Daily Horoscope 17 April 2021 Saturday

Daily Horoscope 17 April 2021 Saturday
Your Daily Horoscope 17 April 2021 Saturday. Love, work or health: what is written in the stars today? What does your personal daily horoscope reveal?


Last Saturday with the Sun and Mercury in your sign, it doesn’t matter if the usual Pluto watches you from above, today you don’t care, excited by the free exit, almost normal between shopping and the park, and with many stars in favor. First of all the sparkling Moon clinging to your guiding star Mars and in trine to the great Jupiter, in the middle you, who thus benefit from the determination of one and the wisdom of the other. You have all the numbers to feel cheerful and sparkling, with the hope that things are really looking their best. A great desire to do, go, browse, simply interact with the world, which is turning around you with the same enthusiasm.

FOR HER: reassuring news about people you have remained close to, even if you haven’t heard from them for a long time. This makes you a great pleasure … who knows that when the freedom of movement is complete you will not come back to find them, even if the kilometers between you and them are really many.

FOR HIM: interiority also wants its part, at home or in nature you take time to meditate.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 8, activities: 10, finances: 7, well-being: 10.

Aries Horoscope Today 17 April 2021 Saturday


It may be that it is the first Saturday in your region with all the shops open, hairdressers included, it may be that you feel a great desire for normality, the fact is that your wallet today is at great risk. Add also the casual and irrational Moon in the second house, conjunct impulsive Mars and you will also have proof of this from the stars. The great Jupiter at the zenith will have a hard time advising you, with Mercury (the head), which from the twelfth house does not understand reasons, stubbornly stubbornly stubbornly on its own positions. Friends joke about calling you crazy, but then they accompany you to your saraband, among shops, fabrics, colors, practically like at the carnival. The idea of ​​barbecuing in the garden is tempting, as long as there are no more than two guests (if time holds, of course … but since you look at life with a certain optimism, you also make an unprecedented shopping vegetarians turn a blind eye today!).

FOR HER: when you don’t know what to do, call your grandfather and go and visit him. First because he likes it, so you also take advantage of it to bring him the shopping, second because his wisdom borrowed from experience is always precious. You tell him everything and hey, the situation immediately jumps out!

FOR HIM: if it were for you, instead of following your partner on her shopping trip, you would go to see or try a new model in the car showroom on the corner. The temptation is strong and the incentives interesting, but can you really afford it?


MOOD BAROMETER: variable with bright spells.

PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 8, activities: 8, finances: 7, well-being: 8.

Taurus Horoscope Today 17 April 2021 Saturday


You are undoubtedly the protagonists of the day, also because apart from nebulous Neptune you have the whole sky in favor. It remains to be clarified whether you will be for intuition and adaptability, gifts of the Moon in your sign, or for the determination, enthusiasm and irony, the effect of Mars that supports it. To give you a boost, supported by a good pinch of wisdom, is provided by the trine of Jupiter, but he too makes a fatal mistake. As it is in his nature (just think of the great Zeus astride his eagle around Olympus), he “escapes” to talk to you about travel and the thrombus is already part of you: a mad desire to leave, at least book, involving friends equally enthusiastic and adventurous in your projects, today personified by the couple Sun-Mercury in sextile.

FOR HER: nice and sparkling, with quicksilver on you, were it not for the mask that covers half of your beautiful face, with a cheeky nose, you would be the same as always and the pandemic … just a bad dream. And unfortunately it is not, reality should not be minimized and you, jaunty but intelligent, continue to take the same precautions as before.

FOR HIM: how much do you miss the gym, but luckily with the summer the urgency is moving away, with all the parks, the countryside, the mountains available, who cares about a plastic floor and a carpet that runs under your feet? Do like your grandparents, you run!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: strawberry.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 7, activities: 10, finances: 6, well-being: 10.

Gemini Horoscope Today 17 April 2021 Saturday


You are foolish because of the Moon, closed in the twelfth house and moreover irritated by Mars who teases her. As if that were not enough against you Pluto, imposing and hermetic, who will try to silence all your problems. Quite the opposite of what the Sun and Mercury do at the zenith, who instead talk about it aloud, creating a strong embarrassment. In short, what is missing is precisely the middle way, you can not do anything, you feel your hands tied, yet we talk about you (of course only to criticize or overwhelm you with the so-called “good advice”. shutters and resume the interrupted dream, Neptune, master of intuition and imagination, will give you a hand, suggesting a relaxing herbal tea.

FOR HER: thank goodness it’s Saturday 17th and not Friday, otherwise it would have gone really wrong. So, instead, it’s all in the imagination, the reality is the same as always, not beautiful but not dramatic either. And these days it’s already a great result.

FOR HIM: frowning and gripping, the fault of the lack of motion to which the pandemic has forced you. But even you, lazy people, you have put your own. Just look at your musculature, which looks like your grandfather’s… It is urgent to get busy to recover, with the right diet and the appropriate gymnastics: enough depressing thoughts!



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 6, activities: 5, finances: 9, well-being: 5.

