Daily Horoscope 4 April 2021 Sunday

Daily Horoscope 4 April 2021 Sunday
Your Daily Horoscope 4  April 2021 Sunday. Love, work or health: what is written in the stars today? What does your personal daily horoscope reveal?


Double party for you, who are not only celebrating Easter but also birthday, and what a birthday with the Sun, Venus and from today also Mercury in the sign! A riot of fire, therefore, that of the spirit that burns the waste but also of arietine characteristics such as enthusiasm, dynamism, courage, impulse … and one could continue indefinitely, if the Moon were not placed at its zenith in Capricorn, the classic shovel of ash thrown over the flame to keep it under control. So your party, in a burst of hope and happiness immediately disavowed by the numbers on the news … or will it be the croaking wishes of the mother-in-law or the plaintive voice of mommy on the phone? Know that at least on an astrological level the victory will be yours, three stars so powerful against a Moon plus in a sign where it is constitutionally weak will not let it escape: smile and uncork, toasting to the new season, to hope, to awakening and to the return to life than before, which only now appears so beautiful.

FOR HER: nice, sparkling, beautiful, yes, even with the mask … today you feel you have reached the maximum of fullness, your peak of potential … all that remains is to use it to the fullest!

FOR HIM: ready to do some madness, have fun, exaggerate, but the Jiminy Cricket who watches you from above even today says no, or at least not … it can be done but with calm and moderation, but then what kind of madness is it?


MOOD BAROMETER: variable with bright spells.

PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 7, finances: 7, well-being: 9.

Aries Horoscope Today 04 April 2021 Sunday


A thoughtful Easter, do not worry at home, you, the family, the dove and everything ends there, already addressed last year to this new style, this year no longer makes such an impression … even if beyond the window the green of spring continues to be tempting, recalling trips and outings from the past. Will they come back? Ask the tarot cards, maybe the answer will be so convincing as to cheer you up, because with the Sun, Venus and from now on also sulky Mercury in the twelfth house you certainly don’t feel in the Easter spirit. Sure, egg chocolate with its tryptophan helps, but the bunny continues to have his ears down and the surprise is the usual junk that will end up in some drawer … at least in this a usual Easter, the same as always!

FOR HER: if you were hoping that the surprise in the egg was a wrinkle-free skin or a more … sustained breast, you were wrong to ask or perhaps exaggerated a little: the curvy plastic doll that smiles at you from the wrapper is certainly not encouraging , indeed it reminds you that compared to her you have a few years more!

FOR HIM: if there is a day of the year when you love your mother-in-law, that is Easter … or it would be better to use the verb in the past tense, the happy time when you spent hours on the train to bring you home-made pastiera with her hands… ah, what a dear old lady, you really miss her today!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: pearl gray.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 6, activities: 5, finances: 7, well-being: 5.

Taurus Horoscope Today 04 April 2021 Sunday


You care little about the Moon today, it will also be the protagonist of Easter, established precisely on the basis of its phases, it is the Sunday following the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox … just look at the calendar, Moon marked with a clear circle ( this year Monday 29 March) and it’s done! What makes text in your horoscope today is instead the planetary assembly in Aries, that is to say Sun, Venus and from now on Mercury, all of them in sextile in the sector that speaks of friendship and hope. There is hope, it is part of your possibilistic and slightly unconscious character, always led to see the world through pink lenses. As for friends together, you have to settle for seeing them on webcam or meeting them during a walk, preferably running to the park… in this case all acquitted! “Dura lex, sed lex” wrote the Latins …

FOR HER: river chat with her best friend, the one who, as always, tears on sentimental matters: you love her a lot but you have to admit, if they all go wrong the reason is her character, really impossible!

FOR HIM: the surprise in the egg isn’t it but when was it ever? In reality, you make surprises, and not just at Easter, 365 days a year … otherwise, without that pinch of unpredictability, how boring would life be?



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 9, finances: 7, well-being: 10.

Gemini Horoscope Today 04 April 2021 Sunday


Strange Easter, and at least judging from the Ephemeris this is not particularly easy for you, with the malmostosa Moon in opposition and three stars, namely the Sun, Venus and from today also Mercury, at the zenith in Aries. So many hopes or perhaps it would be better to call them demands, all right if you ask yourself to give the best, but when you bring up the others, asking them the impossible, here they distance themselves, in the first line the partner, who of your whims just can’t stand it anymore! Then make that famous surprise yourself, with a good intention of changing your attitude and setting firm points on which to work, objectives that will test your tenacity, currently almost zero, and will, another topic on which you do not shine. Knocked out since Easter? Not necessarily, because you have talents to sell, just wanting to highlight them to make them work. Love, work, beauty, well-being, everything can come or be strengthened, you are the first to have to believe in it and instead of complaining and weeping, you give yourself a move to turn dreams into reality: the mind can!

FOR HER: envious of the neighbor who has a more beautiful and flowery garden, of the leaner and more charming colleague, of the successful manager sister-in-law: stop looking at others’ plates, look rather in yours and also in the mirror … you have splendid gifts that you forget to enhance!

