Daily Horoscope 2 April 2021 Friday

Daily Horoscope 2 April 2021 Friday - horoscope today

Your Daily Horoscope 2 April 2021 Friday. Love, work or health: what is written in the stars today? What does your personal daily horoscope reveal?

Aries Daily Horoscope 2 April 2021 Friday

If you are rejected today, don’t take it to heart. Nothing has been decided yet anyway.

It will also be the day of the passion, but for you this is a great day. First, because with your children on vacation and you smartworking the city beehive apartment you have already closed it and in the country house, with vegetable garden and garden available, you can finally breathe clean air, especially serene, far enough away from the stress of the past. weeks. Secondly, to support you the Moon as a sign of Fire in trine to yours, already inhabited by the energetic Sun and by the courageous Venus, a true entrepreneur of herself, all in good friendship with Jupiter and Saturn, who by blowing lightly on the flame give it body. . So good relations and high hopes, even if Pluto from above continues to keep an eye on you without ever getting distracted, but you individualists (but not inexperienced) know how to regulate very well on your own.

FOR HER: strong constitution but not fat, with the awakening of spring you feel that your beauty is regaining its score.

FOR HIM: few words but facts, here is your rule of life that you pass on to your children, with full knowledge of the facts. It worked and it still works for you, it will work for them too.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 7, activities: 10, finances: 7, well-being: 9.

Aries Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Taurus Daily Horoscope 2 April 2021 Friday

As long as you don’t expect too much, you are the center of attention almost everywhere today.

The Moon of the day is irrelevant, which would like to be colored but cannot, giving you an impression of dark gray, in perfect harmony with Good Friday, the day of the Passion, not only for the One who was crucified like common criminals, but for all the victims of justice, the invisible, who made history, from the Inquisition to Nazism, to the victims of all wars. Your sensitive soul is allied with them, sweetened by the sextile of Mercury and Neptune, in turn good friends of Pluto, who knows about power. All the rest does not affect you today, feel your pacifist and humanitarian ideals increasingly distant. Not by your will, of course, but by the declared and underground crises that envelop the planet.

FOR HER: eroticism always welcome, it is a warm embrace that you need to defeat melancholy, moreover in contrast to the blue sky of spring. Nature has awakened, now wake up too.

FOR HIM: desire for travel, for nature, for friendship or more simply for movement. It’s time to change direction, from top to bottom.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 6, activities: 7, finances: 7, well-being: 6.

Taurus Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Gemini Daily Horoscope 2 April 2021 Friday

Not every critical word you have to listen to today is well thought out.

Contradictory emotions today, but tendentially positive, in spite of the Moon that opposes it, dragging with it the weight of Neptune and Mercury in quadrature. Dark clouds but not thunderstorms, trusting in the wind of Jupiter that could sweep them away, to make room for the Sun, already powerful during the day and for the evening star, Venus. Frustrated by the desire to go out with friends, always overbearing in spring, someone does it, not giving a damn about the prohibitions, but you, however animated by the courage of Mars, have enough salt in your head not to imitate them. You are not fearful, on the contrary, with Mars in the sign, inclined to fight, the enemy, however, is not the laws, just in case that horrendous monster that induced them, so be careful not to miss the mark! Rather let off steam by doing some gymnastics or a run in the neighborhood park, choosing the less crowded hours.

FOR HER: well yes, you have not confessed it to yourself but you burn with jealousy against the vamp that flickers around your him with his face covered by a trendy mask and his legs uncovered by a mini crotch … Maybe he doesn’t know what to win him over. wants brain!

FOR HIM: it is useless to argue with your girlfriend to vent that strange nameless tension, make love, if anything, it will be much more profitable!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: Pompeian red.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 6, activities: 7, finances: 6, well-being: 5.

Gemini Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Cancer Daily Horoscope 2 April 2021 Friday

Your desire for closeness is justified and will probably be fulfilled today.

