Night Routine that happy couples really have

Night Routine that happy couples really have - horoscope today

Night Routine: Are you wondering what the secret is behind a happy relationship? In addition to love, understanding and humor, there are also certain rituals that make your togetherness even more special …

A long-term relationship that works well requires a lot of patience, energy, and compromises. You get to know your partner better every day. What habits your boyfriend has or what he likes to eat are all things that will only emerge over time and weld you together. The longer you are together, the higher the likelihood that you will maintain certain rituals and traditions that mean a lot to you.

Quite often these are done more often as soon as you move in together, as you then really share everyday life with each other. We asked ourselves what things happy couples really do to end their day in order to sleep well. After we have already told you what two loving people do every day for a positive partnership and how often they have sex with each other, we now tell you what their bedtime rituals look like and why they are so good for the relationship.

Talk about the day

Talk about the day - Night Routine that happy couples really have - horoscope today

Once you’re both in bed, you should use the time and tell each other about your everyday life. During the course of the day, both of you were probably pretty busy and could only briefly update each other via WhatsApp or a phone call about shopping or the children. Before going to bed you will have enough time to talk about everything again and, if necessary, to go through plans and to-dos for tomorrow. In addition, you are always up to date about the life of the other and don’t feel left out when something big is coming up.

Switch off electronic devices

Switch off electronic devices - Night Routine that happy couples really have - horoscope today

Yes, we also know that you are not on an airplane. Nevertheless, the TV and cell phone should be switched off or set to airplane mode before going to bed. Because as long as he is still watching football in bed and you scroll through Instagram profiles, firstly you will not be able to have a reasonable conversation and secondly, one will fall asleep earlier than the other. Once electronic devices are out of sight, you can talk undisturbed or devote yourself to other hot matters. It looks different, of course, if you decide together on a movie evening, which is, for example, a weekend tradition. Then of course you are welcome to look for the strip in front of the TV, preferably while cuddling. 💕

Sex or no sex

Sex or no sex - Night Routine that happy couples really have - horoscope today

Happy couples know exactly when the right time for a hot night is and when not. Therefore, you can forego sex or postpone it for an evening without any problems. Partners who put their relationship above intimacy place much more value on the person. However, if you don’t feel like having sex, then you should tell him in a nice way and not dump him cold. In the best-case scenario, you propose a new point in time that you can both look forward to.

Go to sleep at the same time

Go to sleep at the same time - Night Routine that happy couples really have - horoscope today

Does your partner go to sleep faster than you do? That might not sound too bad at first. But if this happens more often, you will still lack emotional closeness in the long run, even though you are lying next to each other in one bed. Because as soon as everyday life starts, you will both be on the road and not see much of each other. Happy couples appreciate their time together and therefore use every opportunity to get into bed together. Most of the time, they also have a real routine. That means they have a cup of tea together, brush their teeth or take a bath together before they hit the snooze button together.

Wish each other a good night

Wish each other a good night - Night Routine that happy couples really have - horoscope today

Wishing each other a good night every evening sounds too cheesy to you? Maybe, but it helps to feel loved before bed. Be it in the form of a kiss, a cuddled position or with an “I love you” – if you do certain things every night, special energy arises between the two of you, which belongs only to you and which you do not share with anyone else. In addition, you end the day with a positive gesture. This means that disputes and discussions are resolved beforehand at the latest so that you can fall asleep without stress and in a bad mood. ⭐️


Cuddle - Night Routine that happy couples really have - horoscope today

Physical contact is extremely important to the relationship – and a cuddle in bed is the shortest route to deep intimacy. Science knows that too: According to The Telegraph, couples who sleep less than an inch apart are usually happier in their relationship.

To be thankful

It will surely be easy for you to list several bad traits in your partner at the same time. But do you also appreciate his good ones? Instead of confronting him with his little flaws all the time, especially before bed, you should rather be grateful for what you have in him. After all, he worries about you every day. You are welcome to let your partner feel your thanks.

Do not settle disputes in the evening

While talking before bed is an important ritual for happy couples, arguments should be resolved during the day. There is a risk that unpleasant feelings such as anger, anger or even hate arise when discussing problems. Nobody should take these impressions to bed with them, as they could intensify when pondering in the dark.

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