Daily horoscope for 19 September 2020 Saturday


Head shots galore

You really need a patron saint or a particularly powerful celestial guardian today, who with Mars in the sign, in conflict with the Moon and with Mercury, you have your head just to go crazy. Your great fortune is to be surrounded by people who love you, your partner, children, friends. And if it is true that your character is a cross between that of Michelangelo and Caravaggio, that is to say explosive, on the other hand you have a heart of gold and never remain angry for more than five minutes: now everyone knows it and if the others do defilano you can see why!

FOR HER: in your explosion there is a deadly mixture of jealousy, anger, revenge. Want to make someone pay and you do it and, then forget everything, even the cause of the scene… but the others don’t!

FOR HIM: “Sing me or diva of the pelide Achilles the fatal wrath …” this is only the beginning of the Iliad, because Homer did not know you … otherwise the theme would have had a different plot, even more warlike, relatives and friends could say their!



PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 5, activities: 5, finances: 7, well-being: 6.

Aries Horoscope Today 19 September 2020 Saturday


Quiet facade … with inner turbulence

Looking at you from the front you are the portrait of tranquility, you would be fine in a Japanese haiku or in a print of Utamaru … Only the partner, who knows you like the back of his hand, guesses behind your glance, slightly darkened, all your discomfort. It is not an explosion of anger, but an implosion from Urani, which calls everything into question: emotions, sensations, feelings. The magic helper today is the will and determination to understand and understand each other and with the support of Jupiter and Pluto in trine you will succeed, plumbing the abysses of the subconscious to re-emerge, Heracles victorious in the sunlight!

FOR HER: sex and feeling on divergent tracks, leave pampering and tenderness aside … today we go straight to the point!

FOR HIM: busy even today, or worse, very busy, with intense work even on weekends: roll up your sleeves and hold on!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: fluorescent red


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 6, activities: 7, finances: 6, well-being: 6.

Taurus Horoscope Today 19 September 2020 Saturday


Romantic and communicative in the moonlight

First crescent of the Moon, barely perceptible to those who are not short-sighted and moreover disharmonious to Mars, Saturn and Pluto, which consume its energy. But it doesn’t matter to you, the essential thing is that you talk to you about love, if then fate turns it into a tender friendship or ends it quickly with a farewell, you will think about it in due time … For today you can enjoy the joyful side of life: a beautiful environment, a cheerful atmosphere, pleasant things and people, then you will see as you go along. A mix of culture and heartbeat with Mercury in trine and Venus in sextile; sweet moments even with your puppets, nice to give a surprise party for them and their friends, with games and snacks of an ancient tradition: they will be thrilled … and you even more …

FOR HER: happy to be mothers and if you are not yet, start thinking seriously: hurry up, however, in autumn the storks are preparing to migrate.

FOR HIM: friendship in pole position, even if sometimes friends tire you, irritate you, betray you: that’s how you are, you don’t know how to give up company!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: pinkish white.


PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 8, activities: 6, finances: 7, well-being: 8.

Gemini Horoscope Today 19 September 2020 Saturday


Crossed by the planets

Crossed by your responsibilities and by wrong choices made upstream. The stars are proposing them again today, all arranged in a cross with respect to your sign: Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in opposition, the Moon-Mercury couple in quadrature on one side and Mars on the other. The only pleasant note is Venus, which leads you to make elegant and expensive purchases that are pleasing. If you really can’t resist, in the name of the line, take a trip to the pastry shop just to dive into a chocolate puff: true, tryptophan calms anxiety, but then don’t cry if you see yourself dilated in the mirror! Migraine companion of the day, all that remains is to invoke the miracle from San Gennaro, scheduled today.

FOR HER: intrusive mother-in-law, but for the sake of yours, close one eye, accepting his invitation to lunch for tomorrow … Really good, moved by a realistic thought: in thirty years you will be in her place!

FOR HIM: young people have not passed and if you have not yet completed the Saturnian turning point, between 29 and 30, it is very rare that you dwell on your memories. However, with a reunion among high school friends, the memory is activated. Your film: Night before exams.



PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 6, activities: 4, finances: 8, well-being: 5.

