Planet Venus in Astrology – The Planet of love and money

Planet Venus in Astrology - The Planet of love and money - horoscope today

Planet Venus in Astrology

Venus, as has been known since ancient times, is the planet dedicated to love but not only, also to feelings, pleasures and aesthetic beauty. The positive qualities emanating from Venus are charm, seduction but also cordiality and kindness; the defects that are instead attributed to Venus are linked to vanity, narcissism, superficiality and lust. In mythology, Venus is related to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, goddess of love and sexuality.

As for the influence within the zodiac, the signs corresponding to Venus are Libra and Taurus. In fact, Libra is very linked to the planet of Venus: it is a sign that cares a lot about elegance, charm and both physical and mental balance. The Taurus lives everything very passionately, passion is one of the key characteristics of his sign.

VenusVenus regulates love at 360 degrees: from passion to deepest feelings, from marriage to friendship which can certainly be considered a form of love. Venus is a planet capable of delivering happiness, tenderness, understanding, joy but also fun and attraction. The charm emanating from Venus is absolutely unique and distinctive. Attraction is strongly influenced by Venus. The aforementioned planet also influences the aspect of art, from music to dance through literature and theater. Aesthetics, beauty, charm are influenced by Venus. On the negative side, Venus influences the zodiac signs in the aspects of self-centeredness, of lust and sometimes they make those born under the signs influenced by snobbish Venus appear.

The planet of Venus takes about 225 days to complete its orbit within the Zodiac and is the second planet in the solar system and the one whose orbit is closest to Earth’s.

Venus is the brightest of the planets, seen at dusk and dawn. In ancient times, precisely because it shone so much, Venus was considered a star; its light exceeded even that of Sirius. The surface of Venus appears to be covered with thick, very white new ones, which prove to be reflectors of sunlight. It is about the same size as the Earth and has a very high temperature that is around 460 °. The foam of the sea, that is the goddess Aphrodite, in Latin also known as Venus, influences the “sensitive” areas of sexuality, the female genitals, ie ovaries, veins and even kidneys and metabolism as far as the human body is concerned.

Venus influences the signs on the basis of very profound aspects of sexuality and the love side ; as for the water signs, Venus influences them in the deepest side of emotionality and feelings; as far as the signs of air are concerned, Venus acts on the whole part of understanding, of complicity, of relationships understood as relationships. Turning to the earth signs, Venus acts on the aspects of the safety of the relationship, on the trust of the partner, on the solidity of the couple. Finally, as far as the fire signs are concerned, Venus influences the most sensual and sexual part, the passion.

The taste for beauty and the search for lasting happiness are fueled by Venus that moves like a very feminine planet and full of an erotic charge that should not be underestimated. In summary, Venus can certainly be defined as the planet of attraction and falling in love.

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