Daily Horoscope 4 May 2021 Tuesday

Daily Horoscope 4 May 2021 Tuesday - horoscope today

Your Daily Horoscope 4 May 2021 Tuesday. Love, work or health: what is written in the stars today? What does your personal daily horoscope reveal?

Aries Daily Horoscope 4 May 2021 Tuesday

Long live the change, the engine of life

You wake up in a good mood this morning and you still don’t know why, but the stars do. They also know why you smile at your friends and in spite of the individualism you profess today you care a lot about others, showing that you are open and available to everyone. Responsible for this opening and unfortunately temporary renunciation of the ego, the Moon-Jupiter couple, synonymous with optimism and trust in one’s neighbor, in sextile. In addition, little Mercury, the star of communication and exchange, is now moving into Gemini, a nice and playful sign, able to dance in life lightly, also tackling problems with ease. Many phone calls, contacts, proposals, a deal immediately turns out well, as you would never have dared to hope, an exam or a question is solved brilliantly with a stroke of luck.

FOR HER: from friendship to love the step will be short, you feel it, but you are not in a hurry, in the meantime, enjoy this very pleasant interregnum, playful, sparkling and mischievous.

FOR HIM: you have no secrets with friends, you trust them blindly and you do well, because their trust is well placed and they think exactly the same way towards you.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 10, finances: 9, well-being: 10.

Aries Horoscope Today 04 May 2021 Tuesday

Taurus Daily Horoscope 4 May 2021 Tuesday

Greetings to Mercury who is leaving

Today someone is leaving your large and complex family, perhaps for work reasons or to take a pleasure trip. Will be back but not too soon. There is no mention of Paola, Claudia, Simone … but of Mercury, the youngest son of the planetary family, but not for this naive, indeed, in the sign where he went, the Gemini, will go to school of sympathy but also of malice, he will earn a lot without toiling as now and he will be able to treasure the teachings of those who are above him and have made their fortune, word of the Moon, clinging to the great Jupiter at the zenith. A lot to do for you too, candidates for success, this day is tiring but at least 90% will go straight, the other ten will be postponed until tomorrow morning.

FOR HER: white flies, you have an excellent relationship with mommy, the mother-in-law adores you, the old neighbors who benefit from your kindness speak of you as angels or fairies. In short, you are all enchanted.

FOR HIM: unbelievable but true, ask your boss for a raise who, in spite of these lean times, grants it to you with a smile. Are you awake or are you still dreaming?



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 8, finances: 10, well-being: 9.

Taurus Horoscope Today 04 May 2021 Tuesday

Gemini Daily Horoscope 4 May 2021 Tuesday

The prodigal son returns home

Great day for you, despite the planetary gathering in the twelfth house today you don’t pay attention to it, because you have other things to think about. First of all, to prepare the sign for little Mercury, the prodigal son who returns home, therefore a special lunch and beautiful gifts for him. Double, because in addition to embodying this evangelical figure, he is also your governor. And as evidenced by the trine of the Moon-Jupiter couple, it comes back from afar loaded with experiences, teachings and maybe even some nice gifts for you. We often talk about travel, certainly about work or business, but maybe you also book a cottage for the holidays, far enough away to really feel like you’re traveling, even if something holds you back from totally adhering to the old lifestyle. It is intelligence, capable of comparing the terms of things and drawing a vision of freedom independent of that offered by others. It is the intellect that is celebrated today!

FOR HER: children around the world, despite the pandemic, someone works and studies abroad, but with a reassuring online contact they make a daily trip home, filling you with tenderness and pride.

FOR HIM: simple and fast travel, none of the complications and annoyances announced by the bureaucracy and if some checks for health reasons are carried out it does not bother you, the pleasure of getting back on the road even exceeds this.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 8, activities: 10, finances: 9, well-being: 10.

Gemini Horoscope Today 04 May 2021 Tuesday

Cancer Daily Horoscope 4 May 2021 Tuesday

Misunderstanding or blunder, however embarrassment

It will be trifles, but today something does not turn out in the morning, you wake up out of tune and always out of tune you proceed throughout the day. It will be because of the Moon, clinging to Jupiter, which keeps you in the world of dreams, especially if the dream content was interesting, full of symbols that continue to speak to you even when awake and after a couple of coffees (and when the doors of the subconscious open who would have the courage to close them?). As if the star of rationality and logic were not enough, qualities that are not yet expressed in your sign, today change your position by sliding into your twelfth house, where it immediately makes you even more taciturn and introspective. In practice, it sews your mouth… which you will continue to gladly use to feed yourself!

FOR HER: once the mothers, in front of the fathers who were returning from work, drew up a long list of the “misdeeds” of the little ones. Today you do not run this danger, especially if you are always separated from mother and father. In any case, even with your partner present you are independent enough to decide for yourself how to scold your offspring and on which whims you turn a blind eye.

