themselves in their precise (some would say pedantic) behavior and are adept with details.

Those born of the Virgo they are a guarantee in the field of work because you can count on them to get things done right the first time, every time – and no detail will ever be overlooked. They are also balanced and honest in their evaluations in harmony with the Mutable Quality assigned to this Sign.

Virgo is dominated by the planet Mercury, and as described in ancient Roman mythology, Mercury was not the type to sit still for very long. The quick-footed god was charged with energy, both mentally and physically, and this more or less well sums up the structure of the Virgo.

Virgo mind  is super active most of the time, which is why these people get to do so many things. Those born under this Sign are also skilled communicators and exploit their mental acuity to obtain the maximum advantage. All this mental strength can make Virgo predisposed to skepticism, and it can also lead to overthinking that certainly leads to exaggeration.

Fortunately, however, Virgos are also attentive people and can temper their worst impulses with careful analysis. Virgo likes to study a situation in great detail, whether it’s a business project or a friendship. Virgo is really interested in understanding things. Virgo’s misfortune is perfectionism that can hinder her usually clear thinking. “I’m not a perfectionist; discriminate! ” a Virgo would say, happy to know that her taste is unmatched. Along this trail, Virgo births are also accurate and clear, except for those who occasionally overlook themselves (there are some). Virgo is also reliable and practical and very helpful to have around.

The Element associated with the Virgo is the Earth, and in harmony with that, most Virgo births are down to earth. The impetus and enthusiasm can relate to others, as Virgo is, rather, much more humble and quiet. That said, Virgo loves material possessions and are (can you tell?) Fussy about what they bring into their lives. They could be called selfish, but in reality, it is their desire to surround themselves with what suits them. This disposition to discernment is also useful in business, where their decisions are usually truly achievable. Those born under this sign are extremely sensitive and use their critical eye very well. If they worry about things that don’t really matter, they do their best to calm these impulses.

However, if this nervousness remains uncontrolled, it can cause hypochondria, the skeleton in the closet of the Virgo. For this reason, Virgos are extremely sensitive to health by being a repository of information regarding diet and hygiene. Many also choose medical careers so as not to miss out on any information. Processing is crucial for Virgo, only so is she intellectually aware that she is helping herself physically. The benefits of exercise are more important to Virgo than the process itself. That’s why Virgo is likely to time themselves in the run and do 300 sit-ups every day.

When faced with the game of love, Virgo is capable of letting go and is devoted to her lovers, even if she can be a little jealous. Since Virgo rules the gut, her worried babies need to be wary of gut upsets. Calming relief often comes in earth tones, so Virgo likes to be surrounded by shades of maroon and warm yellow.

Virgo’s great strength is her practicality, sharp mind and attention to detail. When taken by the will to serve, those born of the Virgo become essential companions. They can be picky – so what?

Virgo sign symbolism

All the symbols of the Virgo, from perfumes to stones and flowers

Virgo is an Earth sign, of Mutable quality and masculine gender. Ruled by the planet Mercury.
Virgo symbolizes the Sixth House of the Zodiac, the sign of Virgo extends from grade 150 to grade 180.

Period:from 22 August to 23 September
Characteristics:Accuracy, prudence
Day of the week:Friday
Perfumes and essences:Sandalwood
Lucky Number:5
Animals:Wolf and rooster
Power stone:Jasper Red

Person Of The Virgo

Positive and negative aspects of the Virgo

The positives of the Virgo

The person born under the Sign of Virgo is generally a busy person. He knows how to prepare and organize things. She is a good planner. Above all, she is practical and not afraid of hard work.

The person born under this sign, Virgo, knows how to get what they want. It stays true to something until the conclusion. He never shirks his duties and can always be counted on. Virgo can be trusted in any situation.

The man or woman born under this sign tries to do everything perfectly. They don’t believe in doing something halfway. They always aim for the top. They are people who constantly fight to improve themselves not because they want more money or glory, but because it gives them a sense of accomplishment.

The Virgo he is a person who observes a lot. It is sensitive to how others feel and can see things beyond what they appear on the surface. Usually, he puts his talents at the disposal of constructive use.

