Planet Saturn in Astrology – Planet of Karma

Planet Saturn in Astrology - Planet of Karma - horoscope today

Planet Saturn in Astrology

Saturn represents our perception of reality, it represents the resistance of each of us and also the desire to discover the limits. Saturn is based on every single moral conception imbued in our personality, it represents conscience, obedience but also the ability to make compromises. Saturn is not only the planet of choices but also of coherence, concentration, endurance but above all of having to come to terms with one’s life if you want to survive by living in a dignified manner.

Saturn, just like Mars, was originally a deity from the agricultural world. The Romans dedicated a cheerful and festive feast to Saturn, very funny. The planet of Mars is linked to Capricorn, a very stable sign capable of wavering but never getting lost. Mars is a planet linked to stability but also to reason, to the ability to make coherent and not always easy decisions.

Symbolically it is related to perseverance, spirit and personal satisfaction. Saturn seems to mean “accept compromises but in the end carve out a space for your satisfactions, for your desires”. Saturn is a very spiritual planet but at the same time mental, it is linked to concentration, discipline, rigor. Just as the Capricorn symbol demonstrates: deeply proud, he never goes back on his own path and when he does it costs him a lot, a lot of effort.

Planet Saturn in astrology, Saturn influences the more spiritual sides of our character but not only: Saturn also disciplines the experiences of each of us, our limits, our fears, our dreams. When Saturn is in the water signs, it affects the emotional sphere and in this case it is not very positive as it affects the sense of frustration, of “pain”.

Saturn in the earth signs, on the other hand, influences the “safety” department of life while in the air signs the social sphere and personal relationships are touched. Finally, as far as the fire signs are concerned, Saturn is linked to the most frustrating part, to the threats to which each of us is subjected, to the efforts of every day, to the efforts of a lifetime.

In ancient times, as we have already mentioned, Saturn is represented as the God of agriculture according to the Romans, God Cronos for the Greeks. It symbolizes precisely the renunciations, limitations, privations of the individual but also that sense of interiority that each of us needs. The difficulties of life are always present as well as the circles that distinguish the planet of Saturn. The loneliness grips the individual.

Saturn is believed to be a semi-slow planet just like Jupiter. It indicates a deep sense of realism and stability, and the motion of semi-slow planets is for the most part direct, but with rather long retrogradation periods. It takes Saturn about 29 and a half years to go around the zodiac. In each sign of the zodiac, Saturn stops for a long time.

The positive characteristics of a solid, concrete, inner planet like Saturn are awareness and stability but also a sense of realism. The negative characteristics of Saturn instead are the extermination of the positive ones. What do we mean? Excess of seriousness and wisdom, fear of launching into new situations. Sometimes the influence of Saturo also instills a sense of coldness. Saturn regulates bones and skin.

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