Leo Horoscope


Leo Horoscope

Leo Horoscope, from 23 July to 23 August.

Leo is the sign of exuberance , it denotes a great personality and a new destiny.
Ambition and idealism are both present in the Leo, as the splendor of this sign refluxing the size of the planet that governs it, the sun .

But Leo , just as he can be of deep thoughts, can be heavy handed. When such people fall victim to their own shortcomings, the result can be disastrous. Even worse, this is usually not noticeable until the moment of the breakup. This is what makes Leo deceitful and sometimes dishonest.

Leo is impulsive, generous and courageous, quick to follow his instincts. His success is due to his marked influences over all the people he meets, often winning against those who oppose him with their magnetic properties.

Leo insists on following the path he has chosen, using all his strength.

Profile of the Leo

Leo is the fire that comes out of the heart of the sun! Fire brings with it the desire to create, innovate and command. The sign radiates great confidence.

Of course, Leo must have an audience. Without applause, what else is left? Leo is a formative energy, with the ability to consolidate and stabilize. Fire can be out of control, so this helps him balance confidence with humility. Leo needs to become a humble and lovable Leo.

Leo’s playfulness can revert to a childish pursuit of attention. On the surface, Leo is peaceful.
She has a big and beautiful heart and gives light to all who want to enjoy her spirit.

The sign of July: Leo

Generous, instinctive, passionate.

Who are you

Sometimes proud and headstrong. And vain too … A brave warrior when you have an ideal. Or a great fascinator, when you want an audience.

A hard with a cream heart. Or an innocent vamp like a child.

How to seduce Leo

With elegance and sensuality. But usually, to hit the mark , all you have to do is hit yourself in your weak spot: your heart. And once that is achieved, there are no strategies, beauty or riches that matter!

But don’t mind having someone around you that others admire …

How to leave Leo

By putting you in the shade . When you are faced with a person who puts himself at the center, who listens only to his needs, forgetting about you , you don’t waste too much time and let it go.

Betrayal also irritates you, but betraying your trust is even worse!

How do you betray

With and for vanity . It is your weak point and when someone manages to tease your vanity with intelligence, you end up responding , and from here to find yourself involved in something you did not even want is a moment …

Also for sensuality, of course, since you are very passionate .

What makes Leo angry

The stupidity. The lies. Ignorance. The inner ugliness. The outward sloppiness. The lack of heart .

Having little money and discovering that you were born in an age where it is difficult to become rich and succeed on merit. The criticisms. Feeling diminished in your worth.

What do Leo like

Feeling unique about something: your outward appearance, your neurons, your idea, your liking. Find your way, whatever it is, and fight to the end to get to the goal, whatever it is.

Make love. eat and drink well. And also dress as you like.

What bores Leo

The stupidity. People without any qualities . A life without heat, without passion, without love and without purpose.

The hypocrisy. The lack of color. Half seasons and half socks . The boiled fish. Living like on an assembly line.

Leo X Factor

It is your generosity : perhaps you do not know it or you have not yet focused it well, but within you you hide the ability to give yourself generously , to give all of yourself in what you do, to put your heart, soul and coratelle into it.

You know how to love and you know how to create …

If Leo were a fruit


If Leo were an animal you would be


If Leo were a color


If Leo were a recipe

Champagne rice

Feature Sign Leo

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. This sign is impossible to miss, given its predilection for being at the center of the scene. Leo is very ambitious and creative – it is so quite common to see Leo on stage, as Leo is not shy about exposing themselves to the lights of the show.

Leo is also extraordinarily talented and prone to drama. Warmth and enthusiasm seem to come out of every pore of his skin, making him a pleasure for anyone around him. Leo loves pleasure! Leo is the king of the jungle and like the animal lion, the Leo of the Zodiac tends to be strong and full of dignity and their sense of power helps him to happily complete his projects.

A Leo in your party is a great thing, as his goal is to complete the project he is working on. Putting him in a command post is even better as Leo is a natural leader, although Leo can sometimes become a bit tyrant and autocratic.

Leo is organizer, idealistic and an inspirer of crowds . Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center of the universe and the fuel of our being; in the same way Leo considers himself indispensable and the center of the universe, and woe to anyone who tells him otherwise! Leo loves to go out, is confident and loves to savor the taste of life. But what if it really was at the center of the universe? It sure wouldn’t be a bad role model to emulate.

