Planet Mars in Astrology – The Planet of Passion

Planet Mars in Astrology - The Planet of Passion - horoscope today

Planet Mars in Astrology

The red planet, that is Mars, expresses the determination, the fighting side of each of us. Not for nothing, since ancient times, Mars has been defined as the planet of war. Mars therefore invites you to take your life in hand, to act immediately, to live following your own thoughts and decisions, not someone else’s.

Mars is a deeply energetic planet and its energy can be constructive or even totally destructive. Mars can be sweet and comforting or violent and threatening. The planet of war, therefore, affects the signs of the zodiac in the most visceral side, in acting directly, in sedating or igniting discussions. Resistance or departure? Action or reflection? Mars is not only linked to very strong forces but dominates two stubborn and stubborn signs such as Aries and Scorpio. How does it act on these two signs? With audacity, pushing as high as possible, courage and decision. The downside of Mars is aggression, the violence linked to these two signs, in particular, but which can also affect the other zodiac signs.

Mars can immediately be connected to blood, muscles and even the male genitals. These are the parts of the body that are connected to the planet of Mars. Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system and is commonly represented as having a red-orange rocky surface. Bright though rather small in size, Mars can be easily observed. The full rotational motion of Mars lasts almost two years and therefore remains in one sign for roughly two months.

Above all linked to very masculine factors, Mars is synonymous with energy and combativeness but also with popularity… in the sense that a leader is usually very influenced by the planet Venus.

In mythology, Mars was known as Ares, son of Zeus and Hera, the god of war. From childhood, he was educated in the art of warfare and combat. He was bold, arrogant but also capable and tenacious. His conquests were as warlike as they were amorous. He had three children from Aphrodite then Venus and Mars as you can well understand are as associable as the Moon and the Sun are complementary planets. The courage of Ares, the skill in the art of war, the ability to drag the masses, to be an opinion leader.

In astrology, as we said, Mars is deeply connected to Venus and therefore when Venus acts on the affective and loving side, Mars acts on the impetus, on the courage, on the action. A balance between movement, action and thought. How is the aggression of Mars managed within the zodiac?

When found in the water signs, Mars affects impulses and the most immediate and visceral sensitivity; when in the air signs, the individual will exploit his persuasion abilities and his audacity, his spirit of action and his ability to persuade and persuade; when it is in the fire signs, Mars affects strength, courage. Finally, when in the earth signs, Mars affects determination and tenacity, on the more solid and strong side. Mars is a planet with a deep attractive force, it is impossible not to be fascinated by the red planet.

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