Cancer Horoscope Today 17 April 2021 Saturday


From the opposite sign, Jupiter looks at you with a half smile hidden under his beard, a sign that even at a distance of 180 ° his bonhomie reaches you, adding to the highly positive effects of the Moon-Mars couple, sparkling and hyperactive in sextile and trine fiery of the Sun and Mercury, which encourages your idealism and supports your beliefs. If there is work to be done today, do not hold back, much less with university texts, the partial exams do not stop, if some gaps remain, it is better to plug them immediately, perhaps by comparing yourself with a couple of classmates. The ideas, the inputs, arrive like this, through the exchange. And this is why, despite the somewhat regal attitude that you carry with you since kindergarten, you know you need others, as others have you: it is from interchange that civilized life is born!

FOR HER: nothing to complain about your partner, he is a special, protective, wise, sincere person. If anything, the naughty are you (but just to joke!).

FOR HIM: animated discussion with your friends, but this does not mean arguing. Obviously, you start from very different positions, so finding a meeting point will be more difficult (but also extremely stimulating).



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 10, activities: 10, finances: 8, well-being: 10.

Leo Horoscope Today 17 April 2021 Saturday


Born under a gentle and conciliatory sign, you rarely get in a bad mood, so seeing you like this is even more impressive. Actually nervous and when you are in this state you become hypercritical and pain in the ass, doubly today, with the Moon already acidic on its own, prodded by mean Mars at its zenith, while Neptune in opposition confuses your ideas, making you annoyed with everyone. All but one, your four-legged, alias Jupiter in the sixth house, which regardless of your mood makes you stratospheric parties, snatching you a half smile. Even the work, which becomes the relief valve, does not allow us to think and above all to question ourselves on distressing issues and unsolvable questions up to now. You could sleep in it, take a nap and wake up in a better mood just for snack time, but … you are too tense to fall asleep, you just have to wait for tomorrow.

FOR HER: worry about your children, shy and withdrawn. Of course, with this attitude you are not helping them, by criticizing their every initiative you only make them more insecure. It is urgent to change register.

FOR HIM: at work today too, why not? At least release that tension that would otherwise result in an annoying migraine. By making yourself useful, helping someone, you will also help yourself.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: cherry red.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 5, activities: 7, finances: 9, well-being: 5.

Virgo Horoscope Today 17 April 2021 Saturday


A mixed and slightly complicated panorama that you can see today in the sky and reflected in your soul. The others are the keystone of this day, because your mood depends on their behavior and their judgment, conditioned by the Sun-Mercury couple in opposition, moreover in quadrature with Pluto, which imperturbably observes, concatenates and deduces . Discussions with your partner as always relating to your respective families, you don’t like his, he or she yours: always the same old story, providentially interrupted by the red zone, without the possibility of inviting strangers or going to them. But from now on, a weekend on one, a weekend on the other, we start again as before … Intermediate position on the part of the children, who on the one hand are bored, but on the other hand they support these outings, heralds of sweets and excellent tips, while you, enticed by the Moon-Mars couple, as a sign of Air like yours, already dream of excursions in the green or in small villages, full of art and mystery …

FOR HER: desire for a baby, your argument: the advancing age and the 20% demographic decline compared to the past … You have a good talk, if he does not feel ready or has well-founded fears for the economy and for the future of the beautiful country, there is nothing to object … the children do in two.

FOR HIM: travel? A gamble, not only on the pandemic front, for you also on the financial and family one, with grandparents to manage and work that comes and goes … Dreaming, however, costs nothing, a finger on the globe with your eyes closed and … the documentary of your life.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 6, activities: 8, finances: 6, well-being: 6.

Libra Horoscope Today 17 April 2021 Saturday


Little taste for you on this Saturday in April, beautiful in terms of weather, but otherwise tremendously “normal”. These are the considerations of your guiding star Pluto, perhaps a little too demanding, considering that in pairs things work on average, even if it would be useful to talk to each other a little more, the family as a whole is serene, you have a sufficiently spacious and pleasant house. and children in the norm, neither brilliant but not even foolish … The work goes, even if with a little more resourcefulness you could achieve great things. And instead you settle for the usual routine. Or at least try to do it, but in reality you complain all the time, dissatisfied with your role, benevolently envious of those who can achieve more. Give yourself a move, the Moon, a spy of the unconscious, arm in arm with Mars claims that you have great gifts and you could do much better if you only began to believe in yourself. Pay attention to her.

FOR HER: if you have already done the usual Saturday chores and you do not have anything else planned, give your home a gift, moving some carpet or pillow, enough, however, to give it a more cheerful and spring air. She needs to rejuvenate too !.

FOR HIM: everything is lawful in love and war, eyes open, therefore, with a friend too cute with your hers.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: ultramarine blue.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 8, activities: 7, finances: 7, well-being: 8.

Scorpio Horoscope Today 17 April 2021 Saturday


It could be a beautiful one judging by the support of your guiding star Jupiter in good friendship with the Sun and Mercury, as fiery as you are. Instead, breaking the eggs in the basket is chaotic Neptune, in league with the Moon-Mars couple, who from the opposite sign shoots you directly against dissatisfaction and aggression. In reality, it arms the partner to do it on their own, criticizing your ideas, the management of the house, the games you play with the puppets and of course your ideas, on which, from politics to the philosophy of life, you are on diametrically opposed levels. Patience, as long as there is a desire to discuss and first you get caught and then you love each other, things don’t go as bad as they seem, with your kids then you have a lot of fun, with gardening, DIY or doing somersaults on the lawn.

