Scorpio Horoscope


Scorpio Horoscope

from 23 October to 21 November

Scorpio is a sign of enterprise , a fearless nature driven by self-control and trust but ready for action when the moment calls for it.

The ruling Planet, Mars, gives the power with which this sign is enveloped, denoting the willingness to overcome obstacles. Scorpios are quiet, secretive in manner, observant.

Once engaged in action, they are determined, aggressive, and dominant, always ready to win a case. When they work for the good of others they reach high heights and are highly respected, but Scorpios, always self-satisfied, can become dominating and arrogant.

Those born under the sign of Scorpio show little interest in those who oppose it and it is not unusual for them to justify their actions without regard for the opposition. They are born fighters but their coldness under fire beats oppositions and adds further strength.

The sign of October: Scorpio

A reserved person, even if often seemingly sociable

Who are you

Intelligent, sharp, attentive. Nothing escapes your searching gaze! A tough guy with a sensitive heart . A woman who attracts , passionate and intense, but with a heart that has remained simple like a child’s . Sometimes unconventional: but in a subtle and very ironic way …

How to seduce Scorpio

Leaving you a little in suspense . With eroticism, of course. And a wise and well-balanced pinch between the two opposites of submission and arrogance. With character and personality , if forever. Simply piquing your curiosity, if it’s just for a moment. But all always with passion and a lot of greedy sensuality.

How to leave Scorpio

Very difficult to leave you! It is said that in reality those who escaped your clutches were forgiven only because you had already decided to leave them . In short, giving up is really a business. And if by chance you find yourself receiving a Two of Spades, you will never, ever forget it …

How do you betray

With the thought . Or with the body. With the imagination. With the heart or with the mind . With cunning and naivety. With torment and with pleasure. Come on, admit it: you hate and love betrayal . Sometimes even just as a tool (not acted) to make your partner jealous and keep him tied to you. If you care …  

What makes Scorpio angry

The stupidity. People who don’t use their heads . The bullying. Who attacks you. Woe to get nervous: you could eat the victim alive in one bite! The injustices , the wrongs, the abuses. Who betrayed you . Who lied to you. And not being able to do what you want: what anger!

What do Scorpio like

Understanding things. But all the way through . Like solving a puzzle, understanding a person’s real intentions, unmasking liars. Making love . Eat something that surprises your palate. Have fun. Having power: of all kinds . It can be seductive power. Or the power to spend, if you love money. Or the power to manipulate situations however you want. Or just have power over you.

What bores Scorpio

Insignificant people, lacking in thickness . Too much routine: You love your habits, but not too much that you don’t want to change them every now and then. Feelings without contradictions : unreal, in your eyes. Situations without nuances . People cut with the hatchet.

Scorpio X Factor

It is your ability to see beyond your nose , to understand reality in its hidden mechanisms . An innate talent that enables you to read people and situations as if they were open books . A precious gift to get by always and in any case, from work to love!

If Scorpio were a fruit


If Scorpio were an animal you would be


If Scorpio were a color

Blood red

If Scorpio were a recipe

Fillet with green pepper

Scorpio sign profile

Scorpio from October 24th to November 21st

Scorpio is an element of Water and this makes it an enigmatic sign.

Water is more receptive and introverted, but Scorpio is a Plutonian power-force. This is perhaps the reason why Scorpio is capable of great metamorphosis and rebirth. If we imagine it, we can see it on the shore of a lake contemplating the play of light and shadow.

You will find great love, mystery, sensitivity and feeling when you cross the depths of the mysterious Scorpio. A fixed nature makes Scorpio supportive of stability. Without positive energy, Scorpio can go to extremes.

Love can become the strongest passion that Scorpio has ever achieved , and obsessiveness and jealousy can overwhelm it. Independence brings balance.

The Scorpio with inner security can lead the partner to explore and remain receptive to their needs.

Scorpio characteristics

Scorpio from October 22 to November 22

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac . You shouldn’t take Scorpio lightly. Those born under this sign are deadly serious in their mission to learn about others. Those born under the sign of Scorpio focus on the beginnings and the ends , and are not afraid of both; they travel in a world that is black and white, with little use of gray.

Their curiosity is immense, which may be why they are very investigative. They know how to get to the deep sense of things. Scorpio is the symbol, and it is no coincidence. Many like Scorpio would gladly kill themselves rather than be killed, those born under this sign are the only ones who have ultimate control over their destiny.