FOR HIM: you have glimpsed the woman of your dreams and then don’t stay there and look at her like suckers: someone who maybe knows her can put you in touch, “wanting is power” someone said!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: silver gray.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 7, activities: 5, finances: 7, well-being: 5.

Cancer Horoscope Today 04 April 2021 Sunday


If you are on duty or are involved in health care, there is no Easter that holds: you will break the egg tomorrow, today you are at the forefront and you are happy to be there, aware of your responsibilities for the smooth running of social life. To remind you of the serious Moon in the sixth house, the workaholic, heated by all the enthusiasm of the stars of the day, the Sun, Venus and from today also Mercury in Aries, a sign of Fire in trine to yours. Idealism therefore the spring that pushes you to overdo it, with a hint of regret for the spring holidays of years ago, when Easter meant a country house or a beautiful European capital, every year a different one, the authentic surprise in the egg to know a pinch the world. Your cosmopolitan soul is always there, curious about everything, culture, traditions, literature of each country, to begin with you could enrich the Easter table with some Spanish, Greek, German gems, just to give an example the Mona de Pasqua!

FOR HER: smile behind the mask but serious look, committed on important fronts: if everyone did their duty as well as you, the virus would already be dead and the world reborn … let this message circulate!

FOR HIM: culture always at the forefront, during the holidays you like to browse what happens in the world on the same date but with different traditions, customs and traditions … even today you are on the spot, zapping between various foreign channels!



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 10, finances: 7, well-being: 10.

Leo Horoscope Today 04 April 2021 Sunday


Moon as a sign of Earth in trine to yours, and so this Easter, tormented, restless, nostalgic for many, with an eye on past years, will still be serene and marked by awareness for you. Plus in your favor Mercury, which just today comes out of the opposition with which it has disturbed you for weeks, fueling couple and partner discussions: finally it passes into Aries, reaching the Sun and Venus, who work there but from within, stimulating dreams and reflections. Nothing melancholy, however, even if with the typical rationality of your sign you try to see the feasible or at least plausible part of the future, not the “sop” for the masses but what, with the means available realistically and the current forces at stake. be made with a good safety margin.

FOR HER: ecological Easter with your puppets, hardened white eggs dyed with saffron, turmeric, beetroot … also homemade chocolate ones, with the special molds: a splendor, but what an effort!

FOR HIM: you love to surprise your children by hiding eggs and gifts among the plants in the garden, this year then you also surpass yourself, even for the older ones: the virus is eating their best years … and at least in this you will be able to compensate them!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: milky white.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 8, finances: 10, well-being: 9.

Virgo Horoscope Today 04 April 2021 Sunday


Easter, eggs, surprises, but the most interesting that you find today do not come from your loved ones, nor from the weather, but from the stars: in reality the Moon is askew, a sign that the chocolate will not be exciting … than the crunchy one, bitter and artisanal that you like. On the other hand, the surprise will leave you pleasantly surprised: a good sign, perhaps made of tin, but it is the symbol that counts because it is behind the symbols that reality lives … so get ready for a nice “oh!” of wonder … Sun, Venus and from today also Mercury in opposition but anything but hostile: from others you will get love, trust, respect, admiration … and so on and so forth! In short, everyone will come to meet you gratifying you, a feeling of gratitude for everything you have done for them, because the heart of a Libra is like that, when he loves they are not just words, he does it for real!

FOR HER: shining house from top to bottom and a light but truly Easter lunch, tradition reinterpreted by your imagination, in a variety of colorful, fragrant, inviting saucers … it is a pity there are so few to taste them, but the family in the strict sense is it just is!

FOR HIM: Easter table, you, your sweetheart, who has never appeared so sweet to you as now, who keeps your mother at bay, an authentic cerberus, with a grace and kindness to leave you speechless … yes, you have really impalato a special woman, congratulations to your good nose!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: peach pink.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 6, finances: 7, well-being: 8.

Libra Horoscope Today 04 April 2021 Sunday


Fiesta “wrote Hemingway,” party! ” the PFM sang in a splendid rock tarantella, which concludes “this is who’s party!”. It may be, but what a grind to make sure everything is in place, pretending that this spring is one of the many you have already counted and not a tasteless substitute like the previous one … turn on the social health front or public services, make sure to combine your schedules so that they leave you enough margin to celebrate the renewal with your loved ones, never felt more inside than now, not only as the awakening of nature as it has always been, but also of life, which then in practice would mean the lethargy of the virus. Who knows, maybe it would be enough to pack it up and send it to the other hemisphere, if it wasn’t that he cares about the seasons! Every day is a battle won, certainly not the war but to go on safeguarding oneself, loved ones, work, in short, the fundamentals of life, is already something … tip everything else!

FOR HER: desire to escape kept in check by logic, in any case you can escape with the mind, but I do not even dream of imitating them … you would not want to be vehicles for new troubles, collective well-being is made by the conscience of each life and ecology your real pass for the world!

