Planet Uranus in Astrology – The Planet of Rebellion

Planet Uranus in Astrology - The Planet of Rebellion - horoscope today

Planet Uranus in Astrology

What would our life be without intuitions? This seems to be saying the planet Uranus! Uranus is the planet of the sixth sense, of extrasensory abilities, of otherworldly experiences, of everything related to mysticism but also the transcendental. It moves in the field of perceptions, sensations, of everything associated with what goes beyond reality. The corresponding sign of the planet Uranus is that of Aquarius.

The Aquarius is a very original sign in the zodiac, constantly changing, in constant change. It is the sign that most of all he needs discovery, to change the air often, to change his life often. Just like Uranus who always tries to add something to the meaning of each of us, who is always looking for something different, unique and innovative.

Uranus disciplines everything concerning creativity, innovation, inventiveness. Those who are in the influence of the planet Uranus are affected by its genius, intelligence but also an extreme sense of independence. He does not like ties, he does not discipline relationships but the “extra” aspects of the person. It does not deal with relationships between people but with the potential of each of us. The aspects that go beyond the common.

The risk is to exceed in eccentricity, to exceed in the purest extravagance and to lose the solidity that binds us to the affections of our life. The influence of the planet can give a sense of excitement but also of impatience and nervousness very eye-catching. Just nervousness affects the part of our human body linked to the nervous system. Uranus deals precisely with this side.

Uranus is an opening towards the unusual, the unusual, the unknown. It is the seventh planet in the solar system and therefore completes a revolution around the Sun in about 84 years. Greek mythology saw Uranus as the God of Heaven. Companion and son of Gaea, that is the earth, father of Saturn, of the Titans and also of the Cyclops. Uranus is also considered to be the first of the modern planets.

Uranus also symbolizes a discovery of all that is different and courageous, but also a discovery of oneself, of one’s own cultural roots. Uranus pushes us to always act according to our inclinations, not to be influenced by anyone. Invites us to express the attitudes of each of us, to show off their abilities. Uranus is a very special planet, it also symbolizes progress, the inevitable unstoppable progress.

Uranus since ancient times was a very incestuous mythological representation, much “beyond” the consonant. The planet reflects precisely this God. It reflects the desire to emancipate oneself, to impose oneself only thanks to one’s own will. It is also connected to everything concerning science fiction, the desire to travel the world (and also to go beyond the land we know), to be fulfilled in all respects in a way different from the usual, different from the usual.

When you are “affected” by the planet of Uranus, what is evident is precisely the desire to demonstrate all those sides of ourselves that have been kept silent for too long, not to be afraid of the judgment of others but to prove self-confident, strong in one’s own convictions. Never be discouraged by the polemical and sterile judgment of others. To be free.

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