It may be because it is Good Friday, Passion Day, the fact is that today you work harder than usual (a real heresy for a lazy Cancerian … so at least the astrology texts say about you …). In reality it wants zero, says Mars sulking in the twelfth house, but with the Moon in the horoscopic sector that talks about work, willy-nilly it touches you. And if you are lucky enough to live outside the city, in a beautiful ancient village or in a beautiful seaside or mountain location, you can also pity the poor armored citizens at home, but Easter and Easter Monday will still happily pass them in the woods behind or in your beautiful garden while dining outdoors. This is the promise of the cheerful and benevolent Sun and Venus at the zenith in your sky and of the aquatic Mercury and Neptune inspiring poems and romantic scenes. Imagine them, but keep working hard, at least with a very pleasant motive and goal.

FOR HER: focus on health and well-being and the fact of feeling good, cheerful and perky, is already a great fortune. Thank the gods of spring for this and promise to continue like this.

FOR HIM: in love, no matter if a real woman or a dream, when the heart has someone to beat for and the thought something to focus on, everything else disappears, even the most horrible things, here is the key of your serenity.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 8, activities: 7, finances: 7, well-being: 8.

Cancer Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Leo Daily Horoscope 2 April 2021 Friday

You will also get back the interest that you show to others.

In the Gospels the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, complete with an earthquake that shattered the Earth. A little earthquake, in reality, could touch you too, always under fire from Uranus, proponent of changes but also of upheavals at the zenith, but since it has been there for three years now, you have made a call, turning your attention rather to all the positive stars that help you feel strong, practically invincible, despite what is happening around you. And so, in spite of the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn, problematic but not dangerous, you can enjoy the now late sunset thanks to the shift of the time, drinking instead of the usual aperitif, a glass of pink and yellow, the color of the Sun that descends below the horizon, giving you a snapshot of authentic poetry, while Venus, the evening star, announces itself with a brilliant trine, immediately imitated by the Moon. Three stars as a sign of Fire, therefore, guarantors of power and passion, that’s why with half the world that trudges today you are high as if nothing had happened.

FOR HER: love is there, if the boyfriend lives far away and you can’t meet tonight, you will do it in a dream. The unconscious has no barriers, it can go wherever it wants, your embrace will be intense and hot, even if the bodies remain asleep each in their own bed.

FOR HIM: desire to travel, abroad, foreign languages, but it is not about you that you think, rather about your children and their future. You already dreamed of a master’s degree at Harvard for the first and a university at Oxford for the second and instead … the proverb is right: man proposes and God disposes!



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 9, finances: 8, well-being: 10.

Leo Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Virgo Daily Horoscope 2 April 2021 Friday

If you feel dissatisfied, you should consider which wishes have been neglected.

The stomach ache is there, nothing strange, since it is the weak point of the sign … Whether it is of emotional origin, the most probable, or the effect of some food mischief, it does not matter, to point out the malmostosa Moon in square, in open conflict with Mars, Mercury and Neptune, in short, feel blameless, because even the stars have a hand in it. Smile to play down a day that started off on the wrong foot and no star, if not enigmatic Pluto, to give you support, reminding you of all the serious entertainment, the only possible ones, with which you can end in a pleasant way the last day, the heaviest, of work. . At least count on the relaxation of the next ones, even simply sleeping will be a luxury that you do not allow yourself often.

FOR HER: no more excuses, delays, escapes, he says he loves you but you are not convinced … and who knows he doesn’t even keep his foot in two shoes … Call Top Ponzi and investigate.

FOR HIM: oh no, that the mother-in-law does not come to talk to you about Easter menus, two visitors at a time with children are allowed, but those might not be you: she has dozens of relatives, who can take a seat as well. To his lasagna you prefer a simple salad at home!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: gray-green.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 6, activities: 5, finances: 8, well-being: 4.

Virgo Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Libra Daily Horoscope 2 April 2021 Friday

It is better to ask twice than not at all. The unspoken wishes of others are tough.