FOR HER: he doesn’t know why you are so angry, but you do. He boasts of having dozens of followers on social media and then looking at the photos you discover that they are all super made up, swooning-looking geese. There was only one of Rudolph Valentino, who has now been dead for almost a century.

FOR HIM: other than thinking about the holidays you will take in the next few years… start taking care of the leaking eaves or the shutters that demand an immediate change, before falling due to the force of gravity !.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 5, activities: 5, finances: 6, well-being: 7.

Sagittarius Horoscope Today 17 April 2021 Saturday


Aside from the finances that, protected by the great Jupiter in the second house, spin with the wind in their sails (but your sparagnino spirit also intervenes here), on all other fronts you have to earn luck with commitment. Well the work and if you are busy even on Saturday the problem does not arise, you can already feel lucky to have a well-paid business and that you like it too. Too bad that the family is of a completely different opinion and I suffered you with constant requests making you feel guilty. You love your loved ones and would like to always be there, sharing with them all the best moments of the day, the evolutionary stages of your children, the leisure and relaxation you enjoyed together are even more pleasant. But … first the duty, then the pleasure!

FOR HER: a bit of discomfort, a pity, but an inflammatory state, even a slight one, can ruin your day. Just today that you had in mind to have a barbecue in the garden and then maybe go out shopping. A pleasure that you do not allow yourself often and therefore it is even more pleasant. And instead … it will mean that the ribs will be eaten by others and the shopping will wait for the next weekend …

FOR HIM: you adore your four-legged, but today he combines so many that you cannot help but make him look dark. Animalists for sure, but in this case the animal to save … it’s you, against the disasters that Snoopy combines with his 43 kg of bulk!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: olive green.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 9, activities: 7, finances: 10, well-being: 5.

Capricorn Horoscope Today 17 April 2021 Saturday


This truly unforgettable Guinness Saturday, starting with the stars in the sky, with the great Jupiter, your most welcome guest, in good friendship with both the Sun and Mercury, both with the Moon and Mars, therefore four very respectable planets in your favor. You will spend a lot, but who cares, money was invented to circulate and the Knights Templar, of which you are probably fans, also invented the check for this, in order to travel without being robbed by marauders. In reality, you would not run this risk, since you are eternally dry, but happy, indeed very happy, to be able to move, return to dive into nature, have someone to love and by whom to be loved. Your partner, friends, even relatives, all are crazy about you, because you are nice, easy-going, very cultured while remaining fun. Characters to clone? Bah, remind the world that you are also disorganized, messy, spendthrift, inconclusive, unable to handle yourself like big kids. If there weren’t someone there to wash your clothes and prepare your lunch… you probably would have long since moved under a bridge. On the other hand you are brilliant, tell it yourself in front of the mirror, so you will be able to believe it!

FOR HER: other than tender and protective mothers, you behave with your children as if you were the older sister, who occasionally spanks fly. You love them, of course, but they make you nervous and then you are so funny that they don’t take it, they have a laugh and come back to combine another one. Here is what you are missing, authority.

FOR HIM: desire for sport and finally you can take the bike and if you are out of breath even get out of the region: what do you want 200 kilometers to be for a Bartali like you? Who walked them daily carrying false documents in the barrel of his bicycle to save the Jews?



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 9, activities: 10, finances: 6, well-being: 10.

Aquarius Horoscope Today 17 April 2021 Saturday


Were it not for your guiding star Neptune, pleasantly installed in your sign, in good friendship with Pluto, this would be a very Saturday to be thrown into spam. To make you understand in the first place the Moon-Mars couple in quadrature with your sign, a clue that the family discusses with such a high tone that the neighbors know all your affairs and will be able to bring them back with ease to the whole neighborhood. In addition, it will be the fault of Friday partying, you wake up with an upset stomach and the awareness of having exaggerated in everything, from purchases to aperitifs, because you Pisces are like that, or ascetics or gourmets, you don’t even know the middle way what it is. Fortunately, the saying goes, there is a saint for all the unwary, in your case your second ruler Jupiter, who from the twelfth house says nothing but protects you, perhaps with a resigned air: with heads like yours, refractory to common sense advice you just have to put in place protective mechanisms.

FOR HER: Mommy knows and mother-in-law should have learned that when you are so nervous better not to provoke you. Instead, they seem to do it on purpose and so the thrombus starts and the tongue says things it should never have said. And now you also have to apologize or do it with a bouquet of flowers.

FOR HIM: intellectuals, creatives, artists, now you regret never having wanted to learn from your grandfather or uncles to do it even with DIY. Home breakdowns, flooding in the bathroom, urgent repairs and you who don’t know where to start. Sure, there is a technician, but what a drain!



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 8, activities: 4, finances: 7, well-being: 5.

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