Gemini Horoscope


Gemini Horoscope, from May 22nd to June 21st

The key to the sign is adaptability. Gemini are not only versatile, but they are able to grasp the most disparate situations and act on impulse, often very effectively.

The planet governor, Mercury , is a strong factor in the “act now, explain later” policy so prevalent in Gemini people, who are well suited to all sorts of business that they frequently justify during the course of events.

A predominant feature of Gemini is the duality of their nature and while cases of split personality are relatively rare, the mind of twins always expresses contradictions . When the contradictions are extreme, the twins reach plausible explanations even if only to their satisfaction.

Just as they are full of imaginationthe twins are also generous and affectionate, but their desire to change makes them dissatisfied with their conditions.

Geminis are intelligent, witty and have a breezy way to cover up or apologize for their mistakes without intending to correct them .

He is drawn to all that is beautiful, unusual and new. He is a brilliant and light-hearted friend, to whom he can tell everything and ask for advice on an infinite number of topics.

Affectionately he is rather lukewarm, he prefers to have a wide circle of acquaintances rather than a one-way friendship. He needs to be among others. He is cheerful and goes out of his way to please.

Gemini can be a fascinating and imaginative lover, next to whom boredom is certainly not known.
His ideal of love is constituted by a perfect harmony of soul and intellect; has a deep sense of personal freedom and a need for independence that discourages an overly possessive partner.

Profile of the sign of Gemini

The air element of Gemini gives them communication, intellectual skills and speed.
The ruling planet is Mercury .

Gemini is a curious student with a good ability to understand the topic of discussion on the fly. Geminis need to change and they need variety and always discovering new things. A strong and flexible personality allows him to always be together with various people.

The energy of Gemini is immense and contagious, the proximity to a Gemini makes even the laziest an active person.

Characteristics of the Gemini sign

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and people born under this sign are happy to say so. This is because they love to chat !
The strength that comes from the Gemini conversation is their mind. Twins are inclined to the intellectual world, they always try to explore places and people in search of information.

Geminis have a desire to share this information with the people they love, as they are extremely interested in developing their interpersonal relationships. Being in company with these people is always fun, as twins are bright, quite intelligent and highly inclined to party.

Even though their intellectual minds are capable of continually rationalizing, Gemini also have a surplus of imagination that needs to be bridged.
Can a twins get bored? Never!Those born under the sign of Gemini can easily see both sides of a dispute, a wonderful practical quality. Less practical is the fact that you don’t know badly which “twin” is on your side, which makes him temperamental and restless.

They can also be characterless , changing their mood on a whim. This is the characteristic that readily suggests the “mutation” quality of the sign. Mutable people are flexible and often follow the direction of the wind. In addition, Geminis adapt to situations and are able to deal with multiple issues at the same time and also have a myriad of interests.

The counterpart to a curious mind can be a lack of analytical logic.Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini exhibits all the energy of this planet. Geminis are both curious and awake , with all kinds of luck, they always find themselves in excellent company, because if this were not the case they would be visually bored and would begin to fidget nervously .

Twins are suitable for all walks of life, sometimes they are affectionate, lovable and hand in sharing their happiness with others. Their expansiveness can sometimes be misunderstood as a plot, but twins generally have pure hearts. Their great energy sometimes shows them as drifted and confused, but behind their behavior there hides an effective elaboration of the environment around them. 

The element associated with Gemini is Air.

Those born under the signs of Air are thoughtful people and the twins do not deny it. Those born under this sign reward the intellect and consider it the key to everything. At work, they are the safest thinkers, look at projects in all aspects and adopt logical and well-structured ideas.

This quality makes twins an asset to any work team and they often manage to gain group leadership .

Geminis know how to show their ability to find the most meaningful goals and always show a well-organized picture of their activities, naturally aided by their best ability, namely interpersonal relationships.

It is also easy to observe how the twins are good at muttering, they want to connect all the actors in a group, but unfortunately, they want to do it their way.