Others may find this sign overbearing and self-destructive, but that is the beauty of Scorpio: it has tremendous regenerative powers, many like the real Scorpio can lose their tail and grow another one. Scorpios work so hard that by doing so they can feel satisfied with themselves every day.

They are intense and passionate and full of desires. Mars was the God of War in ancient Roman religion and the first ruler of Scorpio. When Pluto was discovered in the 20th century it was assigned to this sign. Pluto was the God of the Underworld, so combined with Mars, it gives the intense energy of Scorpio to the Earth.

Remember a loss today means an opportunity to win tomorrow. The associated element is water. Unlike the waves seen in the other signs, the best motto for Scorpio would be “the waters run deep”. Scorpios are as emotional as other Water Signs they just don’t show it . Their emotions are repressed, kept hidden. Beware of the Scorpio you hear passing by! It can be vindictive in an instant.

Those born under Scorpio are powerful and passionate , qualities that serve so much until they become self-indulgence or compulsion.

Scorpio loves competition in work and play, which is why they will succeed in sports and games. They have to have an opponent to make the game more fun. The colors of Scorpio? The Red and the Black.

When he falls in love he softens up a little and is loving and devoted to his beloved. He is lustful to the extreme, he needs to be concerned about his reproductive organs. The great strength of the Scorpio is in their passion, determination and motivation . A House of Power? Like no one.

Symbology of the Scorpio

All the symbols of Scorpio, from perfumes to stones and flowers

The Scorpio sign of water, Fixed, Feminine, Fullness of resources and renewal, ruled by Pluto and Mars.
Scorpio symbolizes the 8th house of the zodiac, which provides information about the deepest instinctual drives of the unconscious. The sign of Scorpio extends from degree 210 to degree 240.

Period:from 23 October to 21 November
Color:Black, deep red, purple
Planet:Pluto and Mars
Features:resourcefulness and renewal
Day of the week:Tuesday
Perfumes and essences:Cinnamon, Carnation
Lucky Number:8
Metal:Iron, Platinum
Flower:Aloe, dahlia, orchid, gladiolus, gardenia
Power stone:Hematite

Person of Scorpio

Positive and negative aspects of Scorpio


The Scorpio man and woman generally know what they want from life. He is a determined person . Bring it all to the end.

Scorpio is quite sincere , and hardly does not say what they think. When setting a goal, try to reach it directly.

Scorpio is brave. Not afraid of hard work. Obstacles don’t scare him. It continues until it reaches the preset one. He has a strong will .

While Scorpio may seem stiff and determined, on the inside they are often tender and loving. He cares a lot for others . He sincerely believes in all relationships. His feelings towards someone tend to last, he is a very deep person and not superficial.

Scorpio is someone who adheres to his principles no matter what happens. He is not deterred from the things he believes in.
Thanks to his positive forces, he can achieve happiness for himself and for those he loves.

He is a constructive person by nature. He often has a deep understanding of people and life in general.

He is a positive person who loves to win. He has many strengths and resources, change of all kinds brings the best of him.


Scorpio is hypersensitive. He often sees offenses where there are none. He feels that others don’t bother to recognize his virtues.

Scorpio can be arrogant and overbearing. His tactics for getting something are sometimes deviated. He doesn’t care too much about what others think.

If he feels an injustice has been done to him, he will do his best to take revenge . Scorpio often have a violent and aggressive temperament, and their interest in sex can be unbalanced or transgressive.

Friendly Profile Scorpio

Compatibility with other zodiac signs

The mysterious Scorpio can manage to be the best friend you’ve ever had or your worst enemy. The first rule of friendship with a Scorpio is that you never get over them. Their sting is strong, and they never forget a wrong right away.

That said, it’s easy to keep the friendship intact, and if you prove to him that you are at the center of your dedication, he will be a faithful companion. You will never know what is in his head, and you will never have a clue, but his secrets will fascinate you.

Scorpio doesn’t have many friends , but they stick to the ones they have. Friendship is not the most important thing in his life, but he will remain a company for a long time. Friendship with a Scorpio will always be full of surprises.

Best friends: Virgo, Capricorn.

Compatibility in friendship with Scorpio

Compatibility:Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces.
Affective Complex:Taurus, Scorpio.
Strong Attraction:Leo, Aquarius.
Incompatibility:Libra, Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius.

Romantic Scorpio Profile

Scorpio is determined, strong, has a great passion and finishes what starts.

