How to tell if a girl likes you – 30 signs of female interest or signs of attraction

How to tell if a girl likes you - 30 signs of female interest or signs of attraction - horoscope today

How to tell if a girl likes you? What are the signs of female seduction ? How to understand if there is interest and attraction ? What can you do to tell if a girl is interested in you ?

The speech is simple: you have to know how to read the signals of interest that a woman can send.

What are these signs?

They are the more or less unconscious messages that a woman sends when she likes a man, you can also call them signals of satisfaction or attraction, the substance is always the same.

In this article you will find the 30 most important signs : ready to discover them all?

So read the following list carefully and learn to see these behaviors in women. At the beginning you will have to be careful, afterwards it will all come automatically without even thinking about it.

Some might ask, “How many of these signals does a woman have to send me to make sure she likes me? Is there some kind of test? ”.

Security is a difficult concept when we talk about social dynamics and female psychology, let’s say that, as a rule to start, look at at least 3 different signals. If you see there, there is probably attraction.


How to tell if a girl likes you: The List Of Signs Of Interest

So let’s start with this list of signs of interest a woman can give you :

  1. She also looks at you when she is doing something else: this is a good sign!
  2. Maintains eye contact: that is, does not immediately look away when you look into each other’s eyes, before meeting you or after getting to know each other
  3. she asks your name: you will understand from the context and from other signals if it is a courtesy gesture or something more
  4. She asks you questions to find out more about yourself: besides the simple “what do you do in life?”
  5. Tends to be close to you: closer or for longer than what happens in a normal conversation between friends or new people
  6. Find an excuse to strike up a conversation: this is very easy to understand 🙂
  7. She touches her hair while talking to you: it is an unconscious gesture she makes to attract your attention, think of certain birds in the mating period, when they show their colored feathers 🙂
  8. Compliments you: it can be about anything
  9. She challenges you in a playful way: this is also a great way to flirt, challenge her too, laugh about it and it will increase the attraction!
  10. Gives you a joke or a playful fist: like saying “silly!”, Usually after you have made fun of her
  11. She turns completely towards you: it is a strong signal especially if he turns his back to his friends when doing so
  12. She laughs at your jokes, even at the less beautiful ones: … and then he looks you in the eye
  13. She asks if you have a girlfriend: this is a great sign!
  14. Mention your girlfriend without knowing if you have one (so as to see if you deny having one): exactly how to ask yourself if you have a girlfriend
  15. He touches you / looks for physical contact (even light): once it can be there, two becomes a signal, three upwards is a very strong signal
  16. She points out that she likes the things you like: to create connection
  17. Try to provoke a reaction in you to his actions: for example he can pretend to be angry, or talk to another guy, or other things
  18. She introduces you to his friends: and he seems to care that you and his friends get along well together, as if you were to be “approved” by the group
  19. When you are with other people try to get noticed: often by inserting themselves in conversations, talking more or laughing more
  20. It picks up the conversation when you drop it – you can also do it on purpose as a test
  21. Try to create a connection with yourself: you understand this with emotions, not with the mind
  22. She calls you a playboy, a female spoiler, he alludes to the fact that you have other women: this is a great sign of interest
  23. She makes up excuses to be close to you or to be alone with you: this is also a sign with all the trimmings!
  24. When she has to go away, she comes to you to tell you: as if to say “ Take my number? “Or” Shall we meet again? “
  25. When she sees you going, she asks you where you are going: how to say “But how? Are you running away without telling me anything ?! When will we see each other again? 🙂 “

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Understanding If You Like It: Not Action As A Signal Of Attraction

Other times instead of doing something, it does NOT do something. For example:

  1. She doesn’t follow her friends if they go away for a moment: because she is very interested and likes to talk to you
  2. She doesn’t say she has a boyfriend (even if she has one): let’s understand … it’s not that a woman always has to say it, but if the conversation ends on the subject and she doesn’t say anything …
  3. She doesn’t move away if you get close – you can do it as a test, get close to her and see how she reacts
  4. She can’t resist when things get more sensual – do it little by little, so you see what she does as a result
  5. She doesn’t resist when you propose to move together: you can propose to “go for a drink at the bar” or “go for a coffee”, obviously the excuse depends a lot on where you are

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Now let’s see all these signs one by one, so that you can understand them all well.

1. She also looks at you when she is doing something else

Imagine being in a group of friends, or at least of people.

You’re talking to her and after a while, for a thousand reasons that can happen, you end up talking to someone else and her too.

If at that point she looks at you every now and then it means that she is not very busy with the conversation she is having with this new person, and she is interested in you.

Sure, he won’t give you blatant glances, but quick glances pretending nothing happened, and that’s a good sign.

2. Maintains eye contact

All the people while talking to each other look a little in the eyes, but when there is mutual interest the looks are a little longer.