Fortunately for Gemini, their bright spirit and youthful exuberance make them always appear young.

Gemini sign symbolism

All the symbols of Gemini, from perfumes to stones and flowers

Gemini is an air sign, mobile, masculine, positive, ruled by Mercury.
Symbolizing the 3rd house of the zodiac, the sign of Gemini extends from degree 60 to degree 90.

Period:from May 21st to June 20th
Day of the week:Wednesday
Power stone:Mossagate
Features:Interest in literature and knowledge, versatility
Lucky Number:5
Animals:Parrot, monkey
Perfumes and essences:Lemon, lavender

The Person of Gemini

Positive and negative aspects of the Gemini sign


People born under the celestial sign of Gemini are usually bright and intelligent. Many of them are capable of doing the most diverse things. The Gemini person is very often fascinated by the most diverse interests, has an open mind and is eager to discover new things.

Gemini are often precise people. They make pleasant use of their intellect, twins are governed more by their rationality than by their emotional side.

They are people who do not consider a single aspect of reality, they can understand all aspects of an issue and know how to think and are also quick to make important decisions.

Gemini is a person who knows how to adapt and feels comfortable everywhere. There are many situations in which a twin moves confidently and at ease. He is a person who rarely questions himself and takes advantage of situations where he can use his intellect.

His great imagination makes him a talent in inventions.
Gemini is a modern person and remains young in spirit even as the years go by.

Literature and art are an outlet for those born under this sign, creativity is a gift that intrigues both men and women of the twins.

Twins are often charming, good speakers and are often the center of attention in any conversation, people think twins are great companions and are always happy to have friends with a good sense of humor.


Many times twins try to do many things at the same time and ultimately do nothing. Some twins are easily distracted and find it difficult to focus on one thing for a long time.
Sometimes they take things too lightly and find things too serious rather boring, some of them are unreliable, they don’t keep their promises.

Well twins often appear well worn for different materials, they are hidden to avoid confrontation. Their knowledge is often only superficial, but because they are good speakers they give the impression of being learned.
Twin people have sharp tongues and are irreverent, they only think about their interests and their pleasure.

Friendship Profile

The most social and vain of the zodiac has a lot of friends , in fact, Gemini can have twice as many as other signs have.

Friends always have to invent new amusements to keep up with the twins, or at best they have to know how to keep them entertained.

Geminis can bond with many different types of groups , if they feel bored with the company, it doesn’t take more than a day that you see them laughing and joking with another group.

Gemini are a social creature who loves to be surrounded by friends , to make friends with a twins you need to focus on their intellectual curiosity, if you can become friends with them, you will enjoy respect and a fruitful friendship.

Best friends: Aries , Leo

Compatibility of twins


  • Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius
  • Affective complex: Gemini, Sagittarius
    • Strong attraction: Virgo, Pisces
  • Incompatibility: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

Romantic Gemini profile

The best way to win a Gemini is to charm them intellectually.

The strong influence of the planet Mercury gives the sign of Gemini its peculiar characteristics : restlessness , research , movement . Very active on an intellectual level, in any type of relationship with others , be it love or just a friendly relationship, this sign loves to test the mind of those in front of it. Always ready to listen and to help those in difficulty, he is also a very skilled speaker.

On a sentimental level, the sign of Gemini will change partners until it is able to find a person with an intellect at least as developed as his, who can stand up to him in any situation . Once he has found the right person, he will prove to be a devoted and attentive lover towards his partner’s needs.

Gemini: Romance and Passion

Being engaged in a loving relationship with someone born under the sign of Gemini requires a great deal of energy.

This sign is always very active on a mental level , he likes to laugh, play, joke, party. Only those who manage to amaze them from an intellectual profile can win his heart. Given the dual nature that characterizes the sign, Gemini always manages to take into consideration the different aspects of a situation.

This 360-degree vision allows him to better understand the various problems, and, consequently, to find the right remedies, representing a fundamental help for the partner and for all those around him.

