Libra Horoscope


Libra Horoscope

Libra from September 23 to October 23

It is the sign of justice , representative of people who weigh everything to perfection, always trying to promote goodwill and friendship, even if they have to go to extremes to do so.

This is put into practice by their love of harmony and beauty , which is reflected in the beneficial ray of the ruling sign of the planet, Venus. Sympathy and understanding are the highest qualities with Venus.

Libra is never deaf to the appeal of family or friends and often defends even strangers if they believe it is a worthy cause.

Those born of Libra tend to defend people in need, even if against their healthier judgment. Again, this appears to be due to their need to equate problems and produce harmony. Intuition, regardless of whether it is right or not, is a driving force that drives Libra and often allows them to discover deceptions and insincerities.

Although he tends to imitate in conduct, he is original in ideas and usually quite provident due to his intuitive qualities.

Libra sign Profile

Libra represents the element of Air. It is a very outgoing and active sign.

For Libra, inspired by Venus, beauty, balance and harmony are important. There is a great need to share, to be fair and impartial. Even with this need for calm, Libra remains an active, radiant personality.

Libra is the head of the supporters we all need to work together and build a team! With all these positive qualities how does the Libra sign get unbalanced? Sometimes others have an excessive need to love Libra and fall into the trap of addiction. The need for collaboration leads this sign to falsely believe that there is no personality without a partner.

The temptation is to give so much to others and keep little for oneself. Then life teeters out of control. Trying to be too fair damages the ability to make decisions.

Libra are afraid of making the wrong choice or upsetting others. Internal energy can restore balance. Libra grows when it is allowed to take care of itself.

The sign of September: Libra

Harmony and Balance

Who are you

A character in search of harmony and balance . Who often hesitates, trying to achieve perfection or what should be right. A generous woman , very sociable and attentive to injustices. A quiet man , at least in appearance, but with a volcanic heart.

How to seduce you

The beauty is that in your mind you have your ideal well defined and very clear . Then, however, you always fall in love with a person who leaves everyone amazed, because always the opposite or in any case very different from what you say you are looking for. How did he seduce you? Mystery! Perhaps, however, it is simple: with love . Who, you know, is blind …

How to leave Libra

With a nice betrayal of the blatant ones! Forgive an innocent fling, but don’t compromise on certain things. In general, if you feel betrayed in your trust, you let it go , you walk away and you don’t want to know any more. Woe to those who fail to keep their word!

How do you betray

With hesitation . And with desire. Because, while not appreciating the betrayal, it can happen to you too. Especially if they hit you in one of your weak points, vanity. Or in your biggest weakness, the heart . But in this case, perhaps it would no longer be treason …

What makes Libra angry

Injustices. Who takes it out on the weakest . The ugliness. But internal. The imbalance. The curmudgeons. Silences that are too long. A life too flat and devoid of pleasure . Yes, definitely not being able to enjoy the pleasures and comforts you dream of makes you really angry …

What do Libra like

The hot tub . Maybe even a nice massage. The breakfast of your dreams. Take care of yourself, of your external and internal well-being. Chat with people . Sometimes you don’t even know her. To flirt. Go out in the evening . Organize nice dinners.

What bores Libra

People who are too closed and full of themselves. Who does not accept the comparison . The lack of irony. Bad music. Movies with nothing to say. The trick that doesn’t hold. Food without flavor . A life that is always the same, where you stamp your card and sleep in the evening. What horror, more than boredom!

Libra X Factor

It’s your keen sense of justice: impartial, keen, far-sighted. Based on the knowledge of people but also of what should be the rules at the basis of balance . Remember that to be happy, to feel fulfilled, you will have to concretely apply your X-Factor …

If Libra were a fruit


If Libra were an animal you would be


If Libra were a color

Pearl grey

If Libra were a recipe

Ice cream or cream

characteristics Libra sign

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac , and it is at this point in the Zodiac that we begin to see a translation. While the first six signs of the zodiac focus on the individual, the last six point to individual contact with others and with the world. Those born in Libra are the first and foremost to be focused on others and how they relate to them. We can call it the sign of collaboration with a capital “C”, as these people don’t want to be alone! For a Libra, everything is best done in pairs. He is fine when he is in pairs because in this way balance, harmony and a sense of clean play are emphasized. While he’s a good team player at work, his favorite partnership is at home: marriage.