FOR HIM: As long as it comes to philosophy, especially history, you feel very strong. It is with mathematics that you just can’t find an agreement and the solution is as old as the world, a beautiful joke, experiences that everyone has had and that everyone remembers with tenderness. One day you will too.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: pinkish beige.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 7, finances: 8, well-being: 7.

Cancer Horoscope Today 04 May 2021 Tuesday

Leo Daily Horoscope 4 May 2021 Tuesday

Rich and happy social life

Yes you got it right, social life, even with the virus still in circulation. But this does not, of course, mean making gatherings or settling into inadequate, socially dangerous behaviors: you have intelligence and above all a civic sense. More people around, at due distances and never all together, more contacts in person and also with the partner, in spite of the depressing effects on the sexuality of the couple, of which one is becoming aware, rediscover the taste for complicity and understanding. Beautiful strength, no longer all at home, like in a beehive, find your spaces, your magical moments, your desires, frozen even for too long. Great business, managed with skill, the rest is done by Madama Fortuna, who puts her hand in it at just the right moment.

FOR HER: desire to fall in love, Baccini sings and you, immediately in agreement with the content of the song, open the doors of your heart. You were right, there is already a queue outside.

FOR HIM: from friendship to love, the step is short, but you intend to do it at the right speed … haste is a bad advisor, but excessive slowness also becomes exasperating and disrupts.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: lemon yellow.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 9, activities: 8, finances: 6, well-being: 8.

Leo Horoscope Today 04 May 2021 Tuesday

Virgo Daily Horoscope 4 May 2021 Tuesday

Objective work, what’s strange?

Nothing strange, indeed, all extremely normal, despite the passage of Mercury in quadrature at the zenith. After all, it is your governor, who does nothing but clarify your ideas and show you the calendar and clock: it is time to run, the work is increasing and demanding from you even more attention, promptness and timing. Certainly not neglected, indeed strengthened, the attention to health, it is right now that the world around you is moving like an anthill that you feel its subtle threat. Normality is misleading, triggering spontaneous behaviors which, however, can still be harmful. But who knows that the pandemic, in its tragic nature, has had the positive effect of shaking consciences and changing the register of everyone … At least try to hope, future events will tell the truth.

FOR HER: tender heart with your four legs, he combines all the colors but you can’t scold him, for you it remains a phenomenon of intelligence and sympathy.

FOR HIM: it is useless to fill your mouth with the English word “green” and then continue life as usual: the car always under the backside, the cigarette in the mouth, the cell phone always in the ear. We need to change register and immediately.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: apple green.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 9, activities: 10, finances: 6, well-being: 10.

Virgo Horoscope Today 04 May 2021 Tuesday

Libra Daily Horoscope 4 May 2021 Tuesday

Lucky sign. Kissed by luck, even without gain

Today you wake up in a good mood and not just because the sky is blue. Regardless of what you see above your garment, the inner one is blue, the most important and decisive for the trend of the day. And how could it not be today that with your sign Jupiter, the Moon and Mercury, passed during the day in Gemini, form a blue equilateral triangle, the famous trine mentioned among the most beautiful planetary aspects, because it is dynamic but also harmonic. It suggests a movement commensurate with the quality of the forces at play and the personal energy available. All smooth, without a burr, without a tear. Love, work, finances, well-being, fit together beautifully, like the pieces of a puzzle for children. This does not mean that you will remain on the sidelines all day, far from it, but every project, every initiative that starts with you will easily come to fruition, opening up new possibilities for happiness and success. It’s love? Heavenly! Pinch yourself, maybe you are dreaming!

FOR HER: the desire for a baby bump immediately satisfied, with great joy on the part of the whole family, after the hell of the past few months you feel in Eden.

FOR HIM: summer is returning, you can feel it in the weather and in the scent of flowers, more and more decisive. Our thoughts turn to holidays, to managing the puppets while you are at work, to the desire to travel, to socialize, to leisure. Look to the future with caution but also with hope.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: shell pink.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 10, finances: 10, well-being: 10.

Libra Horoscope Today 04 May 2021 Tuesday

Scorpio Daily Horoscope 4 May 2021 Tuesday

Something is fixed but not everything

With the Moon-Jupiter couple in quadrature, your difficulties are smoothed out but not entirely. Of course, there is harmony in the family and the house, despite being crowded and very messy, is always a nest to return to with pleasure, sure to find in addition to the disorder also affection and a great dinner. Not even Mercury disappoints you, coming out of the opposition with which it has tested you, together with the Sun, Venus and Uranus, all barricaded in Taurus: today it changes positions, going to successfully deal with your investments, but also putting your nose between your sympathies and your secrets … which will make you a little unsettled.

FOR HER: a small unresolved and pointed grudge ruins your stomach and your day: force yourself to talk about it and you will have the pleasure of seeing it resize, deflated like a balloon with a hole. Who knows why you haven’t done it before!

FOR HIM: ok with the mortgage or bank loan granted without major problems. Now you can access the house of your dreams, the one you have already spotted but did not know how to do it.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: creamy white.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 7, activities: 7, finances: 9, well-being: 7.

