Taurus Horoscope


Taurus from April 21 to May 21

Taurus Horoscope: The significant feature of this sign is strength. People born under the sign of Taurus are stubborn by nature, it is difficult to change their mind.

The dominant planet is Venus, sensitive and full of primitive instincts, further away from the taurine tendencies that instead tend to repress them.

At the same time, his strong nature shows he can count on a sympathetic side.
People born under the sign of Taurus see their emotional side prevail over the rational one and although they are opportunists they prefer to act rather than have remorse for not having done so. They absorb ideas which they then keep, thanks to their remarkable memory found in many people of this sign.

They have a particular predisposition to plan their purposes in advance and usually carry them out. Also, if they come across a great idea, they borrow it and make it their own as if it were theirs.
Their generosity is genuine , in fact if they have great economic success, they are not very thrifty with money, especially for friends.

When he falls in love he does it in a totalitarian way. his passionate nature leads him to desire a complete relationship with his partner, made up of spiritual union, communion of interests and solid economic foundations.

The sign of April: Taurus

Concrete and realistic but affective, sensitive and very emotional

Who are you

An instinctive with your feet on the ground and passion in your pocket. Generous, very sensual, a lover of pleasures and comfortable life, but who never backs down in the face of commitment. Creative, fruitful and solid.

How to seduce Taurus

It may seem difficult or complicated to seduce you. In reality, it is enough to speak directly to your heart and to your senses: if they vibrate with attraction because for you sex equals love, it is done. More than ever, in your case seduction, is an irrational matter of touch, skin, smell, sight.

How to leave Taurus

Destabilizing your habits. With a thousand changes, especially if they are inconsistent and without a real goal. By having you move more than once a year. Betraying your trust. With infidelity. Especially if it continues and brazen.

How you betray

It is said that you are one of the signs most resistant to betrayal. In fact, you too can cheat. For a moment of mad passion exchanged for true love. Or for true love. Or, like everyone else, a more unique than rare case, but you too betray for lightness and recklessness. Nobody’s perfect…

What makes Taurus angry

The hypocrisy. Lightness. The inability to take responsibility. Laziness: those who do not commit themselves but complain against the world. The intrigues, the double agents, the sarcastic jokes behind your back. Who takes advantage of the weakest. Those who pack to mask their individual insecurity.

What do Taurus like

The pleasure. In all its forms: good sex, good food, good drink, good dress, a nice house, a nice bank account. Maybe everything in abundance. The love. Friendship. Sincere and deep emotional relationships. Beauty: wherever it is, from art to a beautiful body.

What bores you

The ugliness. Emotional dryness. Superficiality. The poorly maintained and not very tasty food. Even on a diet, you are capable of devising succulent ways to respect calories and light cooking. Poverty. Continuous renunciations.

Taurus X Factor

It is your heart: warm, instinctive, intuitive, beautiful, deep. You have the wonderful ability to know how to read reality through the colored prism of your emotions, which never lie. A heart that is love, is strength, is an attractive capacity for positive situations, a winning factor for money and emotional relationships.

If you Taurus a fruit


If Taurus were an animal you would be


If you were a color


If you were a recipe


Outstanding artistic talent

The Earth element in this sign brings strength and a desire for solid territory, shape and structure. Preservation is important. The fixed motivations of Taurus lead it first to stabilize and then to produce.

The influence of Venus causes him to have a deep emotionality. Friends and lovers rely on the warmth and accessible emotionality of the sign.

Taurus represents perseverance, patience and loyalty. They take too many precautions in taking any of the risks that life brings. Sometimes they end up getting muddy, but they get up after every challenge or difficulty.

Taurus always wants to emerge and with the Yin energy can go far; even if at times he becomes truly, truly passive, often lazy. The balance then comes from a reliable plan, which allows satisfying the needs of stability of the bulls and which at the same time allows them to act and bring it to completion.

Characteristics of the Taurus sign

Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, focuses on everything that is premium.
Unlike the Aryan love of the game, the Taurines love the prize of the game: “victory”. Think of physical pleasures and material goods, so those born under this sign detect delicious excesses.

They also have a marked tactility, which allows you to enjoy a soft, sometimes sensual touch.
Taureans love comfort and being surrounded by pleasant and relaxing things. Continuing on this path, it can be said that they prefer good food and refined wine.

The “good life”, in all its aspects, is heaven on earth for those born under the sign of Taurus, especially if they are artists (among the virtues we also include the artistic sense) or creators of their own luck.
The Bull (the animal) is the mascot of the Taurines and it is precisely his appearance that prefigures the character of these people: decisive, stubborn, stubborn .

The sign of Taurus is ruled by the Planet Venus , a lovely girl who has never denied anything to herself.

In ancient mythological Rome, Venus was the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure, and the Taurines absorbed almost everything she handed down from her.

Those born under the sign of Taurus are lovers of all that is beautiful, be it in their homes, in museums or on a stage. To the reader they may seem sinister materialistic or blasphemous in excesses, but they are not really interested in a life in which beauty is lacking, as a canon of life, the ineliminable essence.

Despite this, the Taurines wish for a peaceful home life, which also includes a companion and therefore a stable relationship; give importance to harmony in their life as a couple, so they work hard to make their partner happy, not to make him lack for anything, and, their propensity for the pleasure of the senses, can only help them in maintaining the relationship more long in time.

