Daily Horoscope 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Daily Horoscope 24 March 2021 Wednesday - according to the horoscope - horoscope today

Your Daily horoscope 24 March 2021 Wednesday. Love, work or health: what is written in the stars today? What does your personal daily horoscope reveal?

Aries Daily Horoscope 24 March 2021 Wednesday

If there are no happy new opportunities now, ask yourself what is preventing this from happening.

Blessed are you, who with the Sun and Venus embraced in the sign you feel in an iron barrel. Put also the Moon in Leo, as fiery as you, friend of your star guide Mars and you will have the pulse of the situation: a lucky day, an adjective that these days amazes or makes you smile, but fortunately, troubles do not always rain on everyone and you, protected by these beneficial stars can feel safe. At least for now. It is forbidden, however, to sing victory, according to the ancients, excessive security irritates the gods, but at least you can use these moments yes to focus as much meat as possible and deal with in a few hours what in other periods would have made you damn long, before coming to a conclusion. Just a recommendation, do not blurt out your intentions to the four winds, competition is always lurking and he has an ear as big as that of Dionysus, the cave under the Greek theater in Syracuse.

FOR HER: happy and exuberant in love, finally sex and feeling travel on a single track…. And the locomotive is you!

FOR HIM: beautiful, nice and smart, too bad you have few friends. The secret reason? Too much envy, you are right to skim them.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 10, finances: 8, well-being: 10.

Aries Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Taurus Daily Horoscope 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Now it shows where your latest plans have been sufficiently thought out and where you need to compromise.

Beautiful force that you are of a crooked moon, with the White Lady in quadrature with your tenant Uranus and moreover in conflict with Saturn, that is to say you at the center of the dispute between family and career, with the boss who claims you with overtime while the partners and the puppets camp one urgent need after another. If it were only purchases or paid services, you are ready to shell out, the freedom of action and decision-making power over your life is worth more than a bunch of bills (assuming your accounts are not already in the red …) . Otherwise it is not the lack of money that you complain about, quite the opposite, rather that of serenity and love. The friendships front is a little better, but also the one in question, just a small unsettled debt or a loan requested without the necessary tact and hey, if the door is not closed in the face, we are close!

FOR HER: the usual long-standing conflict with mommy that never gets resolved, she pretends to dictate the law, you defend your freedom… with horns! He should have given birth to you under another sign!

FOR HIM: your home cooking is good, only a little indigestible, especially if, tired from the difficult day, you smack the dish in a little while more. Other than final coffee, here we need bicarbonate!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: pearl gray.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 5, activities: 6, finances: 7, well-being: 5.

Taurus Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Gemini Daily Horoscope 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Better not take any chances today. You would be in more danger than you can imagine.

Naturally you are rampant and with Mars in your sign you will be for the whole of the next month (today in particular with the placet of the Moon, the Sun and Venus, all of them in sextile). Too bad that you find yourself quarreling with Mercury, your guiding star, immediately creating great tensions on the work front. In fact, in open contrast to the directives of the boss (in reality very little charismatic) you act on your own, finding yourself immediately grappling with something you had not calculated. Problem solved only thanks to your acumen and the timeliness that distinguishes you in this period. Something to clarify immediately also regarding a deal, unable to move, you have to do everything online and here things get complicated: the camera can never replace your x-ray gaze!

FOR HER: from friendship to love the step is short, indeed, very short, you take the leap. The era of women waiting for the first kiss is over, now you are sending the signal.

FOR HIM: difficulties in the examination or in a selection interview, perhaps you took it lightly and now that you are in it up to your neck you realize that you have made a gross error of evaluation. To repeat, but now you know how.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: cherry red.

MOOD BAROMETER: variable with bright spells.

PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 8, finances: 7, well-being: 6.

Gemini Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Cancer Daily Horoscope 24 March 2021 Wednesday

It is better to work in the background today than to seek encouragement and praise.

Not all donuts come out with a hole, not all days are a success. This Tuesday, for example, means little or nothing to you. A few purchases, perhaps unwary, wanted by the Moon in the second house, a few dreams to keep warm, a gift from Mercury in trine, but it all ends there. Maybe you don’t have enough grit or maybe the goal, however palatable, illustrated by the Sun and Venus at the zenith, seems too out of reach, you know your laziness and lack of initiative, even heavier in this period, with courage which is lacking for many. Imagine to you that the martial spirit of a soldier or a conqueror you don’t even know what it is. No news that concerns you personally, but a news can still make you jump if it concerns a close friend. Do not hold your breath, it will be good and after the first moments of bewilderment it will make you burst into a good liberating laugh.

FOR HER: I jump to the supermarket, with the cart overcrowded in a day and at a strategic time so as not to meet too many people. Brave, now more than ever the best protective shield is the precaution!

FOR HIM: even if you are angry you keep the bad mood inside, perhaps with the risk of ruining your stomach, but at least avoid making enemies. Better to concentrate your forces (a few) on the finish line.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: antique pink.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 7, activities: 5, finances: 7, well-being: 6.

