Planet Pluto in Astrology – The planet of force and deep

Planet Pluto in Astrology - The planet of force and deep - horoscope today

Planet Pluto in Astrology

Pluto is the last of the transpersonal planets and is seen as the planet that symbolically represents death, an uncomfortable truth, a definitive situation. For this reason, it is often seen as a negative planet but in reality Pluto does not represent only a sense of loss. Pluto affects our way of dealing with power, of approaching decisions, of behaving in one way or another. The focus of a planet like that of Pluto, however, is to move slowly but surely. It also represents a life process, a regenerative process, an epochal change. Rebirth or death. Rebirth and death.

The main qualities of Pluto’s influence within the zodiac are certainly innate and strong magnetism. It is impossible to resist Pluto, it is impossible to resist its charm, the inner strength it exudes. The defects of the influence of such a demanding and particular planet are certainly cruelty and a latent depression. Those born with the influence of Pluto, if not controlled, can have problems of masochism and sadism.

Planet Pluto in astrology, Pluto is inextricably linked to Scorpio, a very subtle zodiac sign that knows how to assert itself. It is usually associated, as part of the body, with the genital and reproductive organs but also the mind and the unconscious have their own influence. In fact, Pluto, an agricultural divinity but also linked to the world of hell, is represented in mythology as the lord of Hades, in which he reigns together with Proserpina, the Greek goddess Persephone.

Pluto’s orbit is truly immense, in fact, it covers complete motion in 248 years and over 155 days. Generally it is thought that being the farthest from the Earth it is the least interesting planet and of which one feels less influence but instead it is not quite so! As we have seen in the initial part, in fact, Pluto is a very demanding planet that gives a sort of dynamism and activity, but never underestimate the influence of Pluto! In fact, it seems to be a quiet and peaceful planet but instead it also influences the ambition, the choices and above all the way of living one’s life.

Pluto has a certain potential for turning and influencing even for all those who believe in something beyond death, in reincarnation, in a new vision of their own existence. Pluto therefore affects different aspects of life, as well as the concept of life itself. From sexuality and from one’s way of living emotional situations, love relationships, passing through the vital force that is in each of us. Pluto affects the personality, making a person insecure or much more self-confident. It acts in the depths and for this reason, it is a planet to be taken into consideration.

Often underestimated, the planet Pluto is actually very subtle, deep but also influential. In fact, if we think of the concept of death, it is comparative to that of life. Finally, Pluto is not only seen as an individual but also a collective planet. Its energy, be it negative or positive, influences and immediately unravels on the mass and therefore on the wider community. Pluto is seen as a mysterious force that acts in our unconscious, as an impulse that pushes to a decisive change, such as the need, the need to change. Death and rebirth.

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