Daily Horoscope 4 October 2020 Sunday


Brainless spendthrift moon

The Moon appears almost Full in the sky, white and pot-bellied, like the belly of your piggy bank, which you are emptying, without thinking twice. But you should, pandemics and global economic crises are certainly not good for them. Don’t blame her, poor thing, spendthrift and even mindless, now that Uranus, together with her in your second home, tempts her with lightning-headed blows. Don’t worry, Mercury will take care of pulling the handbrake, opposing her, beating under your nose, at her and at you, the accounts of last month: it would be nothing if the crazy expenses were limited only to today, instead you give us inside from a little bit and the results are worrying… Easy to fall in love for hot and enthusiastic types like you, not only with people but also with objects, a fashionable bag, a latest-fashioned jacket, a delicious and expensive perfume … and the list could expand indefinitely!

FOR HER: fashion seductions, and you would make a feast of it: almost everything for you, but also something to give to friends in the birthday area, with gifts all based on novelties.

FOR HIM: splendid, generous, chivalrous ideals are those you advocate, unfortunately without following: in a society centered on consumption and the network, noble feelings have gone out of fashion … but you can always count on eternal return!



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 7, activities: 8, finances: 6, well-being: 8.


Greedy for beauty and delicacies

Now that the temperature is lowering, the desire for sweets, chocolate and caloric delicacies returns overwhelmingly, all delights innate with your sign, today stirred up by the Moon-Uranus couple that crosses it, and moreover also enhanced by the super trine of Venus and Jupiter, he enjoyable, she creative and sensual. Probably at a different time, especially if your name is Francesco or Francesca, you would have invited a nice group of friends to your home to celebrate yourself and all your namesake, but above all the most ecological saint in history, patron saint of animals, on the calendar today . Instead, by conforming to what is happening in the world and taking the tips written in the Times as a guide, you too reduce the number of guests but not the quantity and richness of the food. Nice idea if you are in the area to visit abbeys and basilicas named after the saint, Umbria and Tuscany all in his honor, but wherever you live the Bel Paese is beautiful, you just need to turn around to stumble upon something remarkable, able to offer aesthetic ideas and above all meditative!

FOR HER: friendship, an incorruptible asset: especially with your kindergarten friend, you grew up together, in total harmony … same tastes, same ideals, same goals, same desires … you even fall in love with the same man!

FOR HIM: they have always accused you of being predictable and consequently boring, but today your detractors will have to change their mind: your choices are all very original. To imitate!



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 10, finances: 9, well-being: 10.


Clear ideas, despite everything

You don’t want to clarify your ideas today, at least on Sundays you like to blame your fantasies and if they are nebulae not bad, they are your secret garden, with no access to anyone. Too bad that the Sun in trine, which underlines the truth, is able to pierce the Neptunian mists of your dreams with a curious ray today. Maybe if caught off guard you will not like it, then slowly you will begin to appreciate. It is true that you belong to the sign of “Pinocchi”, a few lies sometimes make color, but a true everyday life, underlines your guiding star Mercury, is much more satisfying, a true anti-stress. How many errors emerge suddenly from the archives of your mind, some head shots from the past even make you ashamed, but it is useless to cry over spilled milk, look ahead!

FOR HER: how many deep thoughts arise in the quiet of your home, listening to Mozart or Vivaldi… while an open book lies on the sofa, next to you, with your gaze lost in the dream.

FOR HIM: if you belong to the dense ranks of merchants, today, rub your hands as a sign of contentment: in spite of the crisis, buyers arrive in large numbers, a sign that your goods are indispensable, even in lean times.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 6, activities: 6, finances: 7, well-being: 7.



Between friendship and love … just one step

Gabriel García Márquez rightly writes “a true friend is one who takes you by the hand and touches your heart”. And if a feeling already so strong and complete turns into love, you will have done the en plein: complicity, trust, communication and, in addition, an unknown passion, which takes you violently, invading your mind and heart. No, it is not the plot of a romance novel but the planetary arrangement of the moment with respect to your sign: the Moon with Uranus in the sector of friendships in sextile. Same aspect also for Venus in Virgo, great friend of your friend Jupiter, she who creates fortune and he who increases it, in that of loves, fatally destined to lead to the exchange of rings, all perfumed by a fresh scent of flowers, the Neptunian romanticism, which involves you, overwhelming you… in short, a beautiful fairy tale in pure Grimm or Perrault style, but as you learn by reading them abundantly, one thing is the symbol and the dream, another the pitiless reality.

FOR HER: how much would you like to spend the Sunday morning to make a kitty with your him, perhaps in a romantic hotel in an ancient village … and instead the work touches you. Don’t complain, feel lucky.

FOR HIM: very much in love, she is a true treasure, a vision, a fairy, but there is a “but” … if she can’t stand your Snoopy’s parties or Lulu’s hair … you might as well say goodbye immediately, before getting too sick!