Cancer Horoscope Today 19 September 2020 Saturday


Solar day, just like you

Uranus spoilsport is on its own without interfering much, because to protect you from its destabilizing ray is your tenant Venus who shields you with her shell. In agreement with her, Mars in trine and the Moon and Mercury in sextile also infuse this Saturday September with a positive atmosphere, sowing good humor and harmony all around. You are probably transmitting it yourself, if you vibrate well the others also adapt, especially far from the boredom of everyday life, perhaps on a trip to the lake or the sea, still beautiful. Positive thinking always in vogue, when you see pink the sky becomes such, if you see it full, the empty cup sooner or later fills up for real! Work is also good, if you have a thriving business during the weekend you really feel the ruler of yourself.

FOR HER: do not listen to the rumors of the neighborhood, it is the facts that count, and the facts promise the best: chase your dreams like kites, they will let themselves be captured!

FOR HIM: culture in pole position, both between exhibitions and museums, and comfortably curled up on the sofa, with a nice book in your hands!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: pumpkin yellow.


PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 10, activities: 8, finances: 9, well-being: 10.

Leo Horoscope Today 19 September 2020 Saturday


Lucky in love and also in play

Lucky in love, they rule Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus in trine to the Sun in your sign. But not only that: today you can also consider yourself lucky at gambling, not necessarily gambling, rather think about the game of life, one made up of strange cases and providential combinations. Revealing dreams show you the way to follow … when you have a doubt do not insist with logic, which in spite of the proverbial rationality of your sign, today risks taking you off track. Remember grandma’s advice, when a problem afflicts or you are looking for answers, put a note under your pillow with your question: while you sleep the mind acts, so it works!

FOR HER: to unleash all your charm, you just need to change your environment, while traveling even the way you love changes radically: more sparkling, casual, unscrupulous, tonight you will be the odalisque or the geisha who drives your lord crazy … but tomorrow yes reverse the parts!

FOR HIM: spesucce and spesone but for once transgressing is such a pleasure: for the family and the children today we make an exception to the rule!



PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 9, activities: 7, finances: 10, well-being: 7.

Virgo Horoscope Today 19 September 2020 Saturday


The intuition of the Moon and the logic of Mercury

When a crescent moon appears on your horizon, it is always a promise of sensitivity and good intentions. Unfortunately, however, she and you today encounter some difficulties, fortunately blunted by the beneficial presence of Mercury, sympathetic, sparkling, eternally young. True, under the cross fire of Mars, Saturn and Pluto, you probably find yourself having to deal with a “rustic” and transgressive partner, even worse with the lack of a companion with whom to share small and big joys … in addition to the burden of boredom. Moments of nostalgia for lost things or people, then you give yourselves a move and start idling, the past does not return, and if your ex, like you, has deep regrets, what are you waiting for to make the first move?

FOR HER: with your him it is always an alternation, moments of total ecstasy, in practice a leap to heaven and then the fall into Hades, between discontent and acid jokes: however, something unites you … you are similar like two drops of water .

FOR HIM: the past is an intruder who sneaks like a shadow between you and yours. The mother-in-law also thinks about it, with the usual elephant tact: don’t let yourself be conditioned, focus on your self-esteem.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: creamy yellow

MOOD BAROMETER: variable with bright spells.

PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 7, activities: 7, finances: 7, well-being: 7.

Libra Horoscope Today 19 September 2020 Saturday


Of corvée, even on Saturdays

Corvée also on Saturday and it is better this way if the emotion is perturbed by the passage of the Moon, arm in arm with Mercury, in the twelfth house, precisely that of the tests. It is advisable to let off steam by doing, work distracts and consoles. Good business for those who carry out a commercial activity, in tourism or in catering, compared to expectations, everything takes a different pace, which surprises you by making you hope for a not too distant exit from the crisis. It is difficult to know when, but you can see a slightly clearer sky on the horizon too. Rumors to not listen to, when gossips are unleashed, underneath there are always envy.

FOR HER: the thriller taste never leaves you, today in the bookstore you stock up on noir novels, which make you breathless, sending your heart in fibrillation: long live the strong emotions.

FOR HIM: there are those who find lost dogs and those who risk losing their own for … love: your canine Don Giovanni runs away in search of a “girlfriend”. Just one precaution: teach them to cross with the green!



PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 6, activities: 8, finances: 7, well-being: 5.

Scorpio Horoscope Today 19 September 2020 Saturday


Lucky sign. Reckless life with friends

Finally, the Saturday you have been waiting for a while, with Mercury, Venus and Mars, all harmonics at your sign .. The newly waxing Moon is also nice, promoter of new friendships. Travel and feeling today go hand in hand, but for you it is nothing new. The weekend of love with the sweetheart and the puppets in tow, even more intriguing after a period of crisis. A splendid emotional climate even if there is no love but friendship is enough for you, a few distracted purchases and off to smell the hill, the sea or dive into the maze of alleys in the ancient village chosen specifically to relax. In the evening do not miss a show, cinema and theater are always culture.

FOR HER: lively evening, without limits or timetables, you are tired of being good girls, tonight you give yourselves to crazy joy, happy as Easter, even if there are more than six months to go!

FOR HIM: nice to travel, even a few kilometers from home, a sleepy but full of art and ideas to fall in love with.



PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 10, activities: 10, finances: 9, well-being: 10.

Sagittarius Horoscope Today 19 September 2020 Saturday


Saturday to be archived, with a sad emoji

Among the emojis proposed by your smartphone, today the choice falls on the sad face, perfectly in line with your bad mood. Especially the family at the expense, secondly also any work, assuming that even today you are on duty or busy with your business. Beautiful force, with Mercury, the Moon and Mars, all against, in quadrature with your sign and its three tenants, among which Saturn prevails today, the guiding star of Saturday and master of cosmic pessimism. So although the other two, Jupiter and Pluto try to give you a hand, keeping it at bay, and self control remains your specialty, keeping your nerves and an impassive facade until the evening will be almost impossible.

FOR HER: afternoon at home, perhaps to assemble the new bookcase that will solve all your space problems. Don’t worry, to make order first you have to go through chaos, the myth of the cosmos genesis teaches.

FOR HIM: one-on-one chat with the mother-in-law, you have to beg her not to cook all that stuff: at least not for you, who are all on a diet. Refugees, homeless people and the new poor, however, would like a lot.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: anthracite.


PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 6, activities: 5, finances: 7, well-being: 6.

Capricorn Horoscope Today 19 September 2020 Saturday


Sprint start… and go!

Good weather, so you want a trip to the countryside or to the sea, already awake at dawn don’t think twice, get ready quickly and jump on your old cart (hoping to be able to replace it as soon as possible) and off to a nice excursion or a visit to a city of art. Improvised with friends or a food and wine tour with a cultural background: accomplices Mars, Mercury and the Moon in harmony with your sign, today you are ready for anything, eager to overdo it: an injection of adrenaline that sends you high, practically flying! Bombardment of emails and text messages, with all the friends you have around the world, just answering their questions will take you hours of work.

FOR HER: culture always in pole position, it is your life obsession: theater, cinema, debates, everything intrigues you, not to mention the pile of volumes just bought in the bookshop!

FOR HIM: despite the mists of late summer, the desire for motion, speed, music persists. Easy rider is a timeless myth, but better on a safe vehicle.



PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 9, activities: 10, finances: 8, well-being: 10.

Aquarius Horoscope Today 19 September 2020 Saturday


Crazy expenses for a super Saturday

Extravagance is part of your being, not only in shopping, of course, but also in thoughts and interpersonal relationships or in choosing a restaurant for an out of the ordinary Saturday night. Stratospheric gifts to a loved one, especially if you have something to make up for, the menu is also expensive, with fine food and wines if you are a special guest to celebrate. Your generosity is never denied, now in particular with Jupiter and Uranus in sextile, Victor Hugo says well “while the pocket empties, the heart fills. Significant dreams on which to reflect, through their plot the messages of the unconscious reach you: you will understand encouragement or prohibition for yourself.

FOR HER: extravagant menu on the table today, with a mix of tradition and recipes of the future: from molecular to vegan cuisine, from the East to the signature frozen food, you will have nothing but indulge yourself.

FOR HIM: to work even today, but with pleasure, overtime brings money and you have very specific ideas on how to spend it.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: grass green.


PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 10, activities: 10, finances: 7, well-being: 8.

Pisces Horoscope Today 19 September 2020 Saturday

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