It is not difficult for Virgo to be open and honest. He believes in putting the cards on the table. He never behaves secretly or secretly. It is as good as his words. The Virgo in general speaks clearly and has her feet on the ground. She has no problem expressing herself.

Virgo likes to be updated on new developments taking place in their area of ​​expertise. Generally well informed, she sometimes has a high interest in the arts and literature. What he knows, he knows well. His ability to use his critical faculties is well developed and sometimes frightens others due to his accuracy. Virgo follows a moderate lifestyle; avoids excesses. He is a responsible person and loves to be of service.

The negative sides of the Virgo

Sometimes Virgo is too critical. She thinks that only she can do something the way it should be done. Whatever someone else does is inferior. It can be quite boring in the way it insists on insignificant details. In telling others how things should be done, she can be rather tactless and mean.

Some Virgo births seem cold and emotionless. They feel that the emotional involvement is not worthy of them. They are sometimes too tidy, too clean. With money they can be quite stingy. Some try to force their views and ideas onto others.

Friendly Profile Virgo

How are you in friendship and compatibility between zodiac signs

If you ever need a particular companion for a night on the town, Virgo is the one to call. Not only will he be there at every important occasion, but he’ll arrive early enough to take care of the last minute details and put everything right.

Virgo is the most helpful friend there is . He’ll help you work out in the gym every day, help you remember not to binge on fatty foods, brush your teeth at least twice a day, and he’s there to assist you in planning the finer details of your life.

All this willingness to help could drive you crazy. At the same time, if you really need something, Virgo will be there for you.

She can give excellent advice and remain firm in crisis situations. Her practical vision will help you in difficulties , unless you embarrass her with great emotional manifestations.

If you can handle your Virgo friend who immediately runs to wash the dishes as soon as dinner is over, you will have an intelligent, loyal and interesting friend for a long time.

Best Friends: Cancer , Scorpio

Compatibility in friendship with a Virgo

Related:Taurus , Cancer , Scorpio , Capricorn .
Complicated relationship:Virgo , Pisces .
Strange attraction:Gemini , Sagittarius .
Incompatible:Aries , Leo , Libra , Aquarius .

Romantic Virgo Profile

Virgo’s purpose is to appear charming and irreplaceable in the eyes of the partner.

Virgo is the sign of Service , therefore, among its main characteristics the one that stands out most is the tendency to give help whenever its precious help is needed.

Willing, active and organized , the Virgo will always be very successful, both in the workplace and in the emotional one. The planet that dominates the sign of Virgo is Mercury , a symbol of communication: hence its ability in the art of oratory, and above all its undisputed capacity for organization.

Sometimes shy and introverted , Virgo needs a partner who knows how to penetrate the armor behind which she tends to hide. Anyone who has the ability to bring it out into the open will be rewarded by a devoted and full of life lover.

The Virgo in Romance and Passion

Always very attentive to health, Virgo usually has an enviable body , the result of a controlled diet and daily physical exercise. An appointment with a person born under the sign of Virgo represents an experience that is distinguished by taste and elegance , given the importance that the concepts of refinement and harmony have for this sign.

Even on a sentimental level, the Virgo’s behavior turns out to be sober and rational, to love means to be intensely involved , there is no room in her feelings for meaningless adventures.

Virgo’s purpose is to appear charming and irreplaceable in the eyes of the partner. The perfect lover is the one who shares Virgo’s predilection for concepts such as home and family.

The Virgo and Relationships

The expansive character of the sign of Virgo is a quality that unites all the signs of the Earth , and which, in this specific case, translates into a strong sense of protection towards loved ones.

Devout and loyal, her efforts are directed almost exclusively to safeguarding the romantic relationship. All these efforts need to be rewarded by a lover who ensures a stable, intensely lived, and above all sincere relationship.

A person with a strong character and a kind and sensitive soul most likely has all the necessary requirements for a long-term relationship.

Autonomous and never insistent, Virgo is apparently shy and reserved , but when her interest is focused on someone, she manages to bring out an almost irresistible charm.