Libra feels more complete when paired with their loved one , forever . This sign is the symbol of Libra which, by balancing the mechanism, wants to be on par, calm. Think of the scales of justice and how they work to achieve the right balance. Equally Libra is objective, fair, and wants to do what’s best for everyone. It is possible, however, that this tendency towards justice is due to a different reason: Libra abhors conflict.

Those born of Libra study every possible angle in the hope of achieving peace and harmony, so that others may seem fickle or indecisive. Anything you need to avoid confrontation is fine for Libra. He is a keen strategist, organizes groups with balance and succeeds well (in harmony with the Main Quality assigned to this Sign). Plus, you can expect them to be sociable, companionship people.

Libra is dominated by the planet Venus. In ancient Roman mythology, Venus was a seductress who was, at best, amid excesses of pleasure. Libras certainly carry the torch for her today. They are cultured, refined, and love beautiful things.

Most of all they love charming people, therefore they are very good at cocktail parties or at the theater, at the opera or ballet. Those born under this sign always have the right thing to say and know how to make others feel comfortable. Courteous? You can bet on it.

Libras are so inclined for fascinating conversations that they need to be wary of overstepping their boundaries and appearing vain or gossipy (Libras love intrigue). When these people play their game, however, it is a pleasure to be with them.

Libras are artists, fashionistas and enjoy creating a wonderful world. The flip side of this is that bored Libras can become apathetic and lazy – but they smile nonetheless.

The Element associated with Libra is Air , and this means reaching higher, particularly to a higher mind.

Libras like to make good use of their mind, and enjoy communicating their thoughts to others. They like to use sympathy (and talk) to get to know others better – yes, knowing people is what Libras are interested in. You can also expect a fair speech from Libra, as they live by the principles of diplomacy and compromise.

When this approach doesn’t work, Libras don’t shy away from using their persuasive charm to achieve their goal. Manipulative? No, they are too good for that. Also, any path they use often is for strengthening, as Libras can be easily perishable.

They are kind and do not like to fight,they much prefer to solve with words. Remember, these people know how to communicate (they are from the Air), they are meant to achieve their purpose. Libras do not get angry when they face an opposite point of view. Rather, they take a deep breath and consider all options in the spirit of collaboration. Libras in play may not be as energetic as at work, socializing work (and Libras do).

That is why exercise for them must have a social component, such as that found in a gym, for example. Alternatively, Libras love outdoor sports, they enjoy running and cycling. They also love the color of the sunset sky, the mixture of ivory, pink and light blue.

In the game of love , Libras are energized , romantic and loyal to the core. Libras need to be careful with their lower back, as they tend to carry any weight they can carry.

The great strength for those born in Libra is the pursuit of justice, peace and harmony. The fact that Libra is the Zodiac’s great diplomat further helps his case. It will be a nice trip, thanks to Libra’s inimitable sense of style.

Libra sign symbolism

All the symbols of Libra, from perfumes to stones and flowers

The Libra is an air sign, cardinal, male gender. Ruled by the planet Venus.
The Libra symbolizes the seventh house of the zodiac, Libra extends from 180 degrees to 210 degrees.

Period:from 24th September to 22nd October
Color:Love the color of the sunset sky, the mixture of ivory, pink and light blue.
Features:Harmony, Art and Sociality
Day of the week:Friday
Perfumes and essences:rose, musk, tobacco, verbena
Lucky Number:7
Animals:Nightingale, Dove
Power Stone:Adventurer

Libra Personal Profile

Positive and negative aspects of the Libra sign


Libra loves harmony. This is one of his most amazing character traits. It is interested in achieving equilibrium; admire the beauty and grace in things and in people. Generally speaking, he is a kind and respectful person.

