15 Signs he’s cheating on you

15 Signs he's cheating on you - horoscope today

Signs he’s cheating on you: Is he cheating on me? If the partner behaves differently, it makes you suspicious. Of course, you’re then looking for signs that he’s cheating. Here you can find out which behavior gives clear indications of infidelity.

15 signs he’s cheating on you

1. He’s more aloof

If a man keeps his partner at a distance, avoids physical closeness, deep conversations and kind words, this is always a sign that something is wrong. He may be experiencing stress, personal crisis, or distress. But it is also very possible that he will avoid close encounters with you because he cannot look you in the eye or is afraid that he is gossiping.

Time for the question: What’s wrong with you? I can tell that you are so distant and absent. Unfortunately, not all men take this as an opportunity to state the real reasons for their behavior. But the feedback is important: I notice that something is wrong and I don’t feel good about it. Then it’s his turn to explain himself.

2. The sex becomes less

If a man stops sleeping with his wife, even if she makes him clearly attractive offers in this direction, it is always questionable. However, it is not clear whether it is due to an affair. Here, too, the motto is again: Addressing yourself if the condition has persisted for too long and suffering pressure arises.

If it comes to sex every now and then and the feeling arises: He is not really doing what he is doing , his penis is not getting as stiff as usual or he just wants to get it done quickly, should the woman not just accept that and confront the partner with the observation.

3. He’s gone more often

I’m still meeting with my buddies. I have to work longer. I have another business lunch. Have such announcements been increasing recently? These can be excuses for a date with his escapade to camouflage.

And even if spying is stupid: This information can be checked quite well. A call to the company: “I just wanted to speak to my husband …” Or a look into the window of the restaurant where he supposedly has his business lunch. That can clarify a lot, but it can also lead to misinterpretations. Therefore, be careful with allegations after the research.

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4. He pays more attention to his appearance again

He does sports, wants to lose weight, shaves his pubic hair more accurately than usual or his chest, which he doesn’t do otherwise, changes his hairstyle, his look … He might do that because he found himself boring or out of fashion or is afraid of getting old become. But it is also quite possible that he does it to please someone else.

You can tell who he cares for by how he lets his wife participate. A sign that he is doing it for himself and his wife are comments through which he lets his wife participate in his change. Sentences like: How do you like that? Or: Look, I bought this new one. It’s something completely different than usual. But if he doesn’t say anything and struts out the door like a hormone-laden peacock: Be careful! Here is suspicion attached .

5. He buys new underwear

New and expensive underwear should make a woman suspicious if the partner has never attached great importance to this before. Here it is a matter of weighing up: first react as if he had done that to make me happy. Or: ask directly what’s going on now.

For example like this: Who are you working so hard for? This is of course a provocation that only provides information if you pay close attention to your reaction. If he turns red, goes out or stutters something, that’s more than suspicious. If he had a clear conscience, he would finally say: For you, my darling. It is obvious.

6. He suppresses phone calls

He used to call everyone in front of you. Now he is suppressing phone calls more and more often or does not take them? The question arises: what should you not hear? If he then reacts frantically because you pick up his phone, be careful what else is going on. Privacy is important for couples too, and sniffing your phone is not okay. But to panic when you glance over who’s calling – that suggests a guilty conscience or secrets.

7. He shines while reading the news

Does he shine while reading the news on the phone? Does he get more messages in the morning and evening and circle around his smartphone to see everything that is coming in? This is what lovers or men who are hot for a woman do. Don’t you get any messages that make you smile like that? But is he always typing something? Not a good sign.

8. He buys condoms

He buys condoms or has them with him, although you (almost) never use them. That’s THE reason to ask what he’s doing with his penis when you’re not around. He’s probably out of the age where he’s messing around with it and trying to blow things up with his buddies.

9. It smells different

Whether it’s a new perfume or your impression: somehow it smells different. Hormones or sex with another woman sometimes change a man’s scent in a way that an attentive long-time partner will notice. Does he shower – unlike usual – every time he comes home? Also suspicious.

10. He hardly has any eyes for your beauty

You can do a headstand in front of him in lingerie and he does not react? Doesn’t he respond to any of your advances, advances or compliments and doesn’t laugh at your jokes anymore? He hardly listens to what you say to him and no longer fevered for your concerns? Oh oh. Then he’s definitely out of breath when it comes to your relationship.

Does he already have another one? Quite possible. In any case, this is the moment for both of them when the question should come: Can you still turn the tide? Is our relationship still working? Or do we have to face the truth that a breakup would be better? Dealing with it and not having to wait for someone to cheat can save both of you from being hurt.

11. He hardly spends time with you

He’s always up to something else and even when you’re both at home together, do you watch TV and he sits in front of the PC? Those who don’t spend enough time together distance themselves. Result: In the worst case, someone cheats because they need more attention. Here are the best tips for a happy relationship.

12. He’s an excellent liar

He hates confrontations and arguments that he circumvents with clever lies? Unfortunately, he is also predestined to cheat .

13. He’s addicted to passion

Some men love the tingling sensation when a new relationship begins. Everything is exciting, new and different. He has to conquer and really hang in there. As soon as the relationship becomes routine, he longs for this exciting time and looks for someone new.

14. He cheated before

It’s sadly true, and it’s confirmed by therapists: If he’s cheated before, the chances are good he’ll do it again.

15. He learned it at home

His parents were unfaithful and betrayed themselves? Anyone who learns from an early age that relationships break up and that you cannot rely on anything tends to be strangers to their own relationships too. Especially when the father was the one who cheated.

Beware of the suspicions

Especially the clues related to his appearance don’t have to have anything to do with an affair. Maybe he has just noticed that he wants to take care of himself more in order to feel more attractive to himself or to you again. In that case, it would be beneficial for the relationship to find words of love and affirmation here so that he feels seen in his endeavors.

However, when it comes to distancing, take a close look at what’s going on. They’re a pretty clear indication that he’s making up for himself. Whatever that is. Maybe an affair , but there can be many other reasons as well.

And if you are really unsure whether he is cheating, talk to him about it. It’s always better than spying on him. Also ask yourself honestly: Is it still going for us? Am I satisfied myself? Is the answer: “Hm, so things have been better for us and somehow we haven’t really taken care of our love for a long time.”? Then maybe you both are missing something. An honest conversation is best now.

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