This zodiac sign is best in bed

This zodiac sign is best in bed - horoscope today

This zodiac sign is best in bed: The next time you’re going to bed on a date, you might want to ask about the zodiac sign beforehand … Character, talents, future … our zodiac sign says a lot about us. Of course, also how we behave in bed. We can reassure you: no zodiac sign is so bad in bed that it would not be worth spending a few erotic hours with him. But there are two that stand out from the crowd. Whoever disappears in the bedroom with these candidates cracks the absolute sex jackpot.

The Aquarian man

Cunnilingus, bondage games, Kamasutra positions … Aquarius can do it all! No other zodiac sign acts as sensually and intensely in bed as he does. His love repertoire is incredibly broad: He can be romantic and cuddly, but also wild and animalistic. If he wants to have a wife, he always finds the right type of seduction – and spoils his chosen one according to all the rules of the art. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? If there wasn’t a catch: Aquarius men are great lovers, but they are rarely available for a permanent bond. They are far too freedom-loving for that.

The Cancer woman

The Cancer woman is a masterful seductress because she just gets everyone into bed she wants. Rightly so, because that’s where it performs almost perfectly. Keen to experiment as she is, she loves variety in bed. Threesome, sadomasochism, role play … nothing is taboo with her! It makes sense that anyone who has been in bed with her will become addicted to her. From the middle of life, Cancer women discovers their tendency towards the same sex – in order to further develop themselves sexually. She is also inspired by erotic literature. It’s clear: this woman doesn’t just have sex – she lives it!

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