Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility: Do the zodiac signs match?

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility - Scorpio compatibility - horoscope today

Scorpio and Scorpio – love-hate relationship

It can sparkle and crash between two Scorpios … Read more in the partner horoscope

Scorpio and Scorpio – it can sparkle and crash between them. Read here what the partner horoscope still reveals about Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility.

Scorpios are passionate and sensual zodiac signs. With this combination, it doubles! This is probably why they fall in love so often. But not everything is rosy in this regard, warns the partner horoscope.

Scorpios are also known to be jealous and suspicious. If two come together, these properties are also doubled in their power. And above all towards each other.

This couple may not stay together for too long. If so, there is both love and suffering in the relationship. But Scorpios seem to get along well with it, says the partner horoscope. For them it is almost an elixir of life. No one can take time without the other for too long. Nobody is particularly willing to compromise. It’s a real love-hate relationship.

Sex and passion are not neglected either. Some astrologers believe in the so-called old karmic “guilt” in this combination. Both put their relationship in second place despite the violent feelings. It’s different when it comes to raising children, for example. Because offspring usually arrive quickly with this couple.

Like and like don’t always like to join. The initial phase is often almost euphoric – you admire each other and can hardly believe your luck. But everyday life also comes into this relationship. And that’s where the first difficulties arise. Both partners sometimes need space from each other in order to develop successfully.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility : Your personal love secret

You don’t need more similarities than what you already have, rather cultivate the small differences.

Two intense, sensitive and jealous people meet here. This can lead to an extremely deep partnership, but it can also degenerate into a relentless love-hate relationship.

The desire for uncompromising love can take all forms in two Scorpios. Most of the time, however, the partners can plunge into physical passion and so don’t have to fight each other for supremacy.

Nevertheless, both can easily see each other’s mistakes and their sting can become a mutual exchange of blows. But Scorpios love the challenge and can also develop a deep understanding of one another over time. When power games and distrust are done away with, this partnership has every chance of lasting, intense love. But this relationship always remains a challenge somehow.

Character properties of partners

The Scorpio in the partnership

In the partnership, Scorpio is jealous and passionate. Affectionate and loyal in the relationship. The partner must have depth and spirit. Will and feeling are often at odds with each other in Scorpio and he usually exerts an imperceptible influence on his fellow human beings.

Eroticism takes up a lot of space. He is straightforward with sympathies and antipathies. Feelings for a partner often persist, even when they are disappointed. Yet love and hate are close together. It’s just that Scorpio doesn’t do anything halved. Right or not, that’s Scorpio.

The Scorpio woman

The Scorpio woman loves intense men with strong emotions. He should also be well versed in passion and lust. The intensity of the Scorpio woman can put off men. So a man has to have inner security and a certain strength or size.

The Scorpio man

The opposite sex is also slightly afraid of a Scorpio man because he appears with a straightforwardness that can make one very insecure. Will this man be able to be withstood? If he has decided on a woman, he loves completely and can be very jealous because of that.

Scorpio man and Scorpio woman in the partner horoscope

If the Scorpio man has chosen a Scorpio woman as a partner, it should be to the advantage of both that no one shrinks from the other with his direct manner. But sometimes that can also be a challenge.

Because the natural distrust of the Scorpio does not stop at the partner either. Because of this, both will repeatedly fight power struggles that must first be fought out in order to find a common denominator.

Scorpio woman and Scorpio man in love horoscope

In love, eroticism is just as important for the Scorpio woman as it is for the Scorpio man. However, both will have to be careful when making love to reduce their own dominant behavior a little in favor of the partner.

But both partners will be loyal to each other in the love relationship. There is no compromise option for either the Scorpio woman or the Scorpio man. Either completely or not at all is the motto.

The zodiac signs Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility in the relationship

Scorpio and Scorpio literally plunge into a relationship when they are sure that they have found the right partner. However, their longing for uncompromising love can quickly be damaged by their distrust.

Again and again they will incite each other and question everything. It will therefore take a while until you have cleared all misunderstandings out of the way and can open up to your partner.

The zodiac signs Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility in friendship

If Scorpio and Scorpio are friends with each other, it will always be about sincerity to one another. Because even at this level, this zodiac sign will not make any lazy compromises.

If the friend is worth it, the Scorpio will be helpful and loyal to your side. However, he will never completely disregard his own advantage.

Make it or brake it

Two natives of the same sign usually understand each other. Yet, when it comes to two Scorpios, they will certainly understand each other, but they will not get along . Attracted to each other, their complex personalities risk driving them away little by little. Whatever their relationship, be it friendly, professional or loving, their temperament risks making them go from moments of extreme complicity and harmony to others of furious quarrels and clashes.

The union of two complex personalities

Love affinity : ♥ ♥

Risk : love and hate

Strength : they look alike and understand each other

Tip : don’t be afraid of confrontation

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility: the secret to a long-lasting relationship

Scorpio loves the challenge. Complicated and passionate relationships excite him, he doesn’t hesitate to question himself. They usually live in turbulent relationships, studded with quarrels, breakups, breaks and very affectionate and heartfelt reconciliations. The glue between these two signs is without a doubt the physical attraction and their unparalleled complicity under the sheets. Yet it is precisely their emotional and instinctive character that risks cracking their relationship: the outbursts of jealousy are part of their daily life.

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