Scorpio Horoscope Today 04 May 2021 Tuesday

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope 4 May 2021 Tuesday

Good game from your guiding star Jupiter, but …

This is not new, your guiding star Jupiter has been playing good game for a while. Unfortunately he will not do it for a long time, ten days and you will have to say hello, but then he will come back, so what to worry about? Today you find him embraced to the Moon with a realization sextile, in the elevator, on the vehicles, at work, you meet a person you haven’t seen for a long time and by simply exchanging a chat, ideas and proposals come out that leave you breathless. The solution to a problem here it is, you already have it in your pocket and without even having to work hard to search! Also dialectical Mercury, which just today changes its sign passing into Gemini, will probably not harm you, but it will certainly enliven your social life, contacts, business. In short, you will learn and receive a lot from others, but you have to give as well.

FOR HER: calm discussion with your him on the most varied topics. Nothing personal, but when we start talking about politics, ecology, finances, the positions diverge and a certain effort is needed to find an understanding.

FOR HIM: greedy business yes, but not at home, you have to travel, which still worries many but not you, who boast a very close relationship with the journey.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 8, activities: 10, finances: 9, well-being: 8.

Sagittarius Horoscope Today 04 May 2021 Tuesday

Capricorn Daily Horoscope 4 May 2021 Tuesday

Work and earnings on restart

“Restart”, for some it may be an empty word, but not for you, who are experiencing it on your skin, the word of the Moon-Jupiter couple in the second house, where it promises, albeit with the slowness of Saturn that accompanies it, a beautiful recovery. And from today the same can be said of the work, with Mercury intelligent and communicative, undoubtedly capable, in the sixth house, the workaholic. The essential thing is to recover, start over, but with a different view of work and life: when you get out of disasters you find yourself enlightened by a new awareness, the awareness of the mistakes made in person and in group and a feeling of gratitude towards of the help that comes to you from outside (if you do not know from others or from heaven, probably a lucky synergy). Of course, you also put your own into it, as the saying goes “happy heart, heaven helps it”: give yourself a push and the universe will give you a second one!

FOR HER: how much the four-legged will cost you, including veterinarian, baby food, toys. But how much he gives you in return! Only one certainty, welcoming him at home you have earned it.

FOR HIM: money well spent for a just cause, the electric car, the eco-sustainable renovation of your home, natural therapies to restore or preserve your health. Congratulations, you are on the right track.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: sage green.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 10, finances: 10, well-being: 9.

Capricorn Horoscope Today 04 May 2021 Tuesday

Aquarius Daily Horoscope 4 May 2021 Tuesday

Happy as Pasque… a month later

Happy as Pasque, even if Easter was exactly one month ago. And not that you are late (in the zodiac you belong to the most dynamic and fastest signs), if anything Mercury, who only today decides to give you a hand, or rather a nudge, passing into Gemini, a sign of Air in trine to yours and your two precious guests, the Moon and Jupiter, guarantors of serenity, optimism and, most importantly, trust in yourself and those around you. Without these feelings you would not take even one step, instead looking at the future through pink or pink lenses, you give yourselves the right move, with the first step that, as Goethe wrote, costs and counts (but will be decisive for the future!)

FOR HER: cheerful and playful with your children, next to them you look like little girls, but when it comes to re-establishing the rules and giving a directive you become mothers, adults and aware. That’s why they keep going straight with you, they feel protected.

FOR HIM: winning lottery ticket or Lucky Cat and Win. You had hoped for it and embroidered beautiful patterns on it and here you are satisfied, it will not be a stratospheric figure but better than nothing!



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 8, finances: 8, well-being: 10.

Aquarius Horoscope Today 04 May 2021 Tuesday

Pisces Daily Horoscope 4 May 2021 Tuesday

Not a day, sometimes it happens

For almost all the signs of the zodiac this is a beautiful day. Not for you, however, who find yourself with the Moon and Jupiter sulking in the twelfth house, while Mercury, hitherto nice and friendly, slips into Gemini in quadrature. Little logic, therefore, but also little optimism, openness and trust in others. In short, instead of swimming in the ocean as you like it, you find yourself turning around a pool, always the same, water with no change: how boring. The good thing is that you are protected behind your back, nothing serious or upsetting happens in your day, simply flat, without stimuli and opportunities for growth or improvement. There is a lot of discussion in the family, turning around the arguments without reaching a point, you will make your teeth breathe, as for solutions nothing new on the horizon.

FOR HER: desire to freshen up the house, modernize it, free up space. But with that curmudgeon of yours who keeps everything, worse than a second-hand dealer, the undertaking is expected to be difficult from the start!

FOR HIM: selection of hobbies and interests, against the dispersion (even of money) keep only the most solid.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 9, activities: 6, finances: 6, well-being: 6.

Pisces Horoscope Today 04 May 2021 Tuesday

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