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 7, finances: 6, well-being: 9.



Perfect Sunday for creatives

All around, enjoying the last warm sun, nature and art, but for you even today the dominant thought remains work, natural if you do not have it or you risk losing it, but equally understandable if in your branch the weekend is the most profitable time of the week. In this sense, the Moon emerging at the zenith paired with Uranus, which dynamizes any situation making it urgent, and thanks to the very fortunate coupled Jupiter and Venus, he in the sixth house, relating precisely to work, she in the second, the one that speaks of earnings , that’s where all your resources, energy, creativity converge. Imagination applied to practice even for those who have no professional commitments but love to briculate and since making clothes and objects at home for themselves or as a gift to friends, moments of relaxation, especially if the weather is not splendid, always find you like this , at the table with your tools scattered all around … scissors, glue, wood, balls … and so on and so forth, the more you put! The icing on the cake is a little music and a good tea to sip.

FOR HER: warm feelings for everyone, people and animals. Especially them, who today have their world day, then walking with Peggy on a leash you meet the beautiful colleague with his adorable Pongo… it will become love for four!

FOR HIM: from separated for a walk with your puppets, not Sunday goes by without emptying your wallet, toys, books, trips, not to mention the gifts … every time they fill your trunk! Only loving fathers or guilt-ridden underneath?

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: emerald green.

MOOD BAROMETER: variable with bright spells.

PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 7, activities: 10, finances: 10, well-being: 10.


Perfect day… as long as you are away from home

How boring, every Sunday the family lunch, if then in your tribe there is a Francesco or a Francesca, attached to tradition, you will also touch cake and sparkling wine. Fattening! Words, words, sings Mina, you say you are bored, perhaps precisely because with the Moon-Uranus couple in trine you would like to do the originals, but you want a lot of good to your loved ones, even to the brothers, with whom sooner or later everyone quarrels, but not you, especially now with Mercury in sextile which makes you accomplices. Surprises and a gift to an elder of the family, the bond with the roots and the affection magnified by Venus in the sign in trine to Jupiter, today makes you overdo it so that everyone is happy. Not so tender, on the contrary, hypercritical only with the partner, who you judge unreliable: difficult with a Peter Pan or a Wendy who refuses to grow up to keep up with you.

FOR HER: falling in love and love, two different phases specifies Alberoni’s essay, and you are experiencing both… with a mix of joy and apprehension.

FOR HIM: between a boring and quiet Sunday at home, between reading and bricolage, and a reckless excursion in the mountains, with the first snow at an altitude of 3000, definitely choose the second option: you can afford it with such a hardened sports physique, adaptable to all climates.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 9, activities: 9, finances: 9, well-being: 9.



Casuccia, what a passion

All out on Sunday. Who to go shopping, who to the cinema, who to browse through woods and ancient villages, but after the stress of this infernal working week, with Mars against which feeds the tension, nothing seems more desirable today than the quiet of your house (better if that of the countryside!). Not to celebrate, however, unless it is your birthday, serenity for you today passes through rest and meditation, after so many voices you feel the need for silence and after so many artificial stimuli only for peace and nature. Perhaps not by chance and not only because today is on the calendar, you remember the canticle of the creatures of St. Francis, a sublime hymn to nature and its harmony, which unfortunately man seems to have trampled on, but not you, convinced ecologists , you will do everything to make it flourish again.

FOR HER: bewitched by the handsome Casanova, but the epithet already says it all: yet another illusion is already overshadowing your wits: lock the doors of your heart!

FOR HIM: after the last skirmish with what you consider a rival, do the most sensible thing in recent months: you no longer give it life, erasing it from your mind, and if it is true that thought is energy …

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: antique pink.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 6, activities: 8, finances: 9, well-being: 7.


Lightning skirmish with the partner … and then what peace!

The Moon in opposition arm in arm with Uranus speaks clearly: with the partner today the clash is almost guaranteed, for the usual reasons plus: you spend too much, spoil the puppets, you are always around … And the notes, all unpleasant, could continue to ‘ infinite, were it not for the almost miraculous intervention of Mercury in the sign, simultaneously pampered by Venus and Jupiter in a pacifist sextile. They will close your mouth with a chocolate, better still a long kiss, save the couple … and immediately a serene expression and a smile of peace are rekindled on your faces. Good news and sweet proposals from a loved one, if you wait for someone’s visit it will be a fabulous afternoon. Have a dessert worthy of this meeting ready and some sparkling wine chilled in the fridge!

FOR HER: how many sweet words, full of feeling, your ears hear … yet until a few minutes ago you spoke to each other in all colors … ah, love, how many strong emotions it can trigger!

FOR HIM: lunch with the mother-in-law, usually on Sundays, and now sated and a little bored open the novel of your favorite author: a moment and you are already far away, plunged into some adventure.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: orchid pink.