But Taurus can also be the most poignant of sentimentalists. He can pay his obsessive attention to every slightest change in his partner, certainly trying to temper his possessive tendencies, tying them with a tight tie, otherwise the relationship would become unlivable.

At the end of the day however, those born under the sign of Taurus become very romantic and loyal from the very bottom of mind.

The element associated with Taurus is EARTH.

No illusory hope for these people who are so concrete, practical, in short, with their feet firmly on the ground. They tend to take rather conservative positions and this is well seen by observing their behavior day after day. No unusual programs (like AIR signs) or last minute (like FIRE signs).

Taureans prefer to the contrary , take each day slowly and diligently, and work towards their ultimate goal. On this line it can be said that, those born under the Sign of Taurus are happy to attach themselves to their projects until they are able to bring them to a positive conclusion. They are exhausting patient and reliable from this point of view.

The only weak point of such a solid chain is the bother on duty who tries to scold a bull. These people usually remain calm and cool, but for a fairly short time. The EARTH , in this sign, thus tends to act as a balancing mechanism, so that such eventual situations can never get out of hand.

For any person who considers being born under the Taurus sign as a punishment , there are two who would rather be happy to acquire their charms for some time.

Generally considering the strength and tenacity of the Bull , it is not surprising that these people like to test their strength in the field of play. Imagine finding them engaged for a witty screaming contest or mountain climbing. The excursions in the countryside are the favorites, until at least they are buried by their beloved land !!

Indoor sports are the most loved by bulls, which is why ballet and opera are the Achilles heel of this sign.

Finally, when they fall in love, the Taurus becomes devout romantic and sometimes possessive, but their sensual nature will surely have a remedy, to erase some mistakes.

Taurus sign symbolism

All the symbols of Taurus, from perfumes to stones and flowers

Taurus is an earth sign, fixed, feminine, negative, ruled by the Planet Venus .
Taurus symbolizes the 2nd house of the zodiac, the sign of Taurus extends from degree 30 to degree 60.

Period:from April 21st to May 20th
Color:Midnight blue
Characteristics:Determination, Stability
Day of the week:Friday
Perfumes and essences:Pino Silvestre, rose
Lucky Number:6
Animals:Seal, Pigeon, Bull
Power stone:Rose quartz

Positive and negative aspects of the Taurus sign

Positive Aspects of Taurus Horoscope

Taurus people are known for their ability to focus and persistence. This is perhaps their best quality.

Generally both women and men do not have big problems with others because they always manage to get by in difficult situations (quarrels, disputes, etc.), and it is part of their nature to try to help others in need; they are always available to their friends, especially if they are in trouble .

Usually the Taurines are able to get what they want, thanks to the ability to persevere. They never leave something unfinished but work on that thing until they have completed it.

People usually tend to take them at their word; they are straightforward and sincere in most interpersonal relationships.

People of this sign therefore have a good chance of success in life, thanks to their positive qualities. Bulls who aim high rarely fall into disrepair.

They learn from experience, they are meticulous and careful and do not believe in sudden cuts of any kind. Their prudence eventually pays off, and they learn from their thoughtfulness how to rely on themselves.

Taurus people try to get along with everyone , as if it were a rule of life. They dislike overly critical people as they appreciate who they are themselves. They are tolerant people who like peace and harmony especially in their home.

Taurines are usually careful in everything they do and do not like to take unnecessary risks . Before taking any course of action, consider all the pros and cons; they are resolute people. Once the decision has been made, they rarely change their minds.

People born under this sign are excellent parents, reliable and loving.

The Negative Sides of Taurus Horoscope

Sometimes the Taurus man or woman is a little too presumptuous . He doesn’t want to listen to other points of view if his mind is fixed on something. To some this may seem somewhat annoying.

The Taurini also don’t like being told what to do . They get quite nervous if someone doesn’t think they are very smart. They don’t like to be told that they are wrong even if they are. They don’t like being contradicted.

Some of those born under this sign are very suspicious when someone approaches them .
They find it difficult to fully trust people, they are afraid of being cheated or being fooled; that’s why they find it very difficult to forgive or forget.

Their love for material things sometimes makes them stingy and futile.

Taurus Horoscope: How are you in friendship and compatibility between zodiac signs

When they tell you they will be your best friend forever, it’s because they think so. They take the oaths with childhood friends very seriously and perhaps still keep the other half of the necklace in which the words “best friends forever” were written.

Their friendship resists the passage of time and many Taurine friends have had this devotion since childhood.

Constant, balanced, loyal and devoted, these friends will accompany you throughout your life.

If you need to call someone to save you in the middle of the night from a blizzard, the bulls will be there in a flash, with a hot chocolate in their gloved hands. Be warned though, this will only happen if you are as loyal to him as he is to you, because otherwise he will scratch your back as you scratched his.

The Taurus proves to be a balanced friend , but careful not to trigger his jealousy. This sign can prove possessive towards their close friends and may not easily understand the old adage that said, “absence makes the heart softer.”

You will find a splendid friend in Taurus who will remain so for a long time, until you cancel an appointment at the last minute!

Best friends in: Pisces, Cancer.

Compatibility of Taurus

Compatibility:Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces
Affective complex:Taurus, Scorpio.
Strong attraction:Leo, Aquarius.
Incompatibility:Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius.