The Planet Sun in Astrology: The planet of the Ego

The Planet Sun in Astrology The planet of the Ego - horoscope today

The Planet Sun in Astrology

The Planet Sun in astrology represents the first and also one of the most important planets in the solar system. It represents the energy, the life of each of us. The position of the Sun in the horoscope determines the zodiac sign and related characteristics. So when the sun is in the “band” of Aries and you were born in that period and automatically you are of the sign of Aries and so on …

As we have already seen in the introductory part on the meaning of the planets in astrology, the sun is a luminary and from the astrological point of view, it is also considered a planet. It travels about one degree a day within the Zodiac and then ends its full path throughout the year touching all the various constellations. The position of the sun, together with that of the other planets, undoubtedly influences the person’s way of being.

As they say in astrology, the sun has its domicile in the sign of Leo and is exalted in the sign of Aries . What does this mean? In astrology, domicile is the strength that each planet acquires when it is in a zodiac sign that respects its qualities. So in this case the heat, the heat emanating from the Sun is reflected in Leo, a sign of fire, a sign full of warm and rampant energy. The domicile also strengthens the link between the zodiac sign and the star itself so the Sun heavily affects the zodiac sign of Leo, more than all other signs.

sun Furthermore, taking up the words of Ptolemy, the exaltation, which as regards the Sun is exalted in Aries, represents a “place” in which the nature and characteristics of the planet are in harmony with that precise sign. The exaltations always take place near the hinges of the zodiac and therefore with the change of season, for this reason particularly relevant are the spring equinox, the autumn equinox, the summer solstice and the winter solstice.

The sun represents the male part, it is the planet of the origin of the Ego and therefore it represents the person and above all it represents his focus, the heart. It contains the masculine energy that is in us, those characteristics and forces that push us to fight and carry out our projects. The sun also has the ability to represent the people who matter in our life, therefore the father, the husband, a particularly dear friend. It, therefore, represents a male person who has a profound influence on our life.

Moving on to some technical data, the Sun is a small to medium-sized star around which the eight main planets, the dwarf planets and even their satellites move and orbit. In the space around the sun, however, also the bodies considered minor as asteroids and comets move. The sun is made up mostly of hydrogen and helium. The sun precisely because it heats is synonymous with light, life, heat, the exclusive symbol of human existence.

The power of the sun is very strong, it is the planet of the Ego, the planet of ourselves, of our way of being ourselves within the world. The life force of the sun cannot be wasted and for this very reason the influence of the sun is almost exclusively seen as positive. Bringer of success and strength.

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