Scorpio Monthly Horoscope February 2021

What does the month bring you? Find out in the Scorpio Monthly Horoscope February 2021! Love horoscope for the sign Scorpio, prediction of your sign for the well-being and health of your body/mind.

Scorpio in General

What a pain! Between characters that are a whole program, absurd requests, whims in the family and so on and so forth, here you are struggling with annoyances that this month seems to be almost (almost …) inexhaustible.

As endless as the schedule of nervousness seems to you, rest assured that it will eventually end. And in fact towards the end of the month something starts to improve and you yourself feel a little better, more relaxed and less susceptible.

However, February could be really busy, so try your best.


In February you especially know what is important and what matters in your relationship. That is why you should occasionally ignore the little things and concentrate on the essentials: These are the security, the reliability, the beautiful moments that you associate with your partner.


There are interesting opportunities on the job in February and thanks to Mars you can be incredibly convincing when something is important to you: At the right moment you will find exactly the right words to represent your concern, professionally and privately. By the way, you also know how to organize your everyday life so that there is still enough free time.

Scorpio and Work

Beware of confusion, to correctly evaluate people, circumstances and strategies.

February will not be an easy month, but with some forethought, you can get by even in this period, which perhaps not only offers you uncertainties and question marks.

Succeeding in what you want will probably not be easy at all, it will take commitment, effort, clarity, but nothing is impossible.

You will have to do what you do best (usually): be patient. Time works by your side.

Scorpio and Health

Nervousness and stress: here are the sworn enemies of well-being, which will really test you this month.

You will have to face each situation calmly, or you will end up further consuming your already scarce energies.

Be careful, never pull the rope and, at least in February, forget about the diet! Without exceeding, but pamper yourself a little.


February 3, 2021: You score with great suggestions.

February 22, 2021: You feel very secure.

February 25, 2021: Romantic feelings.

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