Libras are usually very supportive. They go out of their way so as not to hurt the feelings of others. They are outgoing and do what they can to help those in need.

Those born under the sign of Libra are almost always good friends. They are loyal and lovable. They enjoy the company of others. Many of them are quite moderate in their outlook; however, they believe they need to keep an open mind, and weigh both sides of an issue fairly before making a decision.

Alert and often intelligent, Libra tries to put themselves in the position of other people. It is against injustice; quite often it takes the defense of the weakest. In most of her social dealings, she tries to be tactful and kind. They don’t like discord and squabbles, and many of Libra strive for peace and harmony in all their relationships.

Libra man and woman have a keen sense of beauty. They appreciate beautiful furniture and clothes. Many are inclined to art. Their taste is often flawless. They know how to use color. Their homes are often attractively and invitingly arranged. They love to entertain people and want their guests to feel at home and welcome.

Libras get along well with almost everyone. They are popular and socially in demand.


Some people born under this sign tend to be quite insincere. They are so involved in achieving harmony in all relationships that often they are also forced to lie. Many flee from reality. They find it painful to face the truth and prefer to live in a fantasy world.

In a serious argument, some Libras give up quite easily even though they know they are right. Arguing, even about something they believe in, is too upsetting for some of them.

Libras sometimes worry too much about material things. They enjoy possessions and riches. Some are fickle and tend to be jealous.

Libra Friendly Profile

How are you in friendship and compatibility between zodiac signs

If you become friends with Libra , you will spend a lot of time looking at the clock and impatiently stamping your feet. It’s not that Libra likes to be late, it’s just that it takes time to decide something.

Makes you wait, but he’s a great friend to keep . He can amuse even the heaviest of people to death, and as a friend, you will never be able to stay angry with him for long.

Libra hates being alone , so expect your friend to be a bit demanding of your time and attention. But she will compensate.

Libra is able to speak in their own way even in the trendiest restaurants and hottest clubs. If you need anything, he will know where to turn, and the person on the other side will be honored to help you.

Even if she needs hours in front of the closet, whatever she wears will be in perfect taste, and you can count on her to help you look chic.

Don’t worry if the Libra friend looks a little down at times. He will recover soon enough to embark on a new fun adventure.

Best friends: Leo, Sagittarius

Compatibility in friendship with a Libra

Compatibility :Gemini , Leo , Aquarius and Sagittarius .
Affective complex:Aries and Libra .
Strong attraction :Cancer and Capricorn .
Incompatibilities :Taurus , Virgo , Scorpio and Pisces

Romantic Libra Profile

Once the right understanding with the partner has been established, Libra releases its romantic and sensual charge

“Make love not war” is a phrase that must have been coined with a Libra in mind. Those born under this sign love to talk and agree with their partner, rather than face discussions that can lead to forms of hostility. Passion for these people can often represent a kind of sexy battle, with Libra letting someone get close, but not too close.

Libra in Romance and Passion

One of the specific characteristics of the Libra zodiac sign is its penchant for harmony. Those born under this sign, whether it is a quarrel between friends or lovers, prefer to resolve disputes through dialogue, trying in every way to arrive at a meeting point.

The sign of Libra, under a calm and timid appearance , hides a passion that can sometimes be overwhelming; his best qualities are shown during courtship, exhibiting a romanticism with irresistible tones.

On the other hand, the sentimental nature is common to all the signs that have Venus as their guide planet , the latter being a symbol of love, beauty and pleasure. If during the initial stages of a love relationship his behavior could appear extremely shy and sometimes even detached, once the right understanding with the partner has been established, Libra releases its romantic and sensual charge.

Honesty is essential when dealing with the sign of Libra, a dishonest person cannot in any way win his trust.

Libra and Relationships

When the sign of Libra is involved on a sentimental level , it demonstrates an exceptional openness to all kinds of needs expressed by the partner. This generous character is essential for maintaining stability within the relationship, and is an indisputable sign of its compatibility with the dynamics of the couple’s life.

