Libra Weekly Horoscope 29 Mar 21 to 04 Apr 21

Libra Weekly Horoscope 29 Mar 21 to 04 Apr 21 - horoscope today

What does the Libra Weekly Horoscope 29 Mar 21 to 04 Apr 21 bring you? Find out Weekly horoscope Pisces in love, work for the Aries: an in-depth study.

Dear Libra, show courage, the stars will protect you!

These constellations are important to you now.

Inexpensive: Sun (Oppos.), From Sun .: Mercury (Oppos.), Venus (Oppos.), Mars (Trine), Jupiter (Trine), Saturn (Trine)

Rather critical: Pluto (square)

Mars gives you a lot of confidence. That builds you up and makes you feel confident. Now find the courage to make a decision that you have been procrastinating over and over again. Because Saturn is also positive about your sign, everything is going smoothly professionally at the moment. If you want to take a risk, now is the time. Jupiter holds his protective hand over you.

My good advice

Venus is in Aries for the entire week and thus in your partner’s house. This gives you strong contact with your feelings, with your soul, with your inner life. The more you deal with yourself now, the more satisfied you will be. Venus also meets Saturn in sextile and ensures that you can rely on your partner.

For you to think about

But necessity is the best advisor.

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