Planet Mercury in Astrology – The Planet Of Communication

Planet Mercury in Astrology - The Planet Of Communication - horoscope today

Planet Mercury in Astrology

Mercury is the planet dedicated to the intellect, intelligence and highly mental aspects of the individual. Mercury is the planet dedicated to communication, logic and also reasoning. Mercury affects the individual in the way of thinking, in the rational process of every human being. The energy of a planet like Mercury is therefore very subtle and psychological but able to insinuate itself in a way that is not always and only positive. It depends on how it is used and what influence there is within the zodiac.

Mercury, in order of distance from the Sun, is the first planet in the solar system and can be defined as a small planet. Mercury’s appearance is very similar to that of the Moon. How does Mercury affect a zodiac sign? Certainly on the aspects of logic but also on movement and sociability. Thanks to the influence of Mercury a person can be defined as deep or superficial, introverted or sociable, turned and predisposed to communication or not.

The correspondence with the human body can only be with the brain and especially the left cerebral hemisphere. Mercury has an effect and connection with the nervous system as well. Other parts of the body that are somewhat affected by Mercury are the lungs and upper limbs.

The signs ruled by Mercury are two: Gemini and Virgo. Gemini is characterized by a very strong and acute intelligence, a rational spirit but those born under this sign are also deeply intuitive.

Furthermore, Gemini are excellent communicators, they love to form relationships with others, they know when to turn to the right people at the right times. As for Virgo, the other sign-in which Mercury has a domicile, there is the reverse of the coin as although very intelligent, those born Virgo are also critical and always ready for controversy. They have a lashing intelligence which, however, cannot always be loved, it is not always understood by others.

The sign-in which Mercury is found influences the quality of intelligence specifically: in the signs of water, Mercury influences the intelligence in an emotional way, the one devoted to feelings and relationships; in the air signs, Mercury influences intelligence in a very conceptual way, almost in an ethereal and abstract way; Mercury influences the intelligence in the fire signs in an intuitive way, the sagacity and the ability to understand things instinctively, directly. Finally, in the earth signs, intelligence is influenced by Mercury in a very practical way, in its most logical and direct form.

Summarizing, therefore, Mercury influences the ability to act, learn, know and manage relationships. Mercury affects the functions of the mind and intelligence. It is related to language and the ability to communicate and express; Mercury was in fact the messenger of the gods, the one who carried and delivered orders.

The messenger function of the gods also moves in the territory of intuition and communication. In mythology, finally, we conclude by recalling that Mercury is Hermes, is a Greek deity recognized for wit and intelligence. Hermes was able to devise many tricks to achieve his goals. Hermes was also the messenger of the gods, the one who had the task of dialoguing with human beings in the communication relationship of human beings. Hermes is depicted with winged shoes, precisely because to play the role of messenger one had to be fast but also intelligent.

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