You can also do this as a test, look her straight in the eye a little more than she should and see if she keeps her gaze or looks away.

How to tell if a girl likes you - Maintains eye contact - horoscope today
How to tell if a girl likes you – Maintains eye contact

3. Asks your name

This needs to be explained well.

Let’s say you cold approach a group of girls (so completely unknown approaches). After you talk for a while, one of these asks you your name , in this case it is a sign of interest.

“But how…” someone will say “… didn’t you show up right away ?!”.

No, it’s certainly not mandatory, I’ve done it hundreds of times and I’ve never had any problems.

A similar situation can also happen in a company of friends , if you don’t know a girl yet, she can ask for your name.

There it depends … it can be a gesture of courtesy or a sign of interest, you will have to evaluate it from case to case.

4. Asks you questions to find out more about yourself

Since she is intrigued by you she wants to know more about you, so she asks you questions.

I think this point is very clear. 🙂

5. She tends to be close to you

If you are very close this obviously doesn’t count, because people who have a strong bond of friendship are often very close.

But .. but between strangers or people who do not know each other … there is a big difference.


Because the interpersonal space (the space between people) between people who little know each other is wider, and therefore getting closer is a breaking of these “unwritten rules” and therefore a sign of interest.

Furthermore, it is not just a matter of 🙂 centimeters, but also of time . In other words: how long does it stay close to you?

For example, if you have recently met, are with other people and are with you a lot, that is a good indicator.

6. Find an excuse to strike up a conversation

This of course if there is not already a common acquaintance, maybe you are in a club etc., is a super signal that makes you practically sure you like her.

Of course, because women don’t like to be seen as “easy”, so the mere fact that she attacks herself, albeit with an excuse, is a very strong indicator of interest.

7. She touches her hair while talking to you

This is a signal that it sends with body language. The female of many species in fact tends to send “showy” signals during the mating period, to attract the attention of the male.

Well, it’s a bit the same thing, it’s obviously an unconscious gesture that derives from the fact that, after all, we are animals. 🙂

If we want to be honest, in nature there are also many species in which it is the male who makes blatant gestures to conquer (see the peacock for example) so in short, it is a proven habit.

Touching your hair and moving it has even more value when instead of just touching it, it moves it leaving the neck free , it is an ancient signal in which a very vulnerable part of the body is discovered (close to the jugular if you think about it, where they bite the dogs 😉).

Having said that, as always, watch out for the circumstance, if it is 50 degrees and it is going crazy with heat it is likely that it will move its hair if it has it long, but it is not necessarily a sign of interest 🙂.

8. Gives you a compliment

The compliment can really be about anything , it’s often an excuse to send you interest and nothing more.

She can therefore compliment you on your physical appearance but also on more mundane things like an item of clothing, an accessory, or even something you said to her.

9. Challenge you in a playful way

In addition to being a way of getting your attention, the challenge generates attraction and tension, it is a way to flirt.

The challenge can come in many different ways starting with the very common teasing .

10. Gives you a playful slap or fist

This often happens after you are making fun of her and it is often a good sign, especially if you have recently known her, as it is an invasion of your personal space, in a particular way.

She therefore takes a little more confidence than there might be between strangers and does so because she is attracted.

Then there are obviously the handicapped women, but that’s a high point … 🙂

11. She turns completely towards you

Imagine the situation … you coldly approach a group of girls, you strike a button and start talking to all of them and little by little you focus on only one of them, the one you like.

Well, if she turns to talk to you with her whole body it is a good sign, also because it means that she is no longer turned to her friends and therefore she is giving you all her attention.

This is true even if you are in a group of people and have just met her, even if it is a less strong signal than when she is present in a cold approach.

12. Laughs at your jokes, even the less beautiful ones

If he laughs at all your jokes, and maybe laughs more than others , that’s a sign.

Sure, you will say, maybe it’s you making some crazy and hilarious jokes! 🙂

Okay, it may be, but then everyone would laugh the same way in the group, because she laughs more and laughs even at those who aren’t really that funny after all ?! 😉

13. Asks if you have a girlfriend

This is a sign as big as a house , I don’t think I need to explain why 🙂

14. Mention your girlfriend without knowing if you have one (so as to see if you deny having one)

Maybe he can say something like: “Bla bla bla, when you go out with your girlfriend you never go to that place ..”

So you can say, “I don’t have a girlfriend”

In this way she gets the same information she would get by asking directly , but in a more refined and ninja way, so as not to pass for an “easy girl”.

15. She touches you / seeks physical contact (even light)

You may not notice it, but very often people touch each other while talking.

It can be for example a hand on the shoulder (between men) or a hand on the forearm (between woman and man).

