Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 22 Mar 21 to 28 Mar 21

scorpio Weekly Horoscope 22 Mar 21 to 28 Mar 21 - horoscope today

What does the Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 22 Mar 21 to 28 Mar 21 bring you? Find out Weekly horoscope Pisces in love, work for the Aries: an in-depth study.

Dear Scorpio, please change a few things in your life now!

These constellations are important to you now.

Favorable: Mercury (trine), Pluto (sextile), Neptune (trine)

Rather critical: Uranus (opposition), Jupiter (square), Saturn (square)

This week, Mercury and Uranus have made a huge impact on you. Use this wonderful sextile to help you make important decisions. You will always be right about it. Check e.g. B. Your insurance records. Which one still makes sense? Uranus advises just checking them all out: What must get out of my life? What should be new? Take courage!

My good advice

Mercury is in the mystical Pisces and meets Uranus in a sextile. Magical spaces open up and miraculous things can happen, all of which have to do with the fact that you meet people who may have been with you for many lives. Please be open and ready for “wonderful coincidences”.

For you to think about

You cannot love more than yourself.

Scorpio horoscope weekly

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

On the sentimental side you will not go so badly, despite the misunderstandings of recent times. Some big discussion has come back, so you can start from scratch, or almost.

Couples will still have to be satisfied with the serene atmosphere that will be able to establish, because there has not been much commitment in the relationship lately, so you cannot expect an explosion of romance.

Singles will never miss the opportunity to declare themselves to someone , but it will not be easy either, if they do not passionately dedicate themselves to the other, to discover all the real characteristics, not the idealized ones.

Scorpio Weekly Career Horoscope

Try to work as much as possible, without letting things go off, for not having taken them into due consideration. Of course you will have to work hard, but you can’t get anything for nothing.

Your ideas and intelligence, however, will do most of the work, so you shouldn’t find yourself unprepared for any eventuality . The only thing to emphasize is your state of health, mental and physical.

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