Good Friday, the day of the Passion, but a good, excellent day for you. What perplexes, according to some historians, is that Christ too would be born under your sign, not December 25, a date chosen by the Church only to overlap the Nativity of Mithras, a solstitial god of Persian origin … and if it really were so it was and the stars of that Friday of 33 AD (another questionable date) had they been the same as today, he probably would have fared better, protected by the same star that protects you today. Which? In order, the fiery Moon in sextile, Jupiter and Saturn in trine. Contrary, so to speak, only the Sun and Venus, which from the opposite sign still send you positive energy, reflecting your inner harmony and your charm. Even at work, carry out your tasks without tension and the haste that often characterizes the last productive day of the week. The name that all of you have in common today, boys or girls, is Elpis, which in ancient Greek means hope.

FOR HER: beautiful and serene in the mirror, the crisis that saddens and ugly so many seems to have spared you and your home, just as in the Bible the avenging angel passed over the thresholds marked with the blood of the lamb. Who knows, maybe this logic is just the right one, an invisible signal, your good vibration, protects you from all sorts of troubles.

FOR HIM: home early, to have time to get out of the city without incurring penalties. If the grandmother’s house is not far away, you will arrive there in time to celebrate a peaceful Easter in the green, a saving ecological spirit for humanity.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: shell pink.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 10, finances: 7, well-being: 9.

Libra Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Scorpio Daily Horoscope 2 April 2021 Friday

Thanks to your intuition, you can feel who you can rely on and who you can rely on less.

No, it is not the usual Easter Friday, very busy to finish in a hurry and leave, but it is not even that of the Passion suffered on the cross. For you, all in all, this is an ordinary day, relatively quiet at work, serene in love, maybe just a bit spendthrift, because of the Moon in the second house, which encourages you to make your purchases before the closing of the shopping centers . Doves and pragmatic eggs, at your home in the city, as tradition dictates, before many beautiful journeys overturned it for your pleasure and that of your children … Patience, it will mean that with Jupiter and Saturn in quadrature you will bring the slow motion back years back 50s-70s, when the Bel Paese still followed the traditions … The serenity does not depend on what you do, but on how you face it, in spite of Uranus that changes the cards on the table. It is essential to remain faithful to oneself, Samuel Smile says well “serenity is being at peace with oneself and in harmony with others”.

FOR HER: delightful puppets, the more you look at them the more you fall in love with them. Yes, you did a good job, feeding them well not only in terms of food, strictly organic, but of inputs, fairy tales, colors and cheerful music. Beautiful, lively and intelligent, they are the image of serenity.

FOR HIM: you feel lucky and you have good reason, you have health, money available, a beautiful family and a rewarding job, which allows your creative potential to express itself without limitations. All that remains is to thank the gods for all these privileges.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 9, activities: 10, finances: 9, well-being: 9.

Scorpio Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope 2 April 2021 Friday

You won’t get any further today with nice compliments. Now your honest words count.

The Moon continues its transit in your sign and will do so until tomorrow morning, lighting you up with hope and good humor. Feelings consolidated not only by your guiding star Jupiter, arm in arm with Saturn in sextile, but also by the Venus-Sun duo, which pleasantly tickles you with a trine of Fire. All great, therefore, health, mood, affections, a subdued thread only finances, symbolized by austere Pluto in the second house, already sulking for your over-the-top expenses dedicated to chocolate eggs and the Easter table, particularly sumptuous because looking for compensation. Yes, because despite your imperturbable serenity, there is also a little worm in your mind for you, the nostalgia for beautiful travels and the disappointment that you cannot allow yourself this year too. Rely on the optimism of the White Lady and believe us, thought is energy and if directed in the right direction it can only bring positivity.

FOR HER: Easter menu, a novelty for you, who have always enjoyed it at the restaurant, French, Spanish, Greek cuisine… and if any of your friends turned up their noses, it was all good for you, as long as it was foreign, unusual. That’s why you are not prepared, but surely your imagination will be able to come up with something palatable.

