These 3 zodiac signs are conceited

These 3 zodiac signs are conceited - horoscope today

These 3 zodiac signs are conceited: A healthy self-esteem is absolutely nothing bad. And it’s nice when you find yourself good. However, if you are too convinced of yourself, you quickly come across as conceited and unappealing.

This happens quite often to these three zodiac signs in particular. They are often considered to be very conceited.

These 3 zodiac signs are conceited - wishesdb
These 3 zodiac signs are conceited

3 zodiac signs are conceited


This zodiac sign is considered to be the most arrogant of all. Because Taurus believes that he is always right and that he knows everything better. He likes to be the center of attention and is convinced that he is the smartest in the room. He hardly listens to the opinions and advice of others. Because he’s just conceited and extremely confident of himself. But with his stubbornness, he reaches his limits at some point. At the latest when his friendships and relationships are at stake, he must finally realize that he has to come down.


Arrogance is one of the things with Aquarius. Because actually, he’s not as conceited as everyone thinks. However, his free spirit and indifference often give this impression. He likes to drift and therefore doesn’t really care about the opinions of others. To others, however, it quickly becomes quite arrogant. A little more sensitivity would be good for Aquarius.


Libra is an incredibly harmonious person and usually tries to avoid confrontations. And actually you don’t think of them as conceited. But it can also be different. Because one quality that distinguishes this zodiac sign is pride. Unfortunately, once the Libra is proud of something, they tend to take off and seek a lot of admiration and recognition in those around them. Then they have to get their friends back down to earth.

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