Virgo and Aries Compatibility: Do the zodiac signs match?

Virgo and Aries Compatibility - Virgo compatibility - horoscope today

What does Virgo and Aries say in the stars? The partner horoscope tells you details!

Virgo and Aries are so opposites – will they get along well? It will definitely be exciting! Read here what the partner horoscope still reveals about Virgo and Aries Compatibility.

This pair is anything but similar! Hardly any other combination can have so many contrasts. But that doesn’t have to be an obstacle to a relationship. After all, it’s incredibly exciting to discover something new in a person. The partner horoscope of Virgo and Aries tells you more about this.

The Aries is especially right. He doesn’t mince his words – he says what he thinks. His impulsive nature sometimes leads to emotional discussions. These can initially shake his partner quite a bit. The Aries does not want to offend anyone. It’s just straight forward. The virgin also stands by her opinion. Now she expresses it completely differently. She won’t necessarily say it out loud like the Aries. She will rather go her own way in silence.

For these reasons alone, these zodiac signs usually avoid each other. However, should it become a mating, it can still turn out beautiful. Like any relationship, it needs patience and attention to begin with. The virgin feels deeply and deeply. She just needs someone to help her show these feelings. She also unconsciously looks for a partner who does everything she does not “allow” herself.

The fiery, self-confident Aries is ideally suited for this. Because he challenges the virgin as a partner. Sometimes with a cheeky saying, but in the end it just makes her safer and stronger. The Aries awakens the fiery side of the Virgo. There is, of course, just hidden. Virgo, on the other hand, teaches Aries as partner prudence. It can actually be a strong combination. Both need to observe each other more closely. Then they recognize exactly what is missing in each one.

Partner horoscope “Virgo and Aries Compatibility” – your personal secret of love:

You don’t need to change to make your partner happy, but a little more openness won’t hurt.

When the Virgo, traditionally considered down-to-earth and cautious, connects with the enterprising Aries, the cliché is not an easy combination.

Perhaps the Aries at the beginning of the relationship was impressed by the fact that he could not conquer the Virgo in an instant and thus really spurred them on and learned a lot in the process. Nevertheless, the temperaments basically differ enormously. Virgo wants to think carefully about everything, and Aries wants to act spontaneously and directly.

The challenge: Aries must be able to show their urge to move forward and Virgo their analytical need within tolerable limits for both. The Virgo is also intelligent and often directs the Aries to where they want him without the Aries really noticing it, and superficially, Virgo gives in to the Aries. If an Aries and a Virgo have established a fruitful relationship, then care is combined with energy and thus considerable goals can be achieved. Both complement and support each other where the other tends to show weaknesses.

This connection can therefore be particularly suitable for business partnerships. But if the partners are without mutual recognition for each other’s achievements, this partnership will have major problems to overcome.

Character properties of partners

Virgo in partnership

Virgos are reserved in love, but very fertile (women get pregnant quickly). The feelings are not shown openly and also have a tendency to think love correctly. Virgo wants to avoid emotional shocks.

The Virgo may appear sober, but they care very much about the well-being of their loved ones.

In domestic life there is often a lack of cosiness, sometimes also warmth, because the processes need to be regulated. Singleness is usually well tolerated, since sexuality is regulated by the mind. Flirtations and adventures also say little to the Virgo. But if a well-considered marriage is entered into with a solid partner, one remains faithful and stays together.

Aries in a partnership

As a self-centered person, Aries collects and evaluates his experiences based on personal benefit. He needs the environment in order to be able to reflect himself and to assert himself. Aries can neglect their relationships and their origins, because they don’t like to burden themselves with problems.

The freedom orientation of Aries does not fit the “fetter” of marriage. Such duties are quickly perceived as onerous. Rather, Aries is looking for a friendly circle. But a serious relationship turns out to be more lasting than expected.

