Planet Neptune in Astrology – The planet of illusion

Planet Neptune in Astrology - The planet of illusion - horoscope today

Planet Neptune in Astrology

Neptune is the eighth planet of the solar system, in reference to the sun. It is the fourth-largest planet in terms of diameter and the third if the calculation is made on the mass. How does the zodiac affect the planet Neptune? First of all it is very linked to its almost twin planet Uranus. Dedicated as the name can well presage to Neptune, God of the Sea, it is considered a slow planet because it takes well over 164 years to complete a complete circle around the earth.

In each sign of the zodiac, Neptune stays about 14 years. A very interesting goal! It is also considered a generational planet because its influences not only affect the single person but also the entire generation, even considering how much it stops in each single zodiac sign and for this reason its contribution and influence is very slow but solid and deep.

Only Pluto beats it as slowness, in fact Neptune takes 164 years to complete a complete rotation around the zodiac. Neptune if possible elevates even more the extra-sensory nature of a planet like Uranus. In fact, Neptune influences the most subtle and particular aspects of the human being, those linked to attitudes, to inspiration but sometimes it also arouses a sense of loss, the lack of links with reality and concreteness. Neptune, also known as Poseidon, ruled over the seas, oceans and everything that had to do with aquatic environments.

Obviously, the sign linked to Neptune could only be that of Pisces, a sign linked to the arts, especially to dance and painting. The Pisces are born dreamers, they love to keep their ideals firmly and why not, they also know how to carve out a moment to enjoy their imagination, to rely on their own reveries. Neptune can be defined as the planet of fantasy, of sensitivity but also of instinct.

Neptune is a crazy and brilliant planet but also an emotional, sensitive one, linked to the energy that resides in each of us. However, we must not exaggerate but measure the influence of the planet Neptune well, never block one’s energy but not even bring it to extremization. Neptune is a personal planet, which immediately acts on the most hidden and intimate aspects of each of us. It also invites us to rediscover our spirituality, our creed.

Neptune has a very conspicuous influence, as we have already mentioned, on the arts. From television to dance, to writing to theater, cinema, fashion, those who are part of the world of entertainment and entertainment must believe in the planet of Neptune, their “protector”. As we have seen, the sign of Pisces is well-linked with this area but certainly, Neptune has its own link also with the other signs of the zodiac,

Neptune, as regards the health aspect, regulates the epiphysis gland, the cytoplasm, the lymphatic system and all viruses and infectious diseases are connected to it. In addition, Neptune also seems to govern diseases such as drug addiction, alcoholism and problems related to seasickness, accidents and everything related to the water sector. Problems related to insomnia and mental health are also linked to Neptune.

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