MOOD BAROMETER: variable with bright spells.

PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 7, activities: 8, finances: 7, well-being: 6.


Always challenge, in any season

The news on the work front you are metabolizing slowly, some reassuring, others anxious as a challenge, but you, born on horseback with the sword to fight, always like to get involved. Double now with Mars in trine, so don’t give up! Not so exciting is the front of the heart, weighed down by a slight disappointment or a little problem in the family. This is why today, thanks to Jupiter in the second house and Mercury who dozes and neglects to do the math, you give yourself to one of your favorite activities, wild shopping, which would anger any sociologist of common sense, in a consumerist society now reduced to a flicker, in prey to storm winds, unleashed by his own errors. Don’t worry, you are not always like this, on the contrary, spiritualists and ecologists, usually you do not look at the windows but at the soul, but if today you want to treat yourself to a consolation prize, go ahead.

FOR HER: in spite of World Animal Day, no one takes a good scolding at your cat today: first she scratches the curtains, then she undoes your knitting, finally disappears… escaped? But no, the roast placed on the table awaiting dinner is being devoured!

FOR HIM: sudden and immediately fibrillating pain: you athletes should know that by stressing too much biceps, quadriceps and trapezius, it happens!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: green gray.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 7, activities: 7, finances: 10, well-being: 6.


Better than that only in fairy tales

The kermesse of fortune today for you, benefited not only by the great Jupiter, but also by Venus, which gives you a beautiful trine, two the two stars of fortune, major and minor, enhanced by the Moon-Uranus couple, also as a sign of Earth. Neptune intermediary who channels the stellar energies in the best way. So everything is wonderful, love, family, the romantic autumn atmosphere, if you then go for chestnuts, which cook in your grandmother’s iron pot, but the slightly retro magic of the moment will envelop everyone. A great party also for singles, stunned by a love letter that seems to have been stolen from Prévert or Neruda: forget your hesitations and the wrong experiences of the past to swing into the arms of your new flame.

FOR HER: now more than ever health and well-being are a couple, in spite of the prevailing nervousness you feel great, full of enthusiasm and vitality … will it be love?

FOR HIM: do you remember grandma’s apple pie, the protagonist of your childhood? Bring it back to your puppets, with a separate “mammo” apron: sweet traditions unite entire generations.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 7, finances: 7, well-being: 10.


Clean up at home and in the bookstore

It is not an activity that you like, but every now and then when you get the mood of madness, you suddenly find your home too full and stuffy, with the urge to throw everything away. First of all, “throwing” is a big word, because now with the crisis what no longer suits you would be very convenient for many people. The books, then, your true loves, it is true that they lurk dust and mites, but you well know that if you discard them in the heat now, sooner or later you will end up buying them back identical to the flea market. So repent, the Moon-Uranus couple in quadrature demands a careful and profound reflection on your part, even for you lovers of the new there are habits and things to keep … useless to challenge the family traditions if then, even if in an alternative way , follow in its footsteps! Stomach upside down for Saturday night partying, thank goodness you have a few friends left to let off steam with … after yet another skirmish at home, spend time outside, perhaps walking in the park.

FOR HER: firefight with mommy, yet another in this period, if the mother-in-law also gets involved …

FOR HIM: neither beauty nor well-being, today you don’t feel fit and it shows, thank goodness that the ever-helpful herbalist friend already has a drink ready for you … obviously he knows his chicken!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: electric blue.

MOOD BAROMETER: thunderstorm.

PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 5, activities: 5, finances: 6, well-being: 5.



Wonderful Sunday for those who do not expect the moon

Splendid Sunday, pampered by the sextiles of Jupiter, Uranus and the Moon … three giants of the solar system all around you, ready to distract you, have fun and maybe even teach you something new. In fact, communicative and exchange of information, with the placet of Mercury in trine, the leitmotif of this Sunday, around with friends discover something new, art gems almost buried in nothing, intriguing shops almost impossible to find or, listen, listen, a feeling new thing that is warming your heart and about which, until yesterday, you did not suspect anything … Yes, the most interesting person of the group you usually frequent takes to make a blatant court, or perhaps it is you who, always traveling with slices of salami on your eyes, you hadn’t noticed it before … Via the veils, love finally appears in all its splendor, an overwhelming force of nature that makes you respond immediately with enthusiasm.

FOR HER: how many friends of Libra, we see that the New Year’s cuddles end nine months later with so many births! Gifts to everyone, you would need Uncle Scrooge’s golden card. Solution: fall back on DIY, with your creativity and the imagination that you find, you will create wonders.

FOR HIM: enlightening speeches and readings, what friends do not say and what is not written on social networks can be found in an old book recovered in the attic … “The eternal new” Goethe would say … because everything, revisited, returns to where it came from !

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: milky white.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 8, finances: 9, well-being: 9.

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