Planet Jupiter in Astrology – The Planet of Fortune

Planet Jupiter in Astrology - The Planet of Fortune - horoscope today

Planet Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It emits a dazzling energy that probably comes from within itself. It takes about 12 years to carry out a complete rotation of the zodiac and therefore in each of them there remains about a year. Who was Jupiter in ancient times? Protector of ancient Rome, he blessed the warriors but also had the power to punish them, he knew how to dose praise and punishment with extreme skill. Jupiter is the Greek equivalent of the Greek god Zeus.

The sign that is represented by the planet of Jupiter is that of Sagittarius. What did we understand from this sign? Deeply interesting, intelligent, sharp. In fact, Jupiter rules learning, intelligence, study, knowledge. It is a substantially positive planet and able to “dose” optimism but it is also profoundly loyal and just. The planet of Jupiter is in fact seen as an intellectual and physical force. It stimulates justice, acting with loyalty, following the process of truth. As we have seen from the sign of Sagittarius, the planet of Jupiter, however, is also very hard-fought, not very serene. Genius is never relaxing.

Jupiter is the planet of research, of self-discovery, of philosophy. It is also seen as the planet of growth understood as development. As a path of growth not only physical but above all spiritual and intellectual. Jupiter is considered a semi-slow planet and is positioned precisely in the range of realization not only professional but also of life.

What is the teaching of the planet Jupiter? To let go of the small details, the waste of time and money but immediately aim for concreteness. Forget the meaningless details to immediately aim for a well-defined path of development, conquering more and more solid territory. Jupiter teaches us to aim for a perspective, to identify our goals and to commit ourselves in every way to achieve them.

When the planet Jupiter is in the water signs it tries to generate a sense of optimism, of confidence in its potential. Jupiter in the water signs influences the emotional side. As for the earth signs, Jupiter instills concreteness, instills solidity, invites you to deeply commit to your work, rediscover the professional but also the private potential of each of you. The air signs, in Jupiter, need a push, a confirmation, a reassurance. They need contact, an intellectual confrontation. Finally, for the signs of fire, the planet Jupiter requires to overcome any problems, to overcome any obstacle.

Jupiter is therefore considered a beneficial planet, able to govern the sense of justice rather than luck. Since ancient times it has been considered a just planet, a planet able to be balanced and above all to define the sense of correct and incorrect, good and bad. What does the position of Jupiter in the birth chart mean? In fact, it highlights the benefits that each person receives at birth to achieve their goals, their balance and their own sense of happiness, serenity and inner satisfaction. The sense of the “achievement” of something important and definitive is very marked in the planet of Jupiter. Continuous development as the key to happiness.

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