Although at first Libra seems to assume a cold and detached attitude , over time they will reveal the intensity of their feeling , and, along with it, a deep need to feel wanted.

Consequently, within the amorous relationship , its role continuously shifts from the dominant one to the dependent one, revealing alternatively, the two sides of the same coin, that of love.

Furthermore, the benevolent character pushes the sign of Libra to diplomatically avoid any kind of quarrel, preferring to postpone the discussion in the hope of finding a compromise solution.

Libra: Love and Eros

Lover of foreplay and expert in the art of seduction

Libra and Love

It can be said without a shadow of a doubt that the sign of Libra has a particular predilection for the feeling of love , and for that state of disturbance typical of people in love.

Since Libra, like all signs influenced by Venus , seeks beauty in everything, even the feeling of love is seen as a state of absolute perfection, which allows man the possibility of expressing all his inner beauty.

This sign has a sophisticated spirit and even the love question becomes an expression of its deep and refined soul . Libra feels the need to have at their side a person with a strong character, who knows how to understand their needs and who can help them become a better lover.

Libra and Sex

As is generally the case with all Air signs, sex is not only a physical matter, but above all a mental one .

Very skilled in the art of communication, the sign of Libra also has an infallible instinct that allows him to easily identify what are the needs of others.

Libra needs balance and security on a sentimental level to best express their sexual charge , in the absence of these components they tend to assume a cold and detached attitude.

A lover of foreplay and an expert in the art of seduction , Libra also shows a certain attraction for conversations with a provocative and exciting character.

The needs of Libra

The ideal partner for the sign of Libra is the one who manages to inspire confidence . Libra needs a confidant, a counselor, a person who can make them feel special at all times.

Sometimes a nice gift is a valid stimulus for Libra , but it is essential to know how to conquer it with words: long discussions full of passion and depth reveal the romantic side of a sign that often, due to its insecurity, shows coldness and detachment.

Whoever proves capable of penetrating a spirit as deep as that of Libra will be rewarded by a loyal and devoted lover. Furthermore, the person next to Libra must share the love of this sign for art and cultural manifestations.

Libra, when involved in a serious and passionate relationship, manages to unleash an uncommon sex appeal.

Seduction Libra Sign

Secrets to seduce and conquer a Libra

How to seduce him …

… struggle to keep your relationship in harmony. Libra feels happy when everything around is in balance.

… shows interest in any cultural manifestation. Libra will reveal to you the beauty and depth of the artistic world.

… spoil her with little gifts and compliments. Libra will go out of their way to appear sensual to your eyes.

… always make her participate in everything that happens to you; will be able to help you make the best decision.

 Enjoy the rewards – she will do everything to always be beautiful and sensual for you.

 Ask your Libra for their opinion on events happening in your life. Your Libra will like to say something balanced, and it can help you make reasonable and balanced decisions.

 Understand that with a Libra life is based on a constant evaluation of factors: cause and effect, good and bad. Libra brings balance and serenity to the lives they touch.

To Avoid …

… don’t force her to make sudden decisions, Libra needs time to evaluate all possible alternatives.

… never tell her she looks tired and unkempt. Libra always want to look fresh and youthful.

… never be inflexible towards something. If you have a hard time changing your ideas, then Libra relationship is not for you.

… don’t make comments or jokes about his lazy and indolent nature. His attitude could deteriorate.

 Expect your Libra to make a sudden decision, even if it’s just what to eat for breakfast. Libra likes to weigh all alternatives and be indecisive.

 Tell Libra that she looks sick or tired – you’ll make her worry all night and the next day. Libra prides themselves on having a fresh, youthful appearance.

 be inflexible and not spontaneous – if you like fixed things, determined you might get tired of this sign. Libra can be quite temperamental.

 push your Libra to make an important decision. She likes to think about the important things slowly and carefully.

 … pay attention to laziness, self-indulgence or the arrogance of your Libra. These traits could manifest themselves if you constantly talk about them to Libra.