Indeed, it is this last type of touch that often happens as a sign of interest… maybe it does it while laughing, maybe when it is about to tell you something important… but it does.

Now .. if it’s only once it may be a coincidence, but if it’s more than once it becomes a sign that she is attracted to you.

16. Point out that she likes things that you like

As you speak, he can understand that what you like is coming out, it can be for example a hobby or something else.

If she not only points out that she likes the same thing, but is keen to let you know and is happy that this connection is being made between you, that’s a good sign.

17. Try to provoke a reaction in you to his actions

This includes a long series of actions that you can take only in order to create a reaction in you.

For example:

  • teases you
  • challenges you
  • if he pulls it
  • talk to another guy
  • he says something and looks at you to see how you react

Every situation is different but the point to keep in mind is that if she acts to create a reaction in you , she probably likes you.

18. Introduces you to friends

This can happen both in a cold approach, and when maybe going out together but you’re not sure yet if there is something, and meeting his friends.

For women it is very, very important that there is harmony between people , even more so if these people are part of her life. So it’s important to her that you like her friends and you like them.

19. When you are with other people try to get noticed

It can happen in various ways, for example:

  • you are talking to another person and she joins the conversation
  • you are talking to more people and she pushes to talk more
  • laughs more than others, they are not at your jokes, to get noticed
  • take any kind of action that brings it to light in your eyes

20. Resumes the conversation when you drop it

Especially in the cold approach, it will be you in the beginning who will have to keep the conversation going while you try it with her.

But then, as a test , you can stop, don’t talk for a moment and drop the conversation … if she picks it up it can mean there’s interest.

21. Try to create a connection with you

This is not easy to explain because they are a whole series of micro-attitudes that are not well understood with logic.

So you have to go to sensation … does it seem like she is trying to make a connection? Does he ask you any particular questions that seem to have the purpose of connecting with you on a deeper level?

Most likely she is attracted.

22. She calls you a playboy, a female spoiler, hints that you have other women

This is both a sign of interest and a test.

First of all it’s a signal because if she tells you that you are a playboy it means that she admits to herself that you are a man who attracts women with ease.

But… it’s also a little test. In fact, many men could apologize and say “But no, I imagine !” . Instead the only thing to do is smile and not continue the conversation.

23. She makes up excuses to be close to you or to be alone with you

This can happen in a thousand ways.

Regarding being close to you: if you are in a group, for example, he can go out of his way to sit next to you.

As for being alone with you: for example, you are in a bar and you say “I’m going to get a drink” , she can say “I’m coming too” so as to be with you without the others being there.

24. When she has to go, he comes to you to tell you

If you feel that she is expecting something from you right now, it’s time to take the step and maybe ask her for the number (if you don’t have it).

25. When she sees you go, she asks you where you are going

Maybe you are leaving without saying goodbye, she can ask you pretending nothing happened “Where are you going?” , if she is interested this means “But how? Are you running away without telling me anything ?! When will we see each other again? 🙂 “

And here we are again at the “not” list

As explained above, there are things that, when he doesn’t do them, that can be a signal.

1. Doesn’t follow her friends if they drift away for a moment

You are in a group with other people who are more of her friends than yours, and for whatever reason, her friends drift away for a moment (maybe they go to get a drink).

If she ‘s there with you , that’s a sign of interest.

2. Doesn’t say she has a boyfriend (even if she has one)

If the conversation ends on the subject and she doesn’t say she has the boyfriend, that’s a great sign of satisfaction she’s sending you.

3. Doesn’t go away if you get close

Interpersonal space is very important for people, especially when you know little about a person.

We allow to tighten the space between us and other people only to those with whom we are familiar and those we like.

You can then take a test, get a little closer than you should and see what it does.

If he doesn’t go away for a moment to recreate the interpersonal space, that’s a signal.

4. Can’t resist when things get more sensual

This is very simple.

When for example you look at her in a certain way, or get close to her face etc. etc. and she doesn’t resist, that’s the moment for the first kiss : go and hit 🙂.

5. Doesn’t resist when you propose to move together

Imagine the scene: it’s you and her with other people.

At one point you tell her: “Let’s go get something to drink”.

If you have known each other recently and she doesn’t resist, it means that maybe she is interested in you.

Various situations

Ok, always keeping in mind the signs we have seen so far, let’s see various situations that could happen to you.

Girl Engaged – Married Woman

Wondering how to tell if a girlfriend likes you?

The differences from other women are two .

For one thing , she will tend to send less flashy interest indicators than other women because she doesn’t want anyone to notice that she likes you.

As a result, your observation instincts will need to be sharper than usual.

Second , many girlfriends send unreal signals just to seek attention.

Yes, you got it right, they only do it because they like to get attention from other men. Later in the article, I will better explain the concept of seeking attention.