FOR HIM: specialties on the human table, but for Fido or Micio what is special about the bowl? There is, because they too have to celebrate, of course their guaranteed food line, suggested by the veterinarian!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: light green.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 8, activities: 10, finances: 7, well-being: 10.

Scorpio Horoscope Today 04 April 2021 Sunday


Super this Easter, first of all because the Sun and Venus as a sign of Fire in trine to yours work for you, plus add us that during the day Mercury, which in league with Neptune has slowed you down for weeks, is now going to join the others. two becoming immediately more incisive, concise, enthusiastic. A happy Easter, therefore, in spite of the trips that are not there, and perhaps they will not be there for a while, but in the meantime with the support of this fire the heart warms up like the spring sun, feelings regain strength and dreams , projects, ambitions get back in motion, driven by the ecological fuel of hope. In any case, if you don’t travel with your suitcase you will at least do it with the plate, on the Easter table dishes inspired by various traditions, all in some way linked to the green of spring and the rebirth of nature. Have you ever tried salad with borage flowers or primroses?

FOR HER: spendthrift, for your puppies not only eggs, also soft toys, games, books, a kind of Christmas in spring version … a form of unconscious compensation and a clever trick to keep them good and busy … even without taking them to the gardens, divas there are so many, too many people!

FOR HIM: it will be trivial, almost obvious, and therefore unsuitable for a Sagittarius with an eye forward, but the temptation of the ring in the Easter egg for your woman is too strong … and so you did it!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: strawberry red.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 10, finances: 9, well-being: 10.

Sagittarius Horoscope Today 04 April 2021 Sunday


Seconda l’antica tradizione germanica ne Plenilunio di Pasqua si vede un leprotto, intento a tritare erbe con un pestello. Potreste essere voi quel simpatico animaletto, tranquillo e silenzioso ma sempre disposto a far del bene all’umanità e soprattutto al proprio habitat. Ma poiché considerata la vostra casa il mondo intero, vi impegnate oggi e per gli altri 364 giorni per tutelarla, piagata da troppi abusi e schiaffi: finché consumismo e potere continueranno a colpirla, povera lei, c’è proprio bisogno del vostro aiuto e di tutti quelli che la pensano allo stesso modo… i giusti, così li chiamava la Bibbia, e con ragione!

PER LEI: tavola verde, bio, vegetariana, magari non sarà proprio così tutti i giorni ma ai vostri cari volete dare un input, una svegliata: è così che bisogna vivere, e questo sarà solo un esempio!

PER LUI: che pasticcioni, proprio oggi con la suocera a tavola, che vi guarda con occhio ipercritico… apparecchiando con stile, come vi ha insegnato la vostra lei, incespicate nel tappeto e… vorrà dire che anche questo dovrà essere rinnovato!



PAGELLINA DEL GIORNO. Sentimenti: 7, attività: 7, finanze: 8, benessere: 6.

Capricorn Horoscope Today 04 April 2021 Sunday


The usual rebels, but who among those who have a bit of salt in their pumpkin could blame you? In short, façade also regarding things that are too serious to play with, and instead everyone plays with it, guaranteeing a lot to change fame, prestige, business … maybe you will also pass for subversive but this will not stop your torrent of words and your always original ideas, diverging years light from that of the mass. What about advertising? Ugh, you don’t need the bellona to teach you the best brand of artichokes or dop cheese, your palate knows how to distinguish perfectly! To give you support in this umpteenth affirmation of autonomy of thought and lifestyle three astral friends of all respect, the Sun, Venus and from today also Mercury, combative in Aries in sextile.

FOR HER: no chocolate eggs for you, they are bad, but a good novel or an essay that immediately catches your interest: yes, culture is life!

FOR HIM: made the law made the deception, no walk two hundred meters from home but if you run … so put on your jogging shoes and go, even for 20 kilometers!



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 7, activities: 10, finances: 7, well-being: 10.

Aquarius Horoscope Today 04 April 2021 Sunday


It is a fact that Easter is one of the highlights for gourmets, especially if there is someone from the older generation in the family who cooks or a good restaurant from which to get a delicious take-away. This is not the point, your gluttony goes beyond the table, it is a gluttony of life, emotions, relationships, friendships, natural glimpses of which to feast with your eyes and nose, perhaps immortalizing them with your own trust camera. Instead, you can only partially succeed, yes every shot is an emotion but the whole corollary of sensations, you cannot freeze and keep that forever, because in the meantime you too will have changed. Heraclitus wrote: “you will never get wet twice in the same river” … because in the meantime that river will have changed, but even the bather, after a certain amount of time, will never be the same!

FOR HER: with friends or girlfriends together with good wishes, exchange some recipes or photos of a dish that has already been served, maybe it’s a bit late to invite them this year but tomorrow is another day and Easter Monday still deserves some goodies!

FOR HIM: who knows what jumped into your mind, but for this Easter you wanted to overdo it, a generous and expensive gift for everyone, pot plants and flowers instead of chocolate for friends and relatives, also delivered to other cities by courier: yours is a wish for true rebirth!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: spring green.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 8, finances: 10, well-being: 10.

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