Virgo: Love and Eros

For Virgo, the most exciting part of sexual intercourse is the foreplay

The Virgo and Love

In the ambit of love, the sign of Virgo has an attitude that is always attentive and directed towards the needs of the partner. Each of her behavior reveals the passionate and romantic nature that hides behind the serious appearance of this sign: Virgo loves to give , but at the same time she also demands that her efforts be repaid with the same coin.

The Virgo sign has the ability to make the partner feel special on any occasion, both in public and in private. No kind of betrayal or fling is tolerated, loyalty is a fundamental value in love as well as in life.

It is very unlikely that Virgo’s life will be upset by the so-called “ love at first sight” , in fact love is a feeling that slowly conquers those born under this sign.

At the beginning his attention focuses on the study of the potential partner , its qualities, its defects, every little detail is carefully examined. Once you have won her heart, you can be sure of her love and precious support.

The Virgo and Sex

For the Virgo sign, the most exciting part of sexual intercourse is that of foreplay , a phase in which it reveals all the intensity of its feeling.

As in all things, even in the sexual sphere the Virgo shows her particular attention to detail: nothing is left to chance, not even the most insignificant of details.

Its nature oriented towards the satisfaction of others makes it particularly vulnerable to the requests of the partner, who, from this point of view, will be able to count on a person who is always ready to satisfy every desire.

To get the best results, Virgo’s sensuality needs to be stimulated: passion and delicacy are key. An outward appearance that is sometimes almost austere tends to mask the wild side of the Virgo, who has a strong erotic charge .

Those who manage to bring out this hidden part, through a behavior that is both loving and seductive, will be rewarded with unforgettable and hot hours.

The needs of the Virgo

Always looking for someone who can satisfy his need for security, Virgo has a certain fondness for people who share his health-conscious attitude . The ideal lover is the one who manages to put her at ease, who knows how to stimulate her intellectually but also sexually.

Determined and confident, the Virgo partner must possess great communication skills , as clarity, like loyalty, is fundamental in a couple relationship.

Romanticism is another gift that can play an important role when trying to conquer a person born under this sign.

Not even the most insignificant detail must be left out when dealing with the Virgo because even the little things count in love, as well as in everyday life. Ultimately it can be said with certainty that the lucky one who manages to win the heart of the Virgo will find himself living a wonderful adventure.

Seduction Sign Virgo

Secrets to seduce and conquer a Virgo

How to seduce him …

… always exhibit an exemplary image of yourself, both internally and externally. Virgo is a perfectionist and your flawlessness will increase their esteem for you.

… be patient and be prepared for his fussiness about details.

… always show interest in his projects and efforts. Virgo will do even more to improve your relationship.

… proves he can compete with his skill on an intellectual level. Virgo appreciates mental qualities, and loves being able to share their passions with their lover.

… try not to be provoked by his hypercritical attitude. Over time Virgo will learn to recognize even her flaws

 benefit from your patience – your Virgo’s love will diligently and in detail try to make your life better.

 show your Virgo how impressed you are with their constant efforts to improve their surroundings. It will work even harder to give you a perfect home.

… to be a friend and an intellectual companion, as well as a lover. Virgo usually possesses keen wit and strong analytical skills. Virgo needs a partner who appreciates and cultivates these qualities.

 try to stay calm if Virgo criticizes or analyzes you. Virgo will eventually understand that Virgo births are also not perfect.

To Avoid …

… don’t look messy and listless. Order is fundamental for Virgo, your carelessness will end up making her nervous.

… don’t provoke her, even if she teases you all the time. It may feel uncomfortable in the position of the critic who receives it, and its self-esteem may be at the expense.

… don’t be too demanding, and don’t expect Virgo to take care only of you. Virgo is the “sign of service”, and is ready to give her help to anyone who requests it.

… don’t force her to eat something she doesn’t like. Virgo has an inflexible attitude when food is involved.

 underestimate the Virgo’s bed habits. Her perfectionism also shows it in bed, and you will appreciate it better !!