Cancer Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Leo Daily Horoscope 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Now it is a matter of weighing up the points of view and letting everyone involved come to their rights.

The Moon, your tenant today, is the most receptive star in the solar system, therefore, whether you like it or not, instead of you emanating light, you will understand it by reflecting it outside. The Sun-Venus couple rejoices you, as a sign of Fire in trine to yours, promoter of luminous ideals and warm feelings. Too bad that the opposite Saturn and Uranus at the zenith provide to cool it, at least in part, so on the one hand positive energies arrive, all at your disposal, on the other a spiteful wind that disrupts them, dispersing them to a large extent. What to do? First of all, avoid headshots and ideological clashes, everyone should keep their opinion and it will be better for everyone. Complications even among friends regarding the exchange of favors and loans, the generosity of your sign does not mind these things, but the others do and if someone reproaches something you immediately lose your temper.

FOR HER: proud of your beauty and your elegance, even if at the moment aesthetics are the last thought, you like feeling good. Nice clothes, matching mask and mane in place, even without a hairdresser.

FOR HIM: you generally have a good relationship with your hers, but when she gets stuck on something it’s worse than bumping into a marble slab… you might as well let her say it and do your own thing.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: straw yellow.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 8, activities: 8, finances: 6, well-being: 7.

Leo Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Virgo Daily Horoscope 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Divide the day so that there is enough time for activities with the partner.

No, it is not the greeting of one of your subordinates that snaps to attention, if anything, it is you who have to submit to someone else’s orders, which makes you angry, but thanks to the proverbial self control of your sign you manage not to show it . All matters of work, in the company or at a distance it does not change, it is the dynamics that should undergo transformations and instead the power remains power … Among these gloomy thoughts that would be worth the applause of Marx and Engels, the morning drags on shady. Typical twilight of the Moon in the twelfth house. Not even Mercury, your guiding star, takes your side and even if you quarrel with the red planet, nothing comes into your pocket, indeed, just a few more headaches. Consolation prize the investments, which spin with the wind in their sails.

FOR HER: problems with all fours, nothing serious but enough to storm the vet with phone calls. Obviously then you will have to repay with the usual box of DOC wines!

FOR HIM: out of phase and not just because things don’t turn out as you would like, between migraines, back pain and fatigue, today you feel like a walking hospital.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 7, activities: 6, finances: 10, well-being: 5.

Virgo Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Libra Daily Horoscope 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Nothing is clarified in discussions today. Postpone it for a while.

What a miracle, you are among the few signs, in spite of what is happening, they all go straight, but a look at the ephemeris of the day would be enough to understand why. Saturn and Mars, the two stars in the sign of Air like yours, in trine, therefore positive, the friendly Moon in sextile and the Sun and Venus, despite occupying the opposite sign, attractive and proactive towards you. Nothing to complain about love, indeed, to tell only well, maybe the partner is initially a bit closed and the puppies rather shy, but with your affection, the kindness and warmth that you guarantee them 24 hours a day, they will only improve , opening up to the sweetness of the new season. Beautiful words of love, but above all facts that corroborate them, everyone is good to do bla bla, it is the demonstration that counts! Business is also promising, investments dance a little but hold, while new projects, albeit still uncertain, are appearing on the horizon, demanding more attention.

FOR HER: Compared to your partner you feel stronger, but of course you are not foolish enough to make them understand. The conquering male wants to win and you, diplomats, let him believe it, teleguiding him with discretion and skill.

FOR HIM: strict with your children, you want them to have principles and rules that you are not willing to compromise on. Close surveillance even on their friends and this is what they can’t stand, want and deserve more trust.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 9, activities: 9, finances: 7, well-being: 10.

Libra Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Scorpio Daily Horoscope 24 March 2021 Wednesday

As long as you stick to everything as agreed, nothing can actually go wrong.

The contrarieties today can be read in the four corners of your sky … or at least three: the zenith, illuminated by the ambitious but also too proud Moon, so says Saturn who opposes it, picking on your claims; as if that weren’t enough Uranus opposed to your sign and hostile to the other two makes a frenzied crash, demanding attention only so that once in its trajectory its electric ray can hit you more easily. Result, you scorn with your partner, you mess up a deal and from the boss, on which you had relied on, you receive a sharp and also rather annoyed no. And what about the problems in homes, a sudden failure, the plumbing system which, who knows why it starts to leak today? Speaking of Water (this time in a positive sense), at least enjoy the support of Mercury, who promises and keeps a small win. It will certainly not be the solution to your ills, but at least a sign of encouragement yes and at this moment it can only please you.

FOR HER: adorable baby to the point that, in spite of economic problems and too small a house, you would want to do an encore. Too bad that he is not of the same opinion and tells you, indeed, he yells it out loud.

FOR HIM: where the hell did you end up? The mother-in-law a witch, the father-in-law an ogre and the daughter who seemed so pretty and kind, a real Erinyes. Call her Empusa, her secret name!


MOOD BAROMETER: thunderstorm.

PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 4, activities: 7, finances: 6, well-being: 5.