FOR HIM: once the peasant tradition prescribed a beautiful whitewashing, which is impossible nowadays, but you are also required to do the major cleaning, giving a hand to the kind ladies at least in the heaviest jobs. Prove you have those muscles!



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 7, finances: 6, well-being: 10.

Sagittarius Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Capricorn Daily Horoscope 2 April 2021 Friday

Instead of pondering missed opportunities, look to the future.

Your bad mood is a congenital disease, already manifest at birth and today to remind you of Pluto, hermetic and austere in the sign. But that would be nothing, were it not for the malformed Moon in the twelfth house. Your luck is that despite the square of the Sun and Venus, the family, now addicted to your temper, shows that they still love you very much, pampering you with discretion. To reach your icy heart, music, art, kindness and maybe even a rustic dish to your liking, or a nice gift, useful, however, you don’t know what to do with frills.

FOR HER: spartan but gourmet in your own way, even the Easter shopping includes simple recipes of peasant tradition, but very tasty. Just a couple of examples: pasqualina cake, Neapolitan pastiera….

FOR HIM: work hard and today, the last day of the week before a short vacation. Good, however, the gain, which these days is a true miracle, partly thanks to you, partly to your lucky stars.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 6, activities: 7, finances: 8, well-being: 5.

Capricorn Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Aquarius Daily Horoscope 2 April 2021 Friday

Do not leave your counterpart in the dark! Clearer clues bring you closer to your goal.

Friendship and love protagonists of the day and as long as good feelings dominate the scene, everything is fine, very well indeed! For you, in fact, the Moon works positively as a sign of Fire in sextile to yours, just as with another sextile comes the luminous ray of Venus and the Sun, promoters of hope, joy and beautiful feelings. Malmostoso only Pluto behind you, but his rumblings are so long that you don’t even notice them anymore, focusing instead on your tenants, Jupiter the wise and Saturn the philosopher, ready to give you excellent suggestions, both in a cultural and concrete sense.

FOR HER: the contradiction in person, you look in the mirror trying on last year’s clothes to see if they still fit you, pouting if they pull you on your stomach. And then what do you do? Go for a snack with bread, butter and jam …

FOR HIM: of course you need to be geniuses like you to come up with this genius, a declaration of love inside a chocolate egg … congratulations on your originality.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 9, finances: 7, well-being: 10.

Aquarius Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Pisces Daily Horoscope 2 April 2021 Friday

Always listening to others, you find it difficult to talk about your own worries.

Friday nì, two words that rhyme, but the choice is not due to this, rather to the stars of the day, which between harmonics and dissonants bring the axis back into balance in your favor, the couple Mercury-Neptune, intuitive and dreamy in the sign, supported by Pluto, hermetic and stable, a rock to cling to when the wave becomes too high, overwhelming. To spitefully raise it is the Moon high in the sky in quadrature, in league with the combative Mars and when in the heart and at home there is disturbance, you end up succumbing to the same eternal cliché: at the supermarket fill the trolley, at the table the plate, plug the emotional gaps with something good and sweet that alas, some days will also fill the waistline … But in the meantime, with the excuse of Easter, shrug and continue your self-destructive program by eating chocolate eggs, stuffed doves, Neapolitan pastiera, swearing and swearing to get back on a diet starting Tuesday… But what’s the point?

FOR HER: gifts made from the heart to the beloved, to children, to friends. Any excuse is good, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter… what will be the next celebration?

FOR HIM: possessive, but this that passes for a defect she likes a figure … with what you are on her she will never doubt that you look at the others. Eyes, mind, heart, all just for her.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: sage green.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 9, activities: 8, finances: 5, well-being: 6.

Pisces Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Aries Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Taurus Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Gemini Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Cancer Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Leo Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Virgo Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Libra Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Scorpio Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Sagittarius Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Capricorn Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Aquarius Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

Pisces Horoscope Today 2 April 2021 Friday

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