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Taurus Weekly Horoscope

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What does the week bring you? Find out in the Taurus Weekly Horoscope! At horoscopetoday.in. you will find the weekly horoscope for the Taurus zodiac sign and many other free horoscopes.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope 07 June 2021 to 13 June 2021

Dear Taurus, you have every reason to be happy!

These constellations are important to you now.

Inexpensive: Pluto (trine), Venus (sextile), Neptune (sextile), until Thursday: Mars (sextile), Jupiter (sextile)

Rather critical: Uranus (conjunction), Saturn (square), from Fr .: Mars (square)

You have every reason to look forward to this week. Much of what has been sluggish up to now suddenly works as if by magic. Your source of power is Mars. You can draw a lot of energy from the little joys of everyday life. Cooking something delicious together, a cozy evening in front of the TV, your good mood grows and grows. And Venus can also come up with something pretty for love for you …

Good advice

The love planet Venus is wonderfully suited to your zodiac sign. She is sextile to you. So you will definitely feel love too. Maybe there will even be a new partnership. Just be careful not to get too cocky, because Venus also sextiles with Uranus.

For you to think about

Man is for joy, joy is for people.


Taurus horoscope weekly

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

You can take different paths, compared to what has already been done previously, but you know what the consequence of each will be, so it is up to you to choose. You can retrace the past or go to the future.

Couples will be engaged in some discussions, but in the end they will always find ways to return to each other, with awareness. It is important to maintain rationality in particular circumstances.

Singles won’t want to be too enterprising with a person, however it’s always best to be outspoken and not keep it all in, only to repent in the future. A little effort could reward them.

Taurus Weekly Career Horoscope