Gemini and relationships

the sign of Gemini lives every loving bond with extreme passion. He is looking for a person who can stimulate him intellectually and who does not make him bored. Her constant changes of direction help keep the relationship alive. The sign of Gemini loves to be the center of attention, and above all loves to show off his intellectual skills.

Overly jealous partners will be tested by a provocative lover, who often indulges in ambiguous attitudes with the intention of verifying the strength and stability of the relationship. After a hard day at work, the sign of Gemini will have a myriad of things to tell their partner, always with his enthralling enthusiasm.

Gemini Love and Eros

Diversity and wholeness, this is what the sign of Gemini expects from a love relationship.

Gemini and Love

The sign of Gemini experiences love as a kind of game or adventure , the passionate and emotional components are fundamental. His goal is to find a person who can make him happy forever, every little doubt about it will lead him to look elsewhere.

Once you find the right person, Gemini turns out to be a caring partner and ready to do anything to make your loved one happy. In times when he is not romantically engaged, the sign of Gemini is very likely to feel empty and vulnerable.

There is always an aura of melancholy that surrounds those born under the sign of Gemini, the only effective cure seems to be that of love.

Gemini and sex

On a sentimental level, the sign of Gemini does not have great pretensions , the fundamental requirement that a person must have to conquer it is the ability to stand up to it from an intellectual point of view.

The sexual component is also seen as a mental experience rather than a physical one. Once the perfect lover has been found, the sign of Gemini will be happy to unleash all its sexual charge: every sense must be involved and stimulated for the sexual act to become a unique and always different experience.

Diversity and wholeness, this is what the sign of Gemini expects from a love relationship.

Needs of the sign of Gemini

The sign of Gemini needs a person who is fun, reliable and who knows how to keep a smile even in the most difficult moments.

The intellectual component is also very important: mental stimulation is necessary to keep alive the interest that the sign of Gemini has towards the partner.

The ideal lover is the one who manages to amaze and excite him in any situation. If all these requests are met, Gemini will turn out to be a calm and fiery partner at the same time, unpredictable and caring, loving and sensual.

Seduction Sign Gemini

Secrets to seduce and conquer a Gemini

How to seduce him …

… always try to keep the game for your Gemini partner

… always be open and understanding towards him, even if his provocative attitude can sometimes be quite annoying

… tries to surround you with a mysterious aura through attitudes that are both seductive and ambiguous, the sign of Gemini loves to chase its prey, and is strongly attracted to the mystery

… get ready to listen to his endless tales, the sign of Gemini loves to talk and wants a partner who knows how to pay attention to him

… during the sexual act, be skilled with the body but also with the mind. The sign of Gemini will abandon itself completely in the arms of those who know how to stimulate their curiosity even in this field

… grant your Gemini partner the freedom they need so much, in response you may find a person capable of broadening your mental horizons  

… always keep your enthusiasm high and always be ready and efficient. Boredom is a component that will surely take you away from your Gemini partner

To Avoid … 

… don’t try to stifle her provocative and mischievous nature. The sign of Gemini is very sociable, but that does not mean that they are also unfaithful

… never question his initiatives or projects, and above all do not try to interfere in his mental elaborations

… don’t be too traditional, the sign of Gemini loves surprises and will know how to repay you with unbridled sensuality

… don’t neglect your Gemini partner too much, he loves feeling wanted and being treated with white gloves

 tell your Gemini not to flirt anymore. Gemini is a butterfly of a sociable nature, and will never understand why you try to suppress their instincts.

 be a bad interlocutor or a bad listener. Gemini gets bored easily and may not want to postpone the conversation for another time.

 don’t ask a thousand questions every time the Gemini has an idea. They do not appreciate intrusions into their mental processing processes.

 be too surprised – they might be bringing some food, some crackers and news to the bed in addition to the two of you.

 keep a Gemini on the ground. They must be able to slip into your hands like silver.