Taurus Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Taurus Horoscope Today Friday - horoscope today

What does the day bring you? Find out in the Taurus Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday. find the daily horoscope for Love, Health, money and profession.

Good Friday


With Mercury and Pluto you can score points in conversations with good arguments. Especially if you have to work today.


Those who have a day off on Good Friday can look forward to a relaxing day. You don’t let yourself be rushed around.


You still have a few things to do, but that’s fine. 

Taurus Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Introspective moon, it will be that the holidays begin and with the children already free from the DAD but not from the tasks, today you too feel put on the cross, but without having a valid reason, if not malmostly Saturn at the zenith in quadrature, however softened by Jupiter the optimist, who occasionally scolds you but always in a fatherly tone. Humor the Sun and Venus in the twelfth house, they will not give you satisfaction, but not even big trouble, those instead promises you Mars in the second house, the spendthrift. But beware, Easter is not Christmas and in any case mixing celebrations of a symbolic or spiritual nature with consumerism has no logic. Even the binge nowadays would be out of place, it made sense once upon a time, when at the end of winter we rationed food, but now with supermarkets full of goods and discounts … Forgive yourself only because the lockdown generates boredom and frustration and you, born under one of the most gluttonous signs of the zodiac, are happy to seek your compensation at the table or in the fridge. Few friends in today’s sky: Pluto in trine and the couple Mercury-Neptune in sextile, will give you sensitivity and solid principles to which you can refer.

Taurus Love Horoscope Today

Love and eros : if the partner is there, he is distracted and appears light years away even if you have sat next to him on the sofa all day. Worse still if you have given them bye bye or never even met them, in spring loneliness weighs twice as much. But at least you have many friends who love you, soon someone will also ring the doorbell leaving you the Easter egg outside the door … who knows, maybe he is playing court for you!

Taurus Work and money Horoscope Today

Work and money : in unsuspecting times tonight you would have loaded the car to escape to the sea or the mountains and maybe, if the ordinances of your region allow it, you will do it again tonight … not in the same spirit as in previous years! Fixed thought, which hammers your mind, are finances: you have spent like nabobs and now you are sorry, weeping like crocodiles in the digestive phase. Resign yourself: in the egg you will not find the money you have spent with impunity … it will serve as a lesson for next time! Evening between the aisles and checkout counters of the supermarket to get supplies for the Easter lunch… and the augmentative is added with good reason: just look at the size of your trolley!

Taurus Wellness Horoscope Today

Wellness : they burn in the throat, but don’t always blame the weather, if you are a fan of cigarettes you also know the reason for that irritating need to clear your throat at every push. Yes, breathing a little fresh air would do you really good … Write it down on the self-certification, maybe you will find a kind inspector who will not object, maybe a smoker afflicted with hoarseness …

Taurus Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday - Horoscope Today

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