Virgo Horoscope Today 03 February 2021 Wednesday

What does the day bring you? Find out in the Virgo Horoscope Today 03 February 2021 Wednesday. find the daily horoscope for Love, Health, money and profession.

Moon pause


Not much goes on during the lunar break until 3:16 p.m. Stay with the tried and tested, the familiar, just with the routine!


Creative ideas come out of nowhere and you can play with them and try them out. Important things should wait.


You can approach someone who has been waiting for a sign for a long time.

Virgo Horoscope Today 03 February 2021 Wednesday

Shopping morning, this is how the Moon likes it in your second house: she quarrels with Pluto, but you, thanks to her position as an Earth sign like yours, go along very well. Good friendship also with the afternoon White Lady, passed in sextile, while Venus, who keeps her under pressure, shows herself very kind to you, talking to you in an optimistic and always positive tone about work and well-being.

Virgo Love Horoscope Today

Love and eros : you show your feelings with kindness and niceness, maybe even a nice gift, even if it’s not the birthday, nor the name day of the puppets or your sweetheart. Few words but facts, but when there is something important to say, find a way to communicate deep emotions, sharing them with the person of your heart. Courtship by a colleague, but it is not certain that you, while appreciating, are there: too complicated to keep your foot in two shoes for simple and gentle souls like yours.

Virgo Work and money Horoscope Today

Work and money : you love your job and you can see how you do it: with care, availability, logic, but when you need it, also imagination. Business insight, you can guess the intentions of the interlocutor and his needs, taking the liberty to go to meet him, or to turn your back on him… you weren’t born yesterday! Excellent preparation for an exam too, but force majeure or a pinch of bad luck prevent you from achieving the maximum result: this time you will just have to settle for it.

Virgo Wellness Horoscope Today

Well-being : much of your beauty and well-being depend on what you put on your plate and on this subject you are very knowledgeable, drawing on grandmother’s recipes, best of the rural tradition of the Bel Paese, possibly of your areas. In fact, as macrobiotics teaches, the healthiest choice is to use products that grow at their latitudes.

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