Leo and Taurus Compatibility: Do the zodiac signs match?

Leo & Taurus: There is great sex here

Are Leo and Taurus a Good Team? We’ll tell you in the partner horoscope Leo and Taurus Compatibility. We compare the characteristics of the two zodiac signs.

You look at this combination and think only one thing: hot! Because they can hardly keep their hands off each other. Just one look is enough to make the other weak. Great sex is inevitable here!

Both zodiac signs cannot resist the erotic attraction between each other! If they could, they could spend nights AND days together. The world only exists for both of them …

But life is not just made up of eros. At least not if they’re also together for love. Everyday life creeps into every relationship sooner or later. And from that moment your differences collide. Sure, you’ll have an argument or two. Even small things: who has to take out the garbage? Who is going shopping today?

The trend here is: take care that these little things don’t destroy your relationship. If the argument escalates, pull your inner brakes! Then, calmly tell your partner that you may need to cool down and talk later. This is not unusual – every couple experiences these phases! With a little patience and diplomacy, you can manage the curve.

The Taurus appreciates a beautiful life: noble bags, luxury vacations – they want to buy and keep. Because he always equips himself for the bad day. If difficult times are to come, he won’t miss anything.

The lion lives much more in the here and now: he takes life as it comes to him. You have already chosen a rather difficult partner. But that shouldn’t mean anything negative. And finally, you can charm everyone with your charm.

Partner horoscope “Leo and Taurus Compatibility” – your personal secret of love:

Willingness to compromise + mutual respect = good chances!

This is where two signs of pleasure come together. Nevertheless, this combination can cause friction, because both can also be very persistent, perhaps even stubborn.

Leo and Taurus Compatibility - Leo compatibility - horoscope today

Leo lives by the entrepreneurial principle and is always striving to improve everything. The Taurus, on the other hand, is often attached to the traditional and does not like great upheavals. The lion does a lot to gain recognition and to look splendid. This ‘doing’ is rather alien to the Taurus. But what the partners have worked out and achieved together, they show with pleasure.

Since both signs are very fond of well-being and lovemaking, this relationship – although traditionally described as not suitable – can by all means endure. But the Leo partner also has to seek advice from the realistic, down-to-earth Taurus partner and must be careful not to make decisions on their own that affect both of them, for example when it comes to spending. The Taurus, for its part, has to curb its security thinking a little and also be able to open up to new things and to the generosity of the Leo. If both partners approach each other with a certain degree of flexibility, then they should be able to move forward together.

Character properties of partners

Taurus in partnership

In love, the Taurus is a spiritual sign with a strong desire. He seeks consolidation and security in everything and is therefore very prone to jealousy. He is slow in developing a partnership.

The bull loves his home and his domesticity and is also often attached to the traditional. Taurus-borns are loving and compassionate.

You therefore quickly gain sympathy. As partners, they are loyal, affectionate and consistent, but the passion must be awakened, although the instinctual life is very strong. The fulfilled love life can develop the Taurus strongly.

Despite being sociable, they often lack flexibility and adjustment. When choosing a partner, the financial circumstances often decide.

Leo in partnership

The Leo is a good friend, he is reliable and cultivates his relationships. In marriage he is usually loyal to devoted. He is a loving educator and educator who strives to be a role model. The Leo exudes calm and patience. If irritated long enough, he’ll strike back at just the right moment. After such a clap of thunder he calms down quickly and is not resentful, which is one of his greatest assets.

Due to the efforts and the claim to leadership that the Leo uses for the partnership, he is also injured accordingly when disappointment in love afflicts him. Such incidents can throw him off course. The Leo is generous, loves luxury and the lavish life. He always needs some admiration. There are some very flashy types among them who are prone to passionate debauchery.

The Taurus woman

If everything is organized and manageable, then the Taurus woman feels good. Your partner should also be at home sometimes, although she also likes to see when he earns money and enables a comfortable life together. In love she is sensitive, receptive, lustful and enjoyable.

The Taurus man

The Taurus also likes manageable, real values. He likes women who put flowers on the table and bring inviting cosiness into their home. The traditional role relationship usually suits him best. In love he is constant and faithful. In the erotic, devoted and tender. Both sexes like the game of love and eroticism and show a lot of interest in it.

The Leo woman

She loves independence and shows a generous side. She likes to try out her status as a woman in the male world. If she has her eye on a man, then most of the time she will get him. In love she is playful and enjoyable with a good portion of passion.

The Leo man

He likes to flirt well and well. He flatters and knows how to court a woman. There is a certain hunting instinct in him and of course he would like to win over the most beautiful woman. If one runs into him too directly, he quickly loses interest.

Both sexes like the real passion and the game of charms.

Taurus man and Leo woman in the partner horoscope

The Taurus man likes the classic role distribution in a partnership. Opposed to this is the self-confident and very independent Leo woman. Although she is quite taken with the cozy atmosphere, she is still not your typical housemaid.

As a rule, the Taurus man acts a little slowly when it comes to starting a relationship. But here the Leo woman will become active. Once she has decided on a man, she will do everything possible to win him over.

Taurus woman and Leo man in love horoscope

When it comes to love, the Taurus woman will be very receptive to enjoyable lovemaking. This will suit the Leo man very well, because he knows how to court a woman according to all the rules of the art.

Possibly it is the somewhat restrained nature of a Taurus woman that arouses the hunting instinct in the Leo man. After all, it is in his nature that he wants to conquer his lady of the heart. The love relationship can also develop a little more calmly.

The zodiac signs Leo and Taurus Compatibility in the relationship

If a relationship between Taurus and Leo comes about, it will sometimes be difficult for both partners to keep it harmoniously at the enjoyable level. The advantage of these two zodiac signs is that both are attracted to pleasure and passionate love games.

However, it will make perfect sense for the love relationship if the Taurus, who is concerned about security, goes a little out of himself. The lion’s generosity is more likely to give him even more pleasure. However, the Leo partner has to move away a little from always wanting to decide everything on their own. Because the Taurus partner is at eye level, one should not underestimate that.

The zodiac signs Leo and Taurus Compatibility in friendship

A friendship between Taurus and Leo will certainly go largely without conflicts. Because both zodiac signs cherish and cultivate their friendships. They will stand by one another loyally and loyally.

However, in some situations Taurus and Leo may remain a little too stubborn in their point of view. Nevertheless, the friendly relationship will last, because basically both love to achieve goals together, which can make them feel even more comfortable.

An explosive couple

Here are two signs with a strong personality. Quarrels are frequent between a stubborn sign like Taurus and an authoritarian one like Leo. Fortunately, their relationship is based on loyalty and trust , they will always find the path to reconciliation.

Building solid love takes effort

Love affinity : ♥ ♥

Risk : several quarrels

Strength : two sentimental and faithful signs

Tip : learn to communicate with maturity

Leo and Taurus Compatibility: the secret to a long-lasting relationship

Leo will always try to influence the choices of Taurus. Likewise, the Taurus must know how to give the attention and love that the Leo deserves. Financially, Taurus needs reassurance and Leo seeks economic stability. Together they can carry out important and successful projects.

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