The Leo’s enthusiasm is limitless and it is followed by his generosity of spirit and determination to achieve success. Their concentration could be mistaken for vanity and arrogance, but the Leo would say “That’s not true!” and would resume with his royal demeanor.

In spite of their appearance, the person born under this sign is loyal and has a great sense of honor; he is also determined, intensely proud and very romantic.

The element associated with Leo is Fire; everything about his personality is hot, hot, hot. The courage he displays causes many to be attracted to Leo. If you need someone to lead a change, call Leo, as they will strive to make it bigger and better.

Although some think he does it for his own personal gain, Leo is big-hearted and tries to make everyone happy. On the other hand it is their kingdom, it is a happy subject and a kingdom in peace. Furthermore, Leo is dynamic, self-confident and liberal-minded. These attributes put him in the center of attention, making it easy for him to have friends and partners.

Leo also likes to try their luck , so it’s not difficult to see him in a casino in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. Those born under this sign love to have fun and play both outdoors and indoors (of course they must be in company); they love to be seen in the gym and show what they can do. When the lights are low, Leo is 90% fun and 100% romance. The Leo he loves is devoted, creative and almost impossible to keep on a leash! The advice a Leo needs to take is to take a deep breath and calm down a little. You can be sure that Leo’s house is decorated in gold and purple.

The great forces of Leo are creativity, idealism and the propensity for leadership. Leo does not lack ambition, so he likes to complete the tasks he set himself – and have fun while doing it.

Leo Sign Symbology

All the symbols of Leo, from perfumes to stones and flowers

The Leo Fire sign, fixed, male, is the energy and ambition sign, ruled by the sun.

Leo symbolizes the fifth house of the zodiac, the stage of maturity of the subject. The sign of Leo extends from degree 120 to degree 150.

Period:from 23 July to 22 August
Color:Orange, yellow, red, gold
Features:Vitality, Pride
Day of the week:Sunday
Perfumes and essences:orange, bergamot, coriander, incense
Lucky Number:1
Birthstone :Peridot
Power stone:Hyaline quartz

Person of the Leo

Positive and negative aspects of Leo


Leo is often a great leader. Good organizer and administrator, they are usually also quite popular with others. Whichever group it is in, it will almost certainly be the leader.

His best feature is generosity: he loves giving gifts and when he makes those around him happy, he too is happy. He likes to show off when he spends money on others. Sometimes it seems that his generosity is limitless. A hospitable person, Leo is very happy to welcome them to their abode and entertain them.

He never misses company. Leo is full of energy; he likes to work towards a specific purpose. When he applies, he has what he wanted. Leo is rarely unsure of themselves. He has a large reserve of confidence. He is a direct person, who always goes to the point of almost all situations. He has a quick mind and can make a decision in no time. He is usually a good example for others due to his ambitious manners and positivity.

He knows how to attach himself to something once he has started it. While good at making jokes, Leo is not vulgar or superficial.

He is a lovable person, fashion and with a head on his shoulders.
He does what he can for those who deserve it, a person who can be counted on in times of need. An honest person, a friend of high values.


Leo has its flaws. Sometimes he’s a little arrogant. He thinks that no one deserves a leadership position other than him; only he is capable of making things better.

Sometimes he is materialistic: he only thinks in terms of money and profit. Leo likes to be king – at home or in the office. Even worse, they think they have a right to do so. Self-centered to an almost unimaginable level, Leo cares little about what others think or feel. With his manners, the Leo can be rude and edgy.

Leo, how are you in friendship

How are you in friendship and compatibility between zodiac signs

Leo can never be accused of hiding something from someone. He is happy to have people close to him, especially when he is in the center of the crowd.

Leo has tons of friends. After all, if he thinks he’s that special he must have something that catches the eye! Leo can be a great friend.

They can be playful like a kitten and radiate people around them . But pay attention to their competitive side. As your friend, Leo tries to help you in every way and ensure your success, at least until you get over it. As long as you are his little dog, you will have a trusted friend.

Anyone can be a friend of Leo. They don’t discriminate against anyone, preferring a great mix of people to have fun with. Leo always wants the best and maybe will take you to big parties, dinners and so on.

Don’t worry if you can’t pay them: the generous Leo will pay for you . Be sure to thank him more than once for his generosity – a friend who doesn’t appreciate Leo’s generosity enough will not have the opportunity to show it later.

Zodiac sign of his best friends : Gemini, Libra.