Scorpio Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope 24 March 2021 Wednesday

You have enough ingenuity to advance your concerns without outside help.

It could be your lucky day, were it not for Mars that from the opposite sign shoots all your ammunition at you, colliding at the same time with Mercury, already sulking towards you. Apart from these trifles (so to speak), today you are among the most favored signs by the stars. And also from the Moon in trine to your sign, already pleasantly heated by the Sun-Venus couple, which is also flammable. Love in full sail, therefore, apart from the aforementioned quarrel, news at work, slowed but unblockable business and perhaps in perspective even a business trip, which with the excuse of your indispensable presence (online you could not accomplish what you do in person) it allows you to put your nose out of the neighborhood or out of the city, in short, at least a glimpse of your ancient freedom of movement, an ounce of tourism after work, a local typicality and away back home and your loved ones, guarantors of emotional security.

FOR HER: whatever your problems, family or work, with the puppets you are always very happy, tensions and quarrels should not affect their peaceful world.

FOR HIM: however things go around you, look for and find stainless points of reference: philosophy, the wisdom of peoples, ancient traditions, reaffirm that everything that ends sooner or later is reborn.


MOOD BAROMETER: variable with bright spells.

PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 7, activities: 9, finances: 7, well-being: 6.

Sagittarius Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Capricorn Daily Horoscope 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Someone feels neglected. Better to pay attention to the wishes of others a little more than too little.

Your decision to carry on work, demanding and not adequately remunerated, and your studies at the same time, slowed down by distance lessons, but still profitable, is ambitious. It is difficult to make a choice that privileges one or the other, especially since for your future, illustrated by Uranus the trine, you are determined to carry them both forward, even at the cost of great sacrifices. To support the affection of an accomplice family, which may not feel adequately reciprocated because you, hedgehogs and teddy bears of the last sign of the Earth, find it hard to express your appreciation and even if your heart is full of love, express it in words it becomes a difficult test. In short, you are enigmatic subjects, to understand, you would be the ideal patient of psychologists or fortune-tellers, who could do an excellent practice on you.

FOR HER: with your boys you should stick to a more decisive line, it makes no sense to be strict restrictive one day like your great-grandmother and the other playful like sisters, to the point of arguing with them for nonsense. Roles exist and you shouldn’t ignore them.

FOR HIM: business on the move, slow but steady, professional activity wears you out but at least doesn’t languish.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 8, activities: 7, finances: 8, well-being: 5.

Capricorn Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Aquarius Daily Horoscope 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Avoid a confrontation! The situation will soon calm down.

The no from the stars comes first of all from the Moon in opposition, in turn in quadrature with your guiding star Uranus, very angry at Saturn, who remained together with Jupiter your only tenant. On the other hand, even if a little clouded, you can always count on the friendship of calient and proactive Mars and of the Sun-Venus couple, warm and bewitching. As a couple at any age of love we talk a lot, or rather, it will be the partner who talks about it, while you, intimidated and embarrassed, you no longer know which way to look … Words confuse you, as far as facts you also want proof! Something to do at home, it would be enough to have the desire, but since you are probably not in the mood today, move on to something else, a good novel, a movie, a computer game will help you relax your nerves, somewhat tense until the evening.

FOR HER: in the mirror you are frightened, real witches, with the unmade air, the dark circles, the regrowth and in addition the notorious rolls. Do not make excuses, the closure of gyms and hairdressers does not imply that you do not manage yourself, what is missing is the desire!

FOR HIM: whether or not you are used to differentiating sex and feeling, it should be you, so as not to risk illusions or blunders. You have the right person on your hands, all that remains is the cunning of realizing it immediately.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 7, activities: 5, finances: 7, well-being: 6.

Aquarius Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Pisces Daily Horoscope 24 March 2021 Wednesday

A misunderstanding can be cleared up much more easily than you think.

With the Moon in the sixth house, the workaholic of the horoscope, and the day that divides the week into two parts, it is very likely that if the work is in the company you will have to work hard like mules. You like working, even if with Saturn in the twelfth house it costs you twice as much effort, but if the salary is also double, why not? The troubles begin when, keeping to the growing nest egg, you decide to rearrange the house or change some strong pieces of furniture, perhaps not imagining that, with Mars squaring your tenant Mercury, today you risk complicating your life. Small problems for the careless in the kitchen, burn an expensive preparation, get burned or cut yourself in the process of preparation, in short, a tiring day, followed by a complicated evening.

FOR HER: four legs delicious, even if it is now established, is destroying your house. You could bring him back to the kennel or to the association that made you adopt him, but you can’t, you are too fond of him … And then, all that remains is to accept him along with his countless misdeeds ….

FOR HIM: the sense of weight behind it has nothing physical, it is the load of emotions that you have taken and now you are no longer able to dispose of.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: strawberry.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 6, activities: 7, finances: 7, well-being: 7.

Pisces Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Aries Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Taurus Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Gemini Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Cancer Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Leo Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Virgo Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Libra Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Scorpio Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Sagittarius Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Capricorn Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Aquarius Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

Pisces Horoscope Today 24 March 2021 Wednesday

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