Leo Horoscope Today 03 February 2021 Wednesday

What does the day bring you? Find out in the Leo Horoscope Today 03 February 2021 Wednesday. find the daily horoscope for Love, Health, money and profession.

Moon pause


The moon is on pause until 3:16 p.m. You can’t do what you want. Slow down your pace in between.


Stay away from major purchases. You might regret buying it afterwards.


A discussion goes on for a long time. You need patience.

Leo Horoscope Today 03 February 2021 Wednesday

All work in the morning, perhaps penalizing for the sociability that you are trying to get back on your feet with the Moon in sextile. But Pluto, which blocks it with a square, claims its part and this is all in the professional sector. Enjoy it, it’s not too bad. Worse the afternoon with the passage of the White Lady in Scorpio, a sign in quadrature with yours and also in conflict with the beautiful Venus that from the opposite sign first throws seductive glances at you, then makes you marameo.

Leo Love Horoscope Today

Love and eros : if you flirt a little with your handsome colleague, your jealous partner will make you pay dearly. Put it into account immediately, a familiar tsunami that will leave its mark, so know how to adjust. If you like to play at least do it with discretion. Romantic messages for singles still looking for the half apple, but beware: if the stars get in the way and decide to spite you, instead of the apple, you will find half a kiwi or a half peach!

Leo Work and money Horoscope Today

Work and money : nothing to complain about your creativity, the ability to entertain the public, the charisma thanks to which you assert yourself, practicing a role of leader even if you are not hierarchically. Apparently easy negotiations, with an interlocutor so kind as to appear more interested in your advantage than his own, beware: he is setting a trap for you, so move with caution.

Leo Wellness Horoscope Today

Welfare: health holds, because you are careful, even in interpersonal relationships, and regardless of the colors of the regions, about which you always harbor doubts, you decide on your own, always adopting the utmost precautions. Too bad, because behind the mask your charm is very diminished … maybe someone is also there, but the fear of a possible contagion, which you may risk bringing with your family, keeps you on this side of the red line: if sweet eyes is really interested in you, will wait. Whether you are princesses or princes … you know you are worth it, so the problem does not arise … whoever wants you will have to deserve you! Skin in need of pampering to give it immediately, before spring takes hold, also through nutrition which, with the passing of the days, will become lighter and purifying. Speaking of health and calorie foods instead, today we celebrate San Biagio, which in popular tradition will protect the throat of those who eat a slice of panettone on an empty stomach … great idea if you still find one at the supermarket! Better if you have kept one for the purpose: it’s time to open it and enjoy it with your morning coffee!

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