Scorpio, positioned in the house of Sex , turns out to be a saint or a sinner. Those born under this tend to direct all their energies in one direction, that of emotional exploration, which encompasses both the sentimental and sexual spheres.

Scorpio possesses unerring intuition , which allows them to behave appropriately in almost any situation. Self-confident and endowed with a captivating charm, the sign of Scorpio always knows the way by which to get what they need.

Never try to compete with a Scorpio , with its sting it can cause very deep wounds.

Scorpio: Romance and Passion

The sign of Scorpio is endowed with a strong magnetic power that guarantees him a certain luck on a sentimental level. He is looking for the person who drags him into an overwhelming love story, who can make him touch the sky with a finger.

The Scorpio in love radiates an overwhelming passion ; moments of absolute equilibrium will follow in bright tones, each moment will still be lived with absolute intensity.

The influence of the planets Mars and Pluto determines his particular warrior nature. The ideal partner is the one who manages to keep his aggressive and passionate nature in check.

Scorpio and Relationships

Endowed with a very strong personality , the sign of Scorpio cannot bear the idea that someone can keep him under control. In the typical dynamics of a romantic relationship, this need for independence can create conflicting situations.

Sex, money and power, these are the prerogatives of the Scorpio : a love relationship capable of satisfying these needs will be greeted with extreme pleasure.

Strong and determined, Scorpio wants to choose only the best for himself, therefore be careful, because even in the choice of the partner he is very demanding.

Scorpio: Love and Eros

The sexual prowess of the Scorpio sign is legendary.

Scorpio and Love

When the Scorpio I know finds himself engaged in a sentimental relationship , his attitude takes on particularly sensual connotations, in a nutshell it is difficult to resist his charm.

The relationship is always lived in an intense way , in every moment of the day, and of the night, the Scorpio will know how to make you live moments of pure passion. The lover who manages to bring to the surface the true feelings that hide under the lively and exuberant appearance of the Scorpio, will be rewarded by a generous, devoted and deeply romantic person.

Scorpio and Sex

Among the signs of the Zodiac, Scorpio is certainly the one who lives the sexual experience in the most intense way . The sexual abilities of the Scorpio are quite well known; those who feel the need to let themselves be carried away by the passion of intense sexual activity , must do nothing but throw themselves into the arms of someone born under the sign of Scorpio.

Gifted with a particularly active libido, he loves to cause pleasure on a sexual level, just as he loves to receive it . The ideal lover must be able to sustain his rhythms, even better if he can further stimulate him with games that he does not yet know!

The Needs of the Scorpio

Scorpio feels uncomfortable when he sees that everything around him remains static and boring. He always needs to be stimulated by situations, arousal is a fundamental component for his emotional stability.

Scorpio always wants the best around, consequently all winning people, with a strong charisma and great vitality are welcome. Furthermore, the person at his side must be intelligent, receptive, and must be able to sustain his rhythms which are, in every situation, very fast.

Scorpio does not like to be judged for his behavior, consequently the people close to him must always be very understanding, even when his attitude seems totally out of place.

Seduction Scorpio sign

Secrets to seduce and conquer a Scorpio

How to seduce him …

… behave in a simple and natural way. Scorpio has a special attraction for simple and authentic things

… do not hide anything from your Scorpio, not even the most extreme fantasies, he will put himself at your disposal for everything.

… stimulates your senses with refined linen and perfumed essences. Scorpio will know how to reciprocate you with unforgettable moments

… get ready for anything: you will be projected into one of the most intense and exciting experiences of your life.

… You appear as much ‘soap and water’ as possible whenever you are in the presence of your Scorpio. Appreciate natural sex appeal or what it feels like.

… Be ready and willing to tell in detail your fantasies and your smallest dirty secrets.

… Share everything: he will want to know your little wishes and put them into practice with you.

… Throw yourself in: you will enter the deepest and most intense relationship you have ever imagined. Your Scorpio will be the most passionate partner you have ever known.

To Avoid …

… don’t accuse him of infidelity or insensitivity. Scorpio is one of the most reliable signs in the Zodiac, and will take these accusations as a personal insult.

… don’t tease his jealousy with provocative attitudes. Scorpio could show the worst of themselves by assuming extremely possessive attitudes.

… don’t criticize her sexual performance. Scorpio is famous for his skill in the art of love, and he is very proud of his reputation.