Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility: Do the zodiac signs match?

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility - Taurus compatibility - horoscope today

Are you a Taurus and curious how an Aquarius will suit you? You can find out in the partner horoscope.

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility: opposites attract! Read here what the partner horoscope still reveals about this interesting relationship.

First of all: The partner horoscope “Taurus and Aquarius” warns that everyday life will not be easy in this relationship. Clear differences meet in this interesting combination of the zodiac signs.

The element of Taurus is the earth. And the Taurus is just like the earth: reliable, solid, always there.

The Aquarius , however, is an air element. This zodiac sign is primarily characterized by its vagueness and spontaneity. Aquarius doesn’t like to commit.

So you can already imagine how Taurus and Aquarius will communicate with each other in a partnership. Especially when it comes to arguments. Taurus will appear narrow-minded to Aquarius with their caution and pragmatism. Aquarius, on the other hand, is seen by Taurus as chaotic and ungrown.

See the differences in this partnership as an opportunity for successful development.

The sensuality hidden under the pragmatic facade of the Taurus irritates Aquarius. And after all, he also needs a connection to earth. Aquarius has many ideas that need a solid platform for their realization. Again, Taurus can learn more about dreaming and letting go from Aquarius.

This is the only way to make this partnership happy and balanced.

Conclusion: In this combination, the spiritual visions of Aquarius meet the pronounced realism of Taurus. If these opposites are not felt as an obstacle, both zodiac signs can learn a lot from each other. Differences can be mutually enriching.

Partner horoscope “Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility” – your personal secret of love:

Make an effort in this relationship, but don’t wear yourself to the point of exhaustion.

A relationship between Taurus and Aquarius is unlikely to be easy. Because the modern approach to life of the Aquarius-born lets the Taurus-born quickly reach their limits. I guess there will often be problems because the similarities between the two aren’t really there. The Taurus will stick to the tried and tested and focus on traditional values, while the Aquarius always goes other ways and insists on being different in a particularly stubborn way. Still, a partnership between these zodiac signs will be very stimulating for both. However, it requires a certain willingness to compromise and tolerance in order to develop a certain sense of togetherness.

Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman in the partner horoscope

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility - Taurus compatibility - horoscope today

As big as the differences between the zodiac signs may be: If Taurus man and Aquarius woman meet, there is something in common. Both are very concerned about their own circle of friends, which could well result in a basis for a mutual relationship.

However, the Aquarian woman will not really get along with the traditional values ​​and role understanding of the Taurus man. She is a free spirit who always wants to find and realize herself anew.

Taurus woman and Aquarius man in love horoscope

The Taurus woman will be very impressed by the Aquarian man’s charm. It is no problem for her that he initially acts on a friendly basis with her. Nevertheless, she will make it clear to him how her feelings for him are.

If she manages not to bind the Aquarius man too tightly and tightly, the love relationship can be for a long time. Because he will not simply give up his thirst for freedom and his tendency to self-realization for a Taurus woman.

The zodiac signs Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility in the relationship

The differences between Taurus and Aquarius are not necessarily the ideal breeding ground for a harmonious love affair. Because while the Taurus partner values ​​traditional role relationships, the Aquarius partner is very much looking for equality. In addition, Aquarius cannot do much with the passionate feelings of the partner. Sexuality does not have this superficial importance for him.

Nevertheless, a relationship between these zodiac signs can last forever. However, only if both partners understand how to approach the other and practice tolerance. Aquarius will never give up his love of freedom and Taurus will always enjoy the comfortable rest. But rapprochement creates a foundation here that can even bear these inconsistencies.

The zodiac signs Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility in friendship

Both Taurus and Aquarius need their solid circle of friends. This is important to them, so that both will cherish and care for it. Once they have become friends with each other, a really successful community can develop from it.

Because the calm and balanced Taurus friend can bring the lively Aquarius back down to earth every now and then. Meanwhile, the Aquarian friend will be able to show Taurus how exciting a little freedom can be in everyday life.

Opposites, but too far away to attract

“They don’t have the same needs, the same idea of ​​love …”

Love compatibility between a Taurus and an Aquarius

To really understand each other, these two signs must focus on the complementarity of their personalities. The heart of the problem is that the possessive and organized Taurus will be confronted with an adventurous Aquarius, who will escape his responsibilities at the first opportunity.

Pair affinity between a Taurus and Aquarius
Loving affinity ♥ 
DefectsToo different
BenefitsOpposites attract
Expert adviceGreat willpower

What could make them break up?

The Aquarius, passionate and projected into the future, will struggle to reassure the Taurus, risks destabilizing him because they have a completely different vision of love and the future of the couple. The Taurus will dislike the outgoing and chatty character of the Aquarius, who in turn will feel oppressed by the jealousy of the Taurus.

Why are they a special couple?

The couple can only have a future if they both want to find a meeting point. This combination works better on a professional rather than a sentimental level.

Taurus and Aquarius Sexual compatibility

Even if they are not emotionally compatible, when there is sexual understanding, they are a close-knit and passionate couple.

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility: the secret to a long-lived relationship

If they want their couple to work, they will both have to arm themselves with goodwill.

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