Scorpio Monthly Horoscope April 2021

What does the month bring you? Find out in the Scorpio Monthly Horoscope April 2021! Love horoscope for the sign Aries, prediction of your sign for the well-being and health of your body/mind.

A month of success

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Love

There is a sentimental mood with Venus. One or two tears can be suppressed without even knowing why. But please do not overwhelm your partner with too much sentimentalism. He could misunderstand and you don’t have an explanation.

Couple love horoscope

Jealousy, small resentments, family matters to be cleared up? Better to act now and not postpone anything.

In fact, as you will have understood, for a good part of April you will be able to face every problem with relative calm and reach an agreement more or less shared with your sweet half.

If eros is dozing, at the end of April you will be able to embrace certain sensations that you thought you had forgotten .

Unfortunately, however, together with the awakening of the senses, strong and contradictory emotions will return to the fore . Be careful!

Single love horoscope

For much of April, it doesn’t seem likely that anyone will catch your eye . Or, if it already exists, here you are lukewarm, or struggling with limiting external circumstances. More likely, however, to experience strong emotions at the end of April .

In the account, however, also include unexpected situations and even feelings, which could change, in a few cases radically, your expectations and your horizons. In short, better be careful, if you can tame the heart and passion.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Career

Dear Scorpio, Uranus promises in April that if you persevere, you will score across the board. This applies both professionally and privately. As soon as you are clear about what you want, you can march off. Confidently and persistently, you climb the steepest cliff bit by bit. At the end of the month it will continue so successfully, now Mars is by your side, who will give you the necessary endurance.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Health

Anyone struggling with cardiovascular problems should not overexert themselves, especially from the middle of the month. Regardless of whether it is professional or private, the body quickly reaches its limits. Listen to the warning signs and rest. This also applies to super athletes. So please don’t be ambitious!

Scorpio lucky days in April 2021

April 8, 2021: Watch out for your dreams. You have a message.

April 13, 2021: Play the lottery again.

April 18, 2021: You are very happy with your family.

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