Planet Moon in Astrology – Regulator of Emotions

Planet Moon in Astrology - Regulator of Emotions - horoscope today

Planet Moon in Astrology

The Moon is the closest planet to Earth and for this reason, it moves quickly within the zodiac. In fact, it completes its tour in less than a month. The Moon greatly influences the spirit of every single human being but how? The Sun represents life, while the Moon represents the soul. Everything about mood changes, the feelings we have towards others, emotions, our “sentimental” way of living life depends on the Moon.

The Moon therefore represents the most introspective, the most intimate part of each of us. It governs feelings and is absolutely the “feminine” side of ourselves. It is linked to our sense and memory of childhood, to motherhood, to the important female figures for us… first of all that of the mother. The moon also governs aspects of fertility, the sense of family, the way in which one relates to the male sex, in a certain sense also the way of understanding and living one’s sexuality. In the human body, the Moon could only be connected to the breast and the female reproductive organs.

The domicile of the Moon is in the sign of Cancer, which as we have already understood is one of the zodiac signs most linked to tradition, to its roots, to its history. For Cancer, there is no aspect more important than their family. The Moon therefore represents, in addition to the family sign, also that of home, an environment where you can live and meet with your loved ones.

The position of the Moon, at the moment of birth, is really very important because it defines the most sensitive and profound aspects of the character, together with the characteristics already given by the important and specular sign of the Sun. The position of the Moon also has an importance in the role of the ‘ affinity pair, since the emotional impact on the understanding of the couple and of his intimacy.

The exaltation of the Moon occurs in the sign of Taurus and as the same term indicates that we have already had the opportunity to explain, the exaltation amplifies both the positive and negative qualities of the zodiac sign that is indelibly linked to that planet. Therefore the zodiac sign of Taurus is strongly influenced by the Moon and its characteristics are even more enhanced by the classic aspects of the Moon.

Some technical data before concluding regarding the Moon. The Moon makes an elliptical orbit which is completed every 27 days and almost 8 hours (7 hours and 43 minutes). It is a planet that moves fast, very instinctive, visceral, which pushes you to live life following your own aptitudes and will. So, in summary, if the Sun has a substantial influence on Leo and his sign is just that, the Moon has an equally powerful influence on the astrological sign of Cancer.

The mutability of the Moon, its always direct motion, its so preponderant and evident femininity, the feelings that change precisely under the influence of the Moon, the importance of the Moon in the zodiac is really very relevant. It is the equivalent of the Sun, where the Sun is yang, the Moon is yin.

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