Daily Horoscope 1 October 2020 Thursday


Full moon, howling at the moon

Strange, you who are not wolves but “sheep”, at least from the zodiacal point of view, howl at the full Moon, claiming justice and truth. In a dialectical position, in the opposite sign the Sun, eloquent judge: nothing escapes the gaze of those who observe you, severely criticizing your head shots. In love and at work, you invoke change, but when the gods give it to you, thanks to Mars in the sign, you begin to get excited, wondering if you will be able to manage it or not. Too many commitments all at once, taken lightly and to be concluded at the same time, the beloved person complains of your absence, but if a partner has not yet arrived (or has already given you the bye bye) it is you who complain, dramatizing the your loneliness.

FOR HER: useless to turn up your nose in front of the mirror and envy the most attractive women. Each has its own beauty, just know how to grasp and underline it: start from here.

FOR HIM: creative and enterprising, at work you are absolutely stunning. The newly arrived colleague also notices it, determined to kill the classic two birds with one stone. A kiss as a gift in exchange for your sympathy and professional skill.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: vermilion red.


PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 7, activities: 8, finances: 7, well-being: 8.

Aries Horoscope Today 1 October 2020 Thursday


Love and work in search of balance

Whether equilibrium is a reality or just a myth, here is a question that is difficult to answer, but apparently, by provoking you, inspired by the genius of Uranus, today you succeed very well. In your favor dialectical Mercury in the opposite sign, the one who impersonates the partner, while the Sun, alert and organized in the horoscopic sector of work, marks commitments and times: first take stock of what you are doing, then write a WhatsApp to the beloved well. Only a few minutes, of course, there is already another task waiting for you …

FOR HER: nervous with the maid, but today you have your good reasons: the girl is smart and full of will, but a little distracted: what was she thinking about when she put the tablet in the fridge?

FOR HIM: ecologists irritated by yet another attack on Mother Earth … Just looking at the plastic islands and the fires of the Amazon rainforest makes you cry. How is so much idiocy possible in self-styled men?

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: strawberry.


PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 9, activities: 10, finances: 7, well-being: 8.

Taurus Horoscope Today 1 October 2020 Thursday


Contradictory messages from the upper floors

The upper floors are so much so that they reach the sky and the tenants, the stars, some in favor of your sign, such as the Sun in trine, the full Moon paired with Mars, and even today Venus in sextile, a clue that love , friendships, children get along perfectly, finding common ground even with different ages. Instead, you boil with your mother-in-law, who is never happy, or with the maid, who combines all sorts of colors, just look at Neptune in quadrature to understand that you don’t get along well with the house and the inherent chores today. Irritating neighbors, ready to complain about any nonsense, like your children’s wild games, for example.

FOR HER: a bit of gossip about the daily environment, from the building where you live to the company where you work like mules, everything is good for your health. Get rid of that tense expression, have a good laugh!

FOR HIM: tensions between friends, the motive is always the same story: a rivalry for love! Forget it, she only has eyes for her boyfriend, a very slim guy, handsome like Apollo!



PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 8, activities: 7, finances: 7, well-being: 7.

Gemini Horoscope Today 1 October 2020 Thursday


Family complications but they can be discussed calmly

Usual diatribe between family and career, well exemplified by today’s ephemeris: the full Moon paired with Mars who would like you to emerge at work, annoyed by the Sun, aka home, chores and children to manage. You probably expect too much of yourself, which is why you feel out of phase (and it’s only Thursday!…). Fortunately, the acumen of the aquatic Mercury, endowed with a prodigious intuition, supports you. Venting is good for you, singing recharges you, but it is above all thanks to a healthy and positive environment, free from electromagnetic interference: according to the bioarchitects, the Earth is littered with energy nodes to avoid, the so-called Hartmanns, and woe to find one under the bed … by the way, remember to orient your head to the north, you will rest better.

FOR HER: you claim to be happy even if you have a stomach ache, at least skip the meal and lose weight. Maybe you are crazy, gastritis is not a solution, better activate the metabolism with the dance!

FOR HIM: late as always for family reasons: bathroom eternally busy, breakfast never ready, puppets to feel a fever before taking them to school. That’s why you then run in your car, snubbing the speed camera … which doesn’t understand reasons and fines you anyway.



PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 7, activities: 6, finances: 8, well-being: 6.

Cancer Horoscope Today 1 October 2020 Thursday


Full moon wandering, just like you

Travel, what a passion, and not just for pleasure, even moving for work or for study always gives you a thrill of excitement … It will be the ferrous smell of trains or the plastic smell of the plane, where the take-off, disliked by many, for you becomes a party. Beautiful strength, with the help of the Moon-Mars couple and your guiding star, the Sun, all very favorable, movement and communication are vitamins, especially if aimed at knowledge or gain. So go ahead for business, appointments and contacts. Yes also to careful clothing to present you at work with an always winning image.

FOR HER: alternative activities and it’s only Thursday evening … who knows what you won’t invent for the weekend: party, cinema, cultural or gymnastic course, more fun in company.

FOR HIM: a nice sum dedicated to culture, including courses, seminars and books you need a golden card!



PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 10, activities: 8, finances: 9, well-being: 9.

Leo Horoscope Today 1 October 2020 Thursday


Lucky sign. Health comes from the plate

Healthy and beautiful, a must from which you never deviate, it is part of your DNA, aware of the fact that when you are not feeling well you are also lost on all other fronts, from working efficiency to loving prowess. Health and attractiveness live in the dish, where the Sun, watched by the full Moon weighs the ingredients, and also on this point you have made a culture of iron: nutritional analyzes, vitamin intake, energy value, all words that have no secret for you. To play bingo, however, in addition to the support of your guiding star Mercury, who knows about health, you start calling Venus, so that he can hurry to land in your sign, which he will do by tomorrow. In the meantime, start shopping: organic products, supplements, high-profile cosmetics, something new and autumn to wear to welcome October.

FOR HER: reassuring financial situation, so much so that you can take away many whims: good earnings, extra income and maybe even the recovery of a credit you no longer hoped for.

FOR HIM: sex is not just a pleasure for you, but also confirms your masculinity and the overwhelming effect you have on women. After Rodolfo Valentino only you!



PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 9, activities: 10, finances: 10, well-being: 10.

Virgo Horoscope Today 1 October 2020 Thursday


Admiring the Full Moon and poetry for her

Leopardi sang it with admirable verses, Debussy exalted it with his famous “éclair de lune” … and who knows how many paintings by the artist paste it on the blue of the sky, a luminous disc evoking fantastic journeys … Verne teaches! Good idea today to go and reread it, the Sun in your sign advocates culture and artistic taste, and an additional topic of conversation in social life is always convenient, as well as a great pleasure! It is useful to show off your charm, especially if love has left you on foot and with work you are still waiting for answers: not an easy time, a little push is needed!

FOR HER: magoncino for a great love gone up in smoke … but are you really so sure it was great? Fantasy sometimes plays tricks, magnifying what she likes best!

FOR HIM: very much in love, but it is not certain that she reciprocates … taken by other loves, she seems to live on another planet … even if you live very close! Look elsewhere, a tender friendship awaits you.

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: milky white.


PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 6, activities: 7, finances: 8, well-being: 6.

Libra Horoscope Today 1 October 2020 Thursday


Dreamy and meditative, as the Moon likes

The Full Moon transits into your sixth house, where it should positively affect your work … and indeed it does, but not as your boss would expect … 6 less in efficiency, higher grades, thanks to Mercury intuitive in the sign, you win them in creativity! Misunderstandings with colleagues, who consider you lazy, lovers of comfortable life and inclined to go to wheel… but when it comes to using your brilliant ideas, they stop being so caustic with you and overwhelm you with compliments! Sensitivity to environmental problems and to the proposals of ecologists, and with the Mars brand also quite combative … right, if no one imposes himself, someone will send the world to pieces!

FOR HER: born under the sign of silence, which has silence as an imperative, close your lips about a secret confided by a friend: perfect for gossip, but it doesn’t attack with you!

FOR HIM: the pleasure of negotiating business is added to the taste of travel: two contrasting but pleasantly combinable flavors… such as sweet and spicy, an oriental cook would be delighted!



PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 6, activities: 6, finances: 6, well-being: 6.

Scorpio Horoscope Today 1 October 2020 Thursday


Discrepancies between love and work

October begins with a flourish, with a full moon that promises you wonders in love tonight and the same does the sun, speaking of friendship. Very intense social life, therefore, from whatever front you look at it, satisfying: it is a pity that it comes into bitter conflict with your career ambitions and with the crazy orders, albeit cleverly disguised with kindness, by your boss, who today claims you in the company until late … you will even have dinner brought up! Visibly disappointed the partner, who was already waiting for you, all dressed up, so if you give the numbers don’t blame … this time he’s right! Disappointment even in company, perhaps you have forgotten that you are expected at a party or an amateur course!

FOR HER: business trip to an enchanting place, you would never have said it and instead you literally fell in love … with the place, of course, not with the new boss!

FOR HIM: you love everything about travel, culture, traditions, art and why not, even food and wine … sportsmen with a lean physique, you can afford it!



PAGE OF THE DAY – Feelings: 9, activities: 6, finances: 7, well-being: 6.

Sagittarius Horoscope Today 1 October 2020 Thursday


Housewares for love or for strength

Urticante Full Moon in the sign inhabited by Mars, in quadrature with yours, a clue that in your house today we work like mules and we peck like parrots, discussing animatedly. Great ambitions and no secrets with the Sun at the zenith, who would like you in his career, but with such a demanding family, how do you manage everything without crashing? So you start already in the morning at full speed, hoping not to run into the speed camera, arriving in port in the evening, satisfied with the route taken but extremely mushy: to get back on your feet you would really need an invigorating dinner, but who will have to prepare it, if not you? we might as well prepare a sandwich and nibble it while watching TV. And may the diet forgive you this time!

FOR HER: too harsh with yourself, hypercritical in the mirror, pretentious at work … give yourself a few more chances, others will give them too!

FOR HIM: Describe the mother-in-law as a terrible hag… and instead she adores you and the proof is the tons of lasagna and delicious apple pies she overwhelms you with!



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 5, activities: 7, finances: 7, well-being: 5.

Capricorn Horoscope Today 1 October 2020 Thursday


Traveling for work … and with pleasure
As a rule, work is a duty and perhaps for someone forced to travel unwillingly, even rather heavy … not for you, however, who with the Sun in trine, with the distance you go to a wedding … and not only in a metaphorical sense! Mindful of the lesson of the sailors, a love in every port, once the professional duties or negotiations that await you are concluded, you set out to local conquest … ready to seize the best of amatory habits and traditions different from yours. All this of course as long as you are lone wolves, completely masters of your heart, but if you have already made a family, you can ask yourself some questions too …

FOR HER: journeys and successes never progress apart from a rich and stimulating inner life: existential questions come to mind for every place, every situation, every event… you would drive even the Sphinx crazy!

FOR HIM: difficult but not impossible dialogue between your kids and your new flame. For now they are just studying politely. Wait for developments.



PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 9, activities: 10, finances: 7, well-being: 10.

Aquarius Horoscope Today 1 October 2020 Thursday


Crazy expenses for the loved one
The loved one is having a birthday today or are you celebrating an important anniversary? Wild shopping is already one of your hobbies and now, with the placet of the occasion and the Full Moon enhanced by Mars that winks at you, you certainly don’t get begged! However, do not expect an easy undertaking, it is not certain that you will be able to extricate yourself from the complicated tastes of your partner immediately in a short time and at an acceptable cost … there are two alternatives: either go around all afternoon ruining your feet, or shell out regardless of the amount, so much Pantalone pays … too bad that regardless of gender, today you are the trousers of the situation!

FOR HER: spendthrift but today you can afford it, good news from the bank about your investments: those who advised you have seen far!

FOR HIM: your her is nervous but you already know how to calm her down: first a drink prepared artfully, then a basin, or rather a hundred… how many Catullus required from his Lesbia!

COLOR OF EMOTIONS: strawberry red.


PAGE OF THE DAY. Feelings: 8, activities: 7, finances: 9, well-being: 7.

Pisces Horoscope Today 1 October 2020 Thursday

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