Compatibility in friendship with Leo

Compatibility:Aries , Gemini , Libra , Sagittarius
Affective complex:Leo , Aquarius .
Strong attraction:Taurus , Scorpio .
Incompatibilities:Cancer , Virgo , Capricorn , Pisces .

Romantic Leo Profile

Leo likes to feel like the top of the class

The sign of Leo is found in the House of Pleasure in the zodiac scheme , he loves company, fun and tends to be a leader and driver.

The Leo likes to feel the first class, she loves to be flattered and every moment is good to showcase his qualities.

His energetic and outgoing nature ensures him some success in terms of amorous conquests. Under this aggressive and vigorous appearance , Leo hides a deeply romantic soul, and whoever lets himself be conquered by his charm will be rewarded by a devoted and reliable lover.

Leo in Romance and Passion

The sign of Leo tends to be superb, as the great consideration he has of his person leads him to underestimate all those around him. Even in terms of love affairs, he tends to adopt an attitude that could border on selfishness.

His need to continually feel himself at the center of attention pushes him to provocative behaviors that are often misunderstood. But be careful because when the Leo , blinded by love, starts chasing his prey, nothing and nobody will be able to stop him: he knows very well how to exploit his charm, and no obstacle will be able to make him give up, losing heart is a concept that does not seem to belong to him at all.

Leo in the Relationship

It is difficult for a love relationship that involves the sign of Leo to be banal and boring. Constantly seeking attention, Leo needs a person who knows how to show him all his love, but who also knows how to stand up to him during discussions.

lover who passively suffers his personality may be boring and uninteresting to the lively Leo. Furthermore, the sign of Leo needs a person who is able to live with his egotism, who knows how to satisfy his requests and his continuous need for affection.

Leo: Love and Eros

The sign of Leo expresses strength and vigor in all circumstances

Leo in Love

The natural charm of which Leo is endowed contributes to making this sign a master in love matters . The tendency to always take the lead helps to add charm to his person and to satisfy his self-centeredness. However, Leo is also very generous, and manages to make the person next to him feel special, showering him with attention and gifts.

Furthermore, on a sentimental level he needs absolute security, consequently, before letting himself be conquered definitively , the Leo tests his lover. Only those who manage to overcome this initial phase will be able to fully enjoy the joys that a bond with someone born under the sign of Leo can give.

Leo and Sex

The sign of Leo expresses strength and vigor in all circumstances . Also from the sexual point of view he prefers energetic action and, during the actual act, he seems to abandon himself to an ecstatic state.

Given her need to always feel at the center of attention, a mirror or two, expertly placed inside the bedroom, will satisfy her every desire.

What Leo needs

Being admired is most likely Leo’s primary need. He will be able to reciprocate all the attention paid to his person with kindness and reliability.

Those who manage to satisfy this vital need will also discover the sweet and romantic side of Leo, which often tends to hide among the dazzling lights and the crowd of admirers to whom he reveals only the aggressive part of his character.

Leo is a loyal and generous lover, who loves to indulge in all the pleasures that life can offer; once he reaches a lifestyle that suits him, he reveals himself to be a magnificent person in every respect.

Seduction Sign Leo

Secrets to seduce and conquer a Leo

How to seduce him …

… keep her self-esteem high with constant hints of her beauty and life force

… let the main role always be his. He will know how to make you share in his moments of glory

… learn to submit to his will when necessity demands it. In moments of intimacy he will know how to submit to your every desire

… always show him how important his love and energy are to you

… reassure him by telling him how shiny, beautiful and shiny it is.

… Leave your Leo the spotlight. It will share them with you and its natural shine as well.

… learn to be submissive sometimes! She will strive to submit to your fantasies in private!

… show him how important he is to you!

… open your heart will be your soul mate!

To Avoid … 

… never show indifferent towards him. Your detached attitude will be seen as a decline in interest on your part

… do not take an authoritarian attitude towards him, Leo needs to always feel the undisputed leader, consequently it is he who gives the orders

… never try to steal the show, all attention must be directed towards him

… don’t be too critical of him, his ego needs to be stimulated not discouraged

… ignore your Leo. He’ll think you don’t care if you’re not there.

… try to tell him what to do. He doesn’t like to lose control.

… insist on sharing the spotlight. He needs to be the only protagonist in the center of attention!

… criticize him in public. His ego would be hurt!