Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility: Do the zodiac signs match?

Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility_ Do the zodiac signs match - horoscope today

Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility – a relationship fireworks!

Pisces & Aquarius are different. But that’s what makes it so appealing! Read here what the partner horoscope still reveals about Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility.

The development of this relationship is exciting. Because many similarities and differences collide with one another. Relationship fireworks are inevitable! The partner horoscope explains why.

The zodiac signs Pisces and Aquarius have one thing in common: They are “world refugees”. Typical fish have a rich inner world. She likes to perfect her dreams and they are often more colorful than the real world. They like to live in their castle in the air and don’t necessarily want to get out of there. They are not bored on their own, because their dreams keep them busy.

Aquarius likes to stand out and just doesn’t want to be average. He’s too confident for that. Basically, that’s not bad. The only danger is that this pronounced self-confidence will eventually turn into an ego cult . This extroverted zodiac sign likes to seek out new contacts, he is also ready for a love relationship.

So both differ in their attitudes towards life. Aquarius is very much anchored in the “here and now”. Pisces are much more relaxed about the present because they also believe in a life “after”. This can lead to arguments between Pisces and Aquarius.

Every sign of the zodiac unconsciously has a great “idea” of how a partnership should work. If the partner’s decisions do not correspond to this idea, reproaches arise. It can even happen that one feels “betrayed”. So communication is important to this relationship. Don’t let the arguments discourage you. Because once you sort out your problems, there is harmony.

Pisces are a watermark, and Aquarius is associated with the element air. When the two of them come together, it becomes like champagne. Pleasant and sparkling!

Partner horoscope “Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility” – your personal secret of love:

Allow enough space for your differences to unfold. Because they make a relationship exciting!

Here two beings who are not very keen on everyday life are connected. Aquarius with its spiritual ideal world and Pisces with its emotionally flowing world do not complement each other very well – according to the definition.

It is easy for the partners to misunderstand each other. Clear communication between them is particularly important. Which of the two is responsible for everyday duties will probably have to be redefined and discussed again and again.

Aquarius is a conceptual and spiritual principle and Pisces is a principle that wants to get lost in feelings and dissolve. Ideally, the Pisces partner will be able to emotionally inspire the Aquarius, and the Aquarius will be able to convey more rationality to the Pisces partner. This can be very uplifting but also controversial, because the Aquarius thinks and the Pisces partner feels.

Aquarius cannot always understand the enormous amount of feelings that are inherent in the Pisces sign. The Pisces partner will hardly be able to grasp the conceptual truth of Aquarius with his feelings.

A functioning, good partnership between Aquarius and Pisces usually requires a certain maturity on the part of both partners so that they know how to deal with opposites and can accept each other for who they are.

Character properties of partners

Aquarius in a partnership

Aquarius is an individualist, a witty entertainer, often with wit and charm, but he always needs freedom and independence. He is actually a bit cool nature, but has great psychological understanding.

Due to strong peculiarities, he can feel lonely at times. Aquarius is more prone to kindness and friendship than passionate love. In any case, sexuality does not play THE crucial role. Narrowing is answered with separation.

Aquarius distances himself from the general, is for equality, emancipation and innovation. He always maintains his personal character, because the free and unconstrained feeling of personality must not be violated. Aquarius is the sign of covenants and friendships, and important: there should be no coercion between friends. Friends help shape the fate of Aquarius, so they have to choose the right friends.

The Aquarian woman

The Aquarian woman has a modern attitude, also unconventional in fashion. Often they are very relaxed natures who spread happiness. The partner has to appreciate his own circle of friends. This assumes the Aquarian woman, because her individuality is very important to her and she therefore also needs a certain freedom.

The Aquarius man

The male Aquarius often fascinates women due to his carefree and funny manner. First, however, the friendly framework is in the foreground, because Aquarius does not give up his freedom and self-determination so quickly. But once he has made up his mind, everything goes very quickly. He will never choose a spider monkey because he too needs a lot of freedom and self-determination.

Pisces in partnership

The fish man is basically a modest being who likes a life that is as homely as possible. He gets sympathy through his friendly and frugal manner. Compassion comes from the heart. The proverbial good-naturedness of the fish man also easily makes him a victim for beneficiaries.

The Pisces sign is passive and can be shaped by its partner. The emotional life must be fulfilling or at least harmonious, otherwise he quickly falls into depression. Infidelity is also possible due to weak defenses against seducers.

In any case, it is worthwhile to respect the fish’s fine feelings, because these can cause a particularly magical beauty in a partnership.

The Pisces woman

The Pisces woman is usually very sensitive and seeks great feelings in a partnership. She is a master of the art of pampering, but the partner must really appreciate these qualities, otherwise she cannot be happy. She avoids showy and tough people. She instinctively knows that such men will only take advantage of her.

The Pisces Man

The Pisces man feels his fellow men, and it is precisely this soulful side that makes the ladies pay attention to him. They are reluctant to advertise and do not push. That is very nice and brings luck to love, but the fish man also has to show his wife that he is steadfast and also has resistance.

Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman in the partner horoscope

The Aquarius man will probably be able to impress his Pisces woman with his charming, funny manner and witty conversations. But in the course of the partnership, she could quickly miss the deep feelings that he is actually not in the mood for.

Because the Aquarius man first requires a friendly basis for a successful partnership, while the Pisces woman becomes unhappy without a certain depth of feeling.

Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man in Love Horoscope

With her open and charming manner, the Aquarius woman will certainly appear to be a suitable partner for the Pisces man. Nevertheless, he will sometimes have to jump over his shadow in the love relationship to show her what he is made of.

Conversely, the Pisces man will have to make it clear to his Aquarius woman that a love relationship cannot function on a purely friendly basis. But with his ability to express feelings and to pamper his partner, it can be possible that she develops passionate emotions for him.

The zodiac signs Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility in the relationship

In this relationship, Aquarius and Pisces are very different. Because where one partner gives priority to witty conversations, the other love partner wants to live out deep feelings. Presumably it will only be possible through the pampering art of the fish to approach on this level.

Aquarius-born individuals are individualists, need their freedom and self-determination and can sometimes feel a bit restricted in their relationship with Pisces. Both sides need a willingness to compromise and a certain degree of maturity in order to circumvent these differences.

The zodiac signs Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility in friendship

If Aquarius and Pisces have become friends, things should work better. On the one hand, it is because Aquarius-borns are very fixated on this basis of interpersonal relationships. On the other hand, thanks to their enormous empathy, Pisces always know exactly what is missing from the friend.

Although neither of them live so much in reality, it will be very good if Pisces use their gentle and good-natured way of influencing Aquarius. Because he really needs real friends, as they will play a decisive role in shaping his life.

When love and selfishness collide

These two signs are almost incompatible , what unites them are mostly their defects: lack of organization, latecomers, lack of pragmatism and poor management of money … However they are both sociable, altruistic, creative and have an enviable intuition. On the emotional level with friends and relatives, they can hardly understand each other.

Better colleagues than lovers

Love Affinity :

Risk : they don’t have the same conception of relationship

Strength : they have common interests

Advice : misunderstandings and quarrels

Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility: an impossible love?

Pisces is an extremely sensitive sign that needs constant displays of affection and attention. In a relationship, they are extremely affectionate and “clingy”. Aquarius is quite the opposite. He rationalizes his feelings, does not like to talk about his feelings and hates saccharine effusions… Furthermore, his marked individualism risks hurting Pisces. Between a Pisces who complains of not getting the attention he deserves and an Aquarius bothered by his childish attitude, the relationship is likely to be wrecked after a few months.

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