Girl you don’t know

Are you trying to figure out if there is interest from a girl you don’t know (or who you know by sight), with whom you have never spoken and maybe you see her around?

I’ll get right to the point: you shouldn’t ask yourself this question, you should approach it and try to conquer it, period.

Of course, because you now want to know i n advance if she likes you or not, so as to avoid a rejection … but what are you a girl? Are you afraid of a woman’s rejection ?! 🙂

But … do you know what women want? They want a man who is committed to what he wants.

Go to her and be the man, approaching is the only way to win a girl you don’t know .

messages – whatsapp and facebook / dating and chat sites

Understanding the signals in chat and text messages (or on dating sites) is obviously only a matter of verbal language, because you are not in front of her.

The speech is very simple: do you follow the rhythm of the conversation, do you invest in the conversation , are you participatory or are you the only one who carries it out?

If she is shy

Some girls are shyer than others (maybe they seem to be difficult but in reality, they are just shy), and unfortunately, they are the ones who send the least signals.

The things to do are do n’t push too hard and don’t expect blatant signals.

Also consider that usually the older a woman is, the less you will see that shyness will stop her from making them understand what she wants, then of course it depends from woman to woman.

If you want more information you can read this article on conquering shy girls .

At school – university

Every so often in the comments they ask us “How do I know if a girl likes me at school / university?!?”

The question always makes me smile, as if these places were a parallel universe in which different rules apply. 🙂

Obviously this is not the case, the signs are always the same, bearing in mind that if you do not know the girl you are interested in, you must approach her and not wait for a miracle to happen. 🙂

If she is a work colleague

Is there a work colleague that you like and want to know if she is interested?

The signs are always the same but muffled by the fact that he may not want other colleagues to understand his interest in you.

The advice is to try to go away alone with her , perhaps during the coffee break, and see how she behaves.

Important considerations about satisfaction signals

Finally, let’s see some important considerations together.

The signals must be read together

What I mean?

First of all, a fundamental rule is to keep in mind that you don’t have to look at the single behavior but the whole.

For example, if a girl touches her hair and does nothing else, it probably doesn’t mean anything, but if she touches her hair and sends other signals, it can mean that there is interest.

Signals should be read in their context

Every context is different, every situation is different, for example, a woman can be very open in the disco and much less in a more normal context, such as in the gym, at work, in everyday life.

A thousand other examples could be given …

If it’s crazy hot and she keeps moving her hair it’s probably not because she likes you, it’s because her hair is hot.

If you are in a group of people in a club and inevitably at some point everyone is busy talking to others and you are close, maybe she asks you to go get a drink with her just because you were talking, she didn’t want to interrupt the conversation. conversation with you and not even the one others were having.

If you see that she is super-outgoing, outgoing, and open to everyone, maybe what she is sending out aren’t signals, it’s just her normal behavior.

If you still approach a woman and she doesn’t even answer you, she walks away and touches her hair, that’s not a sign of interest, okay? 🙂

In short: use common sense .

Don’t be a detective

Don’t look persistently for signs of female seduction, you are not a detective. 🙂 If you were always obsessively looking for signs you could end up having a scarcity and approval-seeking mindset in women , the exact opposite of the correct mindset of the real man.

The signals should therefore only be noticed when they occur, that’s all


After reading the list above, some men start making a big mistake: they begin to inquire about all possible ways to read female body language.

And they study, study, and study, thinking they have the superpower to understand women, looking at every single micro-signal and giving it a meaning it doesn’t have:

  • “He pointed his knee towards you … he loves me!” 🙂
  • “She pointed a foot outwards… she doesn’t like me”   🙂
  • “He made the gesture of the dwarf albino crocodile”   🙂

Here, stay light years away from this bullshit : you don’t need them, they lead you astray, and you don’t focus on the most important things.


Women like to get attention, it makes them feel special .

For this reason, every now and then they can send fake signals of appreciation, for a pure and simple need attention.

What to do if you don’t understand if she really likes you or if she only seeks attention from you? Very simple: take action, try, and see how it behaves.

If he pulls back, it means that he was only looking for attention, if instead he is okay … you know what to do 🙂


Let’s end with the damn friendship zone.

Of course, the above signs apply to girls you’re not super friends with.

In a friendship, gestures are made that could normally be mistaken as true signs of mutual attraction, but which in reality are just not!

So do not get into absurd mental saws on your friend, on the contrary, read the article on how not to end up in the friendship zone .


If you are trying to get your ex girlfriend back then these signs are not for you.


Because the situation is sooooo much more complex than what we described above, so if you follow these signs you risk misunderstanding what she does.

What I advise you to do is to follow your instincts more , for the simple fact that, since you have been together, you are the person who knows her best , and above all who knows her signs of interest best.

That’s all for today, see you next time.

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