In eroticism, the Aries tries to increase his self-esteem through every conquest. He is passionate about love and often very direct in advertising. His expressions of feeling are simple, direct and chivalrous. He is usually very adventurous and can also be quite funny. But if you make jokes with him, he can get irritable and quick-tempered quite quickly.

The Virgo woman

you will study a potential partner very carefully beforehand, before entering into anything with him. It has to be clear, neat and reliable. Once you have made up your mind, you will do a lot for your loved one. Maybe they even sacrifice themselves for him.

The Virgo Man

He thinks ahead and tries not to let any bottlenecks in a life together. He therefore weighs the pros and cons of a possible partner for a long time, maybe too long. But once he has finally made up his mind, he is loyal and can even become very clingy.

The Aries woman

The Aries woman is open-minded and emancipated. For her, it goes without saying that she has to take action to be successful. It is seldom a family mother, because they prefer to cope with the outside world. You are open and interested in the opposite sex. They do not enter into firm ties until they have gained experience.

The Aries man

He is right in expressing his feelings and desires. If a beauty catches his eye, he will immediately approach her and speak to her. He wants instant success, and any woman will instantly know if an Aries is into her. But for many this happens too quickly and he would do well to let some romance through.

Aries Man and Virgo Woman in the partner horoscope

The Aries man is very self-centered and says what he wants from the start. He does not hide his feelings, but gives them the freedom that, in his opinion, they need to achieve their goal.

This can certainly make the Virgo woman reluctant to act. Because she is particularly careful and will not immediately reveal her feelings. This is basically because a Virgo wants to avoid getting hurt in any way at all costs.

Aries woman and Virgo man in love horoscope

Sometimes it will be a real challenge for the direct and self-confident Aries woman if she wants to conquer a Virgo man for herself. Because despite her open and self-confident viewing, she will have to wait until he has analyzed and thought everything through before he lets himself into a love affair.

However, if the Virgo man has decided to enter into the relationship with the Aries woman, he will be loyal and devoted. That’s why he is far from revealing his own feelings. Yet his love and loyalty go up to self-sacrifice. However, he must not assume that the Aries partner will come out as a family mother.

The zodiac signs Virgo and Aries Compatibility in the relationship

There should indeed be complications in the relationship between Aries and Virgo. Because the passionate and emotional nature of the Aries partner meets the reserved intellectual level of the Virgo, which is often perceived as cool.

Nevertheless, a really good and lasting partnership between the two zodiac signs can develop if both recognize the partner’s weak points. In this case they complement each other perfectly. However, it will not necessarily be the hottest connection, that much should be clear to Aries from the start.

The zodiac signs Virgo and Aries Compatibility in friendship

When it comes to friendship, the relationship between Aries and Virgo is likely to become much more beneficial. Because the I-related Aries is more on the friendly level anyway, which the analytically thinking Virgo will like very well.

However, especially in the friendly relationship between the two, the virgin is more likely to take the lead. But not loud and superficial. Rather, she acts in such a way that the Aries often doesn’t even notice how she controls him in her intelligent way and pushes him towards the common goal.

An impossible union

It is difficult to imagine a Virgo and an Aries together, they are the opposite of each other . However on a professional level they could form a fantastic team: Aries will take care of the practical part, while the Virgo will take care of the organization.

On the emotional level, the situation becomes complicated. An outgoing and energetic Aries will quickly get fed up with a shy and submissive Virgo . If Virgo at first feels dominated by the strength and vigor of Aries, they will not hesitate to bring out their aggressive side if cornered. There are strong possibilities that this imbalance will generate tensions.

An imbalance that creates strong tensions

Love affinity :

Risk : misunderstandings

Strength : complementarity

Tip : take care of your report

Virgo and Aries Compatibility: the secret to a long-lived relationship

The conscientious and organized Virgo will offer a stable relationship to Aries and will support him in his daily decisions. On the contrary, the Aries will arouse the admiration of the Virgo for his proverbial optimism.

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