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Leo Weekly Horoscope

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What does the week bring you? Find out in the Leo Weekly Horoscope! At horoscopetoday.in. you will find the weekly horoscope for the Leo zodiac sign and many other free horoscopes.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 07 June 2021 to 13 June 2021

Dear Leo, you should be very careful this week!

These constellations are important to you now.

Inexpensive: Mercury (sextile), sun (sextile), until Tuesday: Venus (sextile)

Rather critical: Uranus (square), Saturn (oppos.)

It’s good that the Sun and Mercury are watching you this week. Because you also need this help if Uranus and Saturn make life difficult for you. Only do what cannot be postponed at all. Above all, Uranus wants to seduce you to act hastily. Therefore: If you feel insecure, it is best to postpone decisions until the next week. Do not rush!

Good advice

You are not always aware of your motivation and should go to yourself and think about why you are doing certain things and others are not. An exciting research into the causes is ahead of you. Since there is a new moon in Gemini this week, and Mercury is also in Gemini, you can do it very well now.

For you to think about

In doing nothing, nothing remains undone.


Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

In the coming week, you might consider being honest all the way with the people you like , the people you ‘re dating, and the ones you’ve just met , revealing your feelings as you experience them.

Couples will greatly appreciate being close to each other, especially to feel more secure when decisions have to be made. It is in fact essential to be able to support each other, when there are difficulties or pseudotal ones.

Singles will want to be sure of their own sensations and feelings before getting involved in something with someone, however if you don’t talk about what you are feeling, it will be difficult